Can you apply, measure & follow-through on the soft skills you learned in a course?

Develop transferable & vital soft skills to be future-fit in a VUCA world

Have you ever attended courses where you felt great and seemed to have gained improvement, but three weeks later, you found yourself back in the same old rut, having the same old problems. You began to wonder whether you missed out something important, or go for another course. Sounds familiar?

develop VUCA skills with NLP competency building framework

Just like those who enjoy taking courses for improvement, all of us at Mind Transformations have our fair share of such experiences.

We’ve learned that any changes we make in courses can be short lived. Knowledge, tools, techniques and even strategies— they remain as “intellectual fascinations” in our mental museum, UNLESS we can turn them into a practice, a way of life.

This is why at Mind Transformations, we measure the effectiveness of our class by our participants’ Competence and Confidence.

  1. Competence is a set of well defined criteria to benchmark soft skill level.
  2. Confidence is how much trust our participants have in themselves to behaviourally execute what they learn.
raise your professional credibility and expertise to influence without authority

When you demonstrate competence and confidence, you raise your credibility and reputation at your workplace. You become the go-to person that people can rely on, a leader who brings people and teams together, you develop the capacity to influence without authority.

What are the critical skills needed to thrive in the modern workplace?

soft skills to thrive in a modern workplace

Work and business are becoming more virtual, geographically agnostic, with less predictable paths. On top of that, having multi-generations making up the workforce adds complexity and diversity. The greatest leverage today is NOT technology, but people who can work together and make use of technology to deliver results.

According to the World Economic Forum, there is an urgent need to cultivate social and emotional skills to bridge the gaps of the current workforce. As a parallel note, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, emphasised that the biggest skills gap he saw across the US employment market was in soft skills.

The 7 critical skills to benchmark our NLP Practitioners’ Competency level to enable them to be future-fit:

coaching for transferable & vital human skills

Over the years, based on our interactions with industry leaders, class observations, coaching corporate & professional clients and reference to different prominent NLP and Coaching bodies, including Robert Dilts, ICI, ICF, we have identified various critical skill sets. These skill sets are applicable across various industries, job scopes, and are valued especially in today’s VUCA world, where they reflect how future-fit an individual is. By mapping the various skill sets onto NLP, we have crystallised them into seven Core Competencies.

state management skills

State Management – the ability to align one’s internal mental, emotional and physical states in a way that supports one’s performance to achieve peak performance;

mental rehearsal skills

Mental Rehearsal  – the ability to formulate strategies that considers possible perspectives, identifying potential changes and fine-tuning one’s approaches;

Rapport building skillset

Rapport Building – the ability to observe and respond to the conversation using verbal and non-verbal skills, creating and maintaining trust and synergy with others;

Giving feedback and feedforward skills

Giving Feedback – the ability to constructively identify areas of improvements and helping others to enhance their developments in the future;

self observation and testing skills

Observation & Testing – the ability to identify non-verbal and verbal cues, then using psychological and communication models to validate and refine one’s approaches;

self-resourcing skills

Self-Resourcing – the ability to organise & develop one’s inner resourcefulness & agility to be at their best, especially in situations that are volatile and uncertain.

Questioning and coaching skillset

Questioning – the ability to use questioning methodologies to deepen self-realisation and to facilitate growth and strengthen ownership in others;

Confidence is benchmarked by how naturally one can apply NLP into one’s conversations and to solve problems.

The ultimate state is to no longer think about what technique you need to use, but have the self-trust to know that what you do, what you think, and who you are – are all in alignment. This is confidence.

An NLP Practitioner is not someone who’s able to explain NLP in 5 different ways. He practises NLP in his conversations, helps others with positive intentions, and is able to sustain a high level of self-motivation, long after the training is done.

Nicholas Ting

-Email Marketing Coach-

"I am a trainer myself for hundreds of students on creating an online business with email advertising(marketing). Coaching my students has always been my passion. But that missing piece of using language and mindset to lead them to a positive ground and unleash their peak potential has always been unfound. Until the Universe has finally answered to my question and I found Mind Transformation. As I learn from Barney & team, I applied the methods for my self-mastery and at my workshop.

The results were overwhelming; including seeing a transformation in my students too!

The way the workshop that Barney has structured and conducted totally blown my mind away. Non stop learning and revelations even from Day 1. He walks the talk and showed the way of the practical part of application by illustrating his knowledge in the doing. 'The learning is really in the doing...' No words can explain how it's done until we experience it ourselves personally together with his team of selfless co-trainers."

The COMPETENCY BUILDING FRAMEWORK (CBF) is our training structure for sustainable skills development.


This framework did not come to us in a year; not even in five. It is a distillation of the feedback we’ve got from our participants over our past 20 years about how they’ve integrated NLP in their daily lives, and how competent and confident NLP Practitioners were made. We’ve noticed that there’s a system to competency building.

It is a combination of 4 things that we’ve designed into our programme:

  1. Real Life Development Outcomes
  2. Deep Practice & Routine Change
  3. Incremental Feedback
  4. The Learner to Facilitator Journey

All our participants work on real life outcomes that they care deeply about.

They set an Outcome they can achieve in 4 months, and then progressively work on it throughout the course.

Everything in the NLP course is designed to help them overcome difficulties, inner conflicts and gaps in skills that prevent them from reaching their outcomes. It is all about Deep Practice and Routine Change—how to make change a part of their daily lives.

We provide Incremental Feedback through our coaching and quality supervision. It is about helping people achieve finesse in their skills, and nudging them to reach a higher standard, even when they don’t believe they can.

The entire course is taught with Brain-Compatible Teaching Strategies that enhance learning retention and promote competency. Many people believe that you need 10,000 hours of practice to be competent. Well, we firmly believe that you can achieve competency in less than 10,000 hours – with the CBF system.

Finally, once you’ve completed the NLP Practitioners course, you can progress to being a Facilitator. The difference between a Learner and a Facilitator is that a Facilitator knows how to break concepts down into teachable chunks and transfer their competencies to others. When you arrive at this level, you cannot not be confident and competent.

Get the MI-NLP Competency Building Journal

Improve and measure your soft skills even after the training is completed

competency building framework journal cover

We developed the CBF framework in-line with existing competency frameworks in modern organisations. The skills and competency levels apply to individual contributors, middle managers and senior leaders.

The CBF Journal is a lifelong learning companion for the participants in our Multi-Intelligence NLP Practitioner’s programme. It enables people to track their soft-skills development over an extended period of time, collecting tangible feedback and evidence of improvement.


First, people learn to see themselves more clearly: the soft skills gaps based on the above 7 core competencies.

The MI-NLP programme provides the psychology, know-how and exercises to raise participants’ competence and confidence. Through application, we give participants specific and actionable feedback that they can start implementing right away, based on the set of metrics of the Competency Building Framework.

Our course facilitators and coaches work closely with participants to dovetail their MI-NLP skills into workplace applications: communicating with stakeholders, emotional mastery and stress management, coaching for results and more. The outcome is for participants to adapt their soft skills to a wide range of contexts at work, raising one’s KPI and performance.


Shani Peerun

"The intense trainings with Barney and Agnes enabled me to dig deep into my vulnerabilities and work on transforming them into resources. As a result, I could make life-changing decisions that corresponded more to my values. Today I can adapt my communication skills much better to suit a range of situations - negotiating contracts, interviewing hard-to-reach people, facilitating workshops, giving a public speech or coaching my clients. With the powerful NLP tools I discovered and the higher level of awareness they provide, I am empowered to bring about the changes needed in me to produce the results I want. Personal development is a lifelong process, but Mind Transformations can give you the kick-start that might just change your life."

Every positive change starts with a small DEFINITIVE step.

Let us help you get started.

If you want to start seeing positive differences in your life, you know you need to do something different. You may have many things you want to improve or many gaps you want to fill, so let our NLP consultants help you see the connection between all these things, and then link them to ONE skill that will give you the highest leveraging power.

The Mind Transformations Team 2019

Imagine it is like turning the most important gear in a system:

When you improve ONE thing, the rest of the things you want will fall into place. This is what we do best – working on the ONE leveraging point.

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