"As future-fit developers & coaches, we manifest a Life-Supportive world by synthesizing the intelligences of the body, mind, emotion & spirit."

Meet our Team

Barney Wee - NLP & ICI Coach Master Trainer in Singapore and Asia

Barney Wee, PhD

Research, Training & Managing Director, Coach Master Trainer & O.D Consultant

Agnes Lau - Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Trainer in Singapore and Asia

Agnes Lau

Enneagram Trainer & Coach

Joseph Ch'ng - ICI Coach Certification Training & Facilitation

Joseph Ch’ng

Operations Manager
Trainer, Life & Executive Coach

Celine Wong - NLP Competency Building and Coaching

Celine Wong

Training Facilitator
Coaching & Course Coordinator

Hans Ng - NLP Course Consultation

Hans Ng

Course Consultant

Alfred chung content marketing specialist

Alfred Chung

Digital and Inbound Marketer

Associate Trainers, Coaches, Consultants

Tang Seok Hian Co-training Neuro Linguistic Enneagram

Tang Seok Hian

Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Co-developer & Trainer | Talent Management and Organization Development Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Joseph Wong

Leadership & Behavioural Transformation Coach

Lye Yen Kai

Impact Teaching Trainer