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Maximize Your Impact & Live Your Potential: Breakthrough Strategies for Personal and Professional Growth

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Are you a leader, executive, manager or high performer feeling stuck, constantly fire-fighting, and unfulfilled in your career or life? You're not alone. Many people today are battling the same feelings of not living up to their potential amidst the complexities of a diverse and evolving environment.

Multiple Intelligences 2023

CRITICAL Bottlenecks That Could Be Holding You Back From Your Next Breakthrough!

The demand to outperform in the face of increasing challenges, deliver high value under constraints, and collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders is immense.

It requires a fusion of mental proficiency, enhanced mindset, emotional intelligence, effective behaviour habits (physical intelligence), communication strategies, leadership and self-mastery to be at one's best.

Yet, bottlenecks in our mental, emotional and physical capacity are often unknown or overlooked!

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Schedule a consultation with our experienced course coach today to help you uncover your sweet spot for generating a greater impact, enhancing your influence, scaling your performance, and increasing your strategic value in both your career and personal life.

What you can expect:

Whole Human COnsultation

Gain clarity about the outcome you most want to see happen for the next 1 year and see the deeper patterns of your challenges as a whole person.

High Leverage Points

Uncover the areas where it will give you the highest leverage for growth and breakthrough without taking you months or years to figure out!

Tailor to your development needs

Zero-in on at least ONE outcome you can work on during our Course – be it NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram, Coaching or more. Whether it's developing a stronger leadership presence, improving decision-making skills, or balancing professional and personal life for optimum growth, we can work with you to unlock your full potential!

For now, it is complimentary; and we take up to 6 people per week. It will take place virtually.

In order for the session to be productive and highly relevant for you, please fill up the application form below and you’ll be notified when your slot is approved.

Please book your session ONLY if you’re absolutely sure you can come.