NLE Team & Leadership
Practitioner Certification

Facilitative Leadership & 

Profiling Team Dynamic

Foundations for Effective Team Facilitation, Coaching, Leadership & Consulting

Team Dynamic - The “secret” to
regenerative Teams and Performance

Today there is no shortage of best practices, processes and frameworks that explain how teams storm and perform. However, these tools don’t always work because team dynamic is complex, with invisible tension points. Only the best of consultants are able to navigate these terrains with their experience.

The NLE (Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram) Team & Leadership Practitioner Certification is designed for you to achieve what the best consultants are able to do - facilitate transformative team conversations and restore team safety. It is developed by experienced HR Consultants who have refined this model based on 40 years of combined practice of the Enneagram, NLP models, facilitation skills, consulting engagements and leadership coaching.

It is for Managers, Leaders, Consultants, Facilitators, and Coaches. You get access to:

The Science of Team Dynamic

  • The NLE Team Profile and Map
  • The NLE Leadership Profile
  • IAIA & FEAT Debriefing Processes
  • Team Neuro-Actionables
  • VUCA & Team Environments                              

The Art of Igniting Change

  • Facilitative Leadership Mindset - Addressing your own presuppositions and presence
  • Artful questioning
  • Holding a safe space
  • Pacing team states

The course anchors on a team enneagram profile. The profile is a simple yet insightful tool & surprisingly effective in bringing out interesting dynamics of a team. The tool's dashboard offers useful comparatives & couple with generous sharing of facilitation skills by Ian & Seok Hian, I could really see the potential of this brilliant piece of work.

Shaun Hay

Head of Learning & Development

“Change the conversations and you

change the organization”

What's in store for you?


Predictive Analysis of Team Dynamics & Pivotal Points for Change

A comprehensive NLE Team Profile and Leadership Profile. The Team Profile offers you the ability to predict the dynamics - be it new and existing leadership, team expansion, remote/hybrid work model, restructuring or even merging of teams. It decodes the dynamics between the leader and the team, surfacing leverage points for strategic improvement.

Apply the NLE Team 4 Pivotal Points (4PP) that decode the current team dynamic and team persona.

Interpret the interlocking elements to team performance - combining NLE insights, 4PP and relevant VUCA contexts impacting the team.

Unpack Growth Opportunities, Blind Spots and Potential Tensions within teams - topics that often remain as undiscussable “elephants in the room” that definitely hinder team performance.

Facilitate meaningful and transformative conversations for leaders and teams in a safe, “humanised”  manner.

Actual hands-on practice - Team facilitation with VUCA contexts. You learn by doing, get on-the-spot feedback, and not just take away a bunch of theories that may be challenging to apply later.

Develop your confidence to deliver the Team Profiling and Facilitation, at your workplace or for paid engagements.

Pre-Requisite: Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) Practitioner Certification

The NLE Practitioner’s training gives you the fundamental knowledge, skills and practice to profile and debrief your clients using the IAIA framework. This IAIA framework will be used for the leadership debrief at the NLE Team & Leadership Practitioner level. You’ll also build on your knowledge of Multiple Intelligences and personality dynamics to profile and facilitate the optimised team dynamic.

Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram

Why do this Programme NOW?

For Consultants, Facilitators & Coaches

The NLE Team Profile is ready for your corporate engagements. More organisations are looking for team development programmes in these VUCA times - and you now have the latest NLE Team Profile and processes to deliver impact and transformation.

For Managers & Leaders

With VUCA becoming the norm, leaders who can facilitate team conversations effectively will be able to get their teams to work together, manage creative tensions, and thrive. Conversely, teams that do not address their differences will be those who suffer from attrition, resource wastage and the Great Resignation.

Be a Practitioner who enables responsive and regenerative teams

There is a difference between knowing the theories and applying them. This programme is ready for application and you can easily integrate it with your existing tools, team models and leadership frameworks.

Organisations and teams who have used
Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram for people development.

Take advantage of the limited offer

5-day experiential training for skills to facilitate team dynamic awareness, changing conversations in a team, team neuro-actionables

Access to the NLE Team System - highlight healthy & unhealthy team dynamic. For facilitators, one profile, multiple commercial opportunities.


Limited Bonuses

1. 1x NLE Team Profile Grouping for 20 pax  
(worth S$350 at cost, exponential ROI)
Capable of unrestricted combinations of the NLE Team Profile, and providing 20 NLE Leadership Profile at no extra costs.

2. 10x NLE Profile 
(worth S$500 at cost, exponential ROI)
Leading to professional coaching, debriefing, team workshop and development.

3. 1 Year Subscription of NLE Team System
(worth S$350)

(Bonuses worth S$1,200 in total)

Programme Details:

23 - 27 November 2024

Singapore Polytechnic Graduate’s Guild
1010 Dover Rd, Singapore 139658

Full Fee: S$4,200

Early Bird Offer: S$3,800

These attractive offers are limited and will not be offered again. 

Secure your seat for the coming intake and enjoy early bird rate
by 2 September 2024.

If you’d like to sign up for the NLE Team & Leadership +
NLE Practitioner Certifications
together, you can secure an attractive Bundle or Special Offer.
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Meet the Developers & Trainers

Seok Hian Tang is an HR & Organisation Development Consultant, as well as an Executive Coach. She specialises in leadership & team development, helping organisations to perform, scale and transform. The NLE Team & Leadership programme is a distillation of her 20 years of HR, leadership and consulting experiences - into models, profiles and conversations that ignite change in organisations. Her clientele includes Lego Group, Bio-Rad, Omnicom Media Group, Tapestry, Carousell, Gushcloud, Hepmil, Funding Societies, Teambuild Construction Group, Publicis Groupe.

Ian Lye is a Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach. He specialises in experiential learning and safe conversations that enable teams to gain insights and fresh perspectives. The NLE Team & Leadership programme is built with his specialisation in transformative conversations, how to be a facilitator that enables a safe space for people - coupled with his 20 years of experience using the Enneagram for coaching and team facilitation. His clientele includes DHL, NXP Semiconductor, KPMG, Cargill, Autodesk, Biotronik, Standard Chartered Bank, RHB Bank and numerous government bodies & dialogues with communities.