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With the Credibility & Competence to get Results with your clients

People hire a Professional Coach to help them get transformational results in life and at work.

In today’s fast changing world filled with new disruptive demands, many people face challenges, unhappiness and inner conflict; yet they constantly want to keep going, be fulfilled and be effective in making a positive impact. Being a Coach is about helping people to unlock their untapped potential, develop clarity and confidence to pursue challenging outcomes and to take the steering wheel of their lives.

In our Coach Certification programme, credibility is developed through deep practice, real-life coaching cases, supervised coaching and incremental feedback.

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Credibility does not only come from the qualifications and certifications that you hold. Credibility comes from the trust you build with your clients, the experience they get when interacting with you, your confidence and competence in producing outstanding results—consistently.

This means that the Certificate you get at the end of the journey is not just a piece of paper. It is a confirmation of your Competence, Confidence and Credibility as a Professional Coach—of the hard work you’ve put in, practice after practice, feedback after feedback.

When you work with people, you are able to bring the highest standards of your training, experience, presence and energy – all to deliver results with your clients.

The Leader as a Coach: a role and a paradigm for successful Leaders

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The ‘I-command-you-follow’ approach leaders used to take with employees in the past is outdated. Millennials and Gen-Z—the workforce majority today—follow leaders who can coach and mentor them, maximise their potential, and co-create with them by doing purposeful work.

Coaching requires leaders to develop a different level of relationship with their people.

Coaching is moving away from fixing people and prescribing solutions and toward cultivating them to express their full potential. Coaching is about creating trust, ownership and then moving forward together to improve results.

Forward organisations build a thriving coaching culture.

The traditional people development approach is to send people on two-day skills training programmes and trust that they will apply the learning. In today’s business landscape, with challenges being more complex and ambiguous, many people find it difficult to translate what they learn into solutions, decisions and deliverables.

Coaching people for succession planning is now a critical key to continuous business growth.

Coaching is about developing leaders who develop other leaders.

Mind Transformations’ Coach Certification is accredited by the International Association of Coaching Institutes—ICI!

Founded in 2001 in Germany, the ICI is an Association of experienced Coaching Institutes and highly qualified coaching members from 83 countries in Australasia, China, the Middle East, Europe, USA, Latin America.

The Institute is committed to high ethical standards and has stringent requirements for its member institutions, among which Mind Transformations, to uphold excellence in their coaching certification course & training programmes.

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Whether you are a Leader, Coach or both, our Coaching Programme enables you to facilitate ownership, challenge paradigms and co-create multi-dimensional solutions.

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Coaching beyond logic with Multi-Intelligence NLP

One of the unique advantages of Multi-Intelligence NLP is its systemic ability to help people formulate multi-dimensional solutions to solve complex challenges. You’ll learn to coach beyond logic, going beyond asking good questions that can be linear and restrictive. Instead, you’ll have the tools and skills to help people increase their resourcefulness not only in their Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), but much more in their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Physical Intelligence (PQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ). You’ll develop an agile process to translate knowledge, skills and experience into mindset shifts, emotional stability, behavioural flexibility and communication effectiveness.

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Joan chan

Head of Learning and Executive Coach

“I have attended many coaching programs in the last 18 years and those programs had provided me with the capabilities of a coach. But somehow, I felt something was still missing in my development as a coach but I could not pinpoint what it was until I was introduced to Mind Transformations’ NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs.

The 3 main parts of the programs - Self Mastery, Communication, and Coaching. With self-mastery and communications techniques, they brought coaching to a higher and deeper level - the Being of a coach! 

The most significant shift for me is a higher self-awareness, hence the ability to adjust my emotional states in any challenging situation. The values that Mind Transformations bring to their learners are their quality and dedication in their research works, the structure and impactful delivery of their programs and the dedication and commitment to partnering alongside their learners through skills enhancement training outside the classroom hours. To me, one word sums it all - ‘WORTHWHILENESS’!”

A three-pronged development of Credibility and Competence in Professional Coaching

Coach beyond logic with the Multi-Intelligence NLP coaching methodology
Cultivate your 
coaching presence:
 Your mental and emotional capacity, resourcefulness and Way of BEING
Acquire finesse and confidence to work with people of different personalities, maturity and neuro-complexity

At a glance: Multi-dimensional Coaching tools & skills you’ll be learning:

Multi-Intelligence NLP Coaching Methodology | Mind Transformations

Multi-Intelligence Methodology

How to bring IQ, EQ, PQ & SQ into alignment to promote effortless and sustainable change.

Coaching the Personality Directly with Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram | Mind Transformations

Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram

Mind Transformations’ unique contribution to the advancement of NLP & coaching. You’ll learn to read core personality drivers and patterns, and how to create targeted NLP interventions suited for the development of each personality type.

Systems Thinking for Professional Coaches | Mind Transformations

S.C.O.R.E. Coaching Diagnostic

The core coaching system for NLP coaches—one that enables you with the ability to use both your analytical mind & intuition.

Energy Psychology & Energetic Influence for Professional Coaching | Mind Transformations

Energy Psychology

Collapsing negative states and influencing others positively.

Coaching Core Values & Limiting Beliefs | Mind Transformations

Values & Beliefs Alignment

How to reprogramme conflicting values and neutralise damages done by past emotional events.

Coaching Mental Flexibility with NLP Meta Programs | Mind Transformations

Meta Programs

Proven system to read your clients’ unconscious thinking patterns. This system is very useful for picking up subtle cues.

Somatic Body Intelligence Coaching | Mind Transformations

Somatic Syntax

Helping people tap into their body’s intelligence to make wise decisions that “think right” AND “feel right”.

And much more...

professional coaching practicum 2021

Harmonising the Art & Science of Coaching is the elusive key to Excellence

If you are good at asking questions, can analyse problems logically, and you know many coaching techniques, you may be able to get results with some clients. But these hard skills, the science of coaching, are not enough to make you a remarkable coach.

There’s more to coaching than just asking questions and using techniques.

The Art side of coaching refers to the soft skills - the micro decisions about how much to stretch a client, how much to hold back; what to say, when to keep silent, how to empower each individual differently based on their needs, etc. These are matters of finesse that are acquired with practice and for which there are no hard and fast rules, nor measures. Combined with hard skills, this is what will separate you from an average coach; this is what will make your coaching effective and life changing.

Key SOFT Skills for Coaching

  • Rapport – how to build trust in your client, and feel the coaching relationship advance in synergy, with a sense of openness and respect;
  • Feedback – how to give constructive feedback that people are receptive to and can use to repeat success or change unproductive thoughts and behaviours;
  • Resourcing – having the ability to help clients access internal resources in many different ways – not just by thinking and talking, but also by tapping into their emotions, physiology and movement.

Key HARD Skills for Coaching

  • Observation Skills – you will sharpen your sensory awareness to pick up vital verbal and non-verbal cues from clients – which will help guide your intervention;
  • Questioning – the ability to ask intelligent and purposeful questions at the right time to help clients get unstuck and redefine limitations and conflicts;
  • Rehearsing – ability to help clients to mentally, emotionally and physically practise the necessary actions and steps to take to achieve their desired outcomes.

The identity of Professional Coach is developed from the inside out

way of being as a professional coach ICI Coaching Certification Singapore and Asia

Skills are half of the equation, and you are the other half. Through our rigorous NLP Training and Coaching Certification process, you work on the issues you have, the misalignment that undermines your confidence as a coach. Your experience in transforming your problems will serve as a strong anchor, a resource for working with others.

Like a Master Swordsman who becomes One with his sword, when you become One with your coaching skills, you are able to trust yourself to go with the flow, you are at ease and natural. When you feel it from within, when you comfortably take on the identity of a Professional Coach, without blinking an eye – you’ve arrived.

ICI Professional Coach Certification

ICI Professional Coach Certification Requirements - Mind Transformations

With diligence, you can complete the entire Coaching Certification process in 10 months.

The Practicum requires you to go through at least 60 hours of class facilitation and coaching, under the supervision of the Master Trainer. There are 6 specific Key Competencies that you must show in terms of how you coach people to get results.

In parallel, you can start accumulating 40 hours of Actual Coaching (with a minimum of 7 different clients). This is done outside the class and practicum and the coaching sessions can be paid or pro-bono.

Take the first step forward towards coaching mastery in getting successful results with your clients! Start your coaching journey with the NLP Practitioner Certification

Here’s what people are saying about the coaching programme

Laurent Vuibert

Executive & Life coach

“Many of my clients are entrepreneurs or international executives in life or career transition. In my practice, NLP capabilities expand my range and capacity of intervention as a coach tremendously.

For the coachee, NLP is like a GPS Mind-body Application, which allows me to make the best possible use of who I am in service of what I really want to achieve.

The power of NLP comes alive by helping my clients discover what is – really – in their way to be overcome. The more we leverage on the mind-body connection, the more empowered we will be to follow through with whatever project we undertake.”

Gillian Tan

Managing Director, Singapore

“This course is 70% practical and allows you to acquire NLP and coaching skills through in-class activities. You get the first-hand experience of the coaching skills before you use them on others. There are too many skills and knowledge learnt in 12 days and is just not possible to share all the good stuffs I took away. Therefore, I would like to sum up in the 3Cs which I found are key to my coaching : Conversation, Consciousness & Compassion.”


Barney developed the “Conversation Framework” which was so useful in promoting understanding and leading to a desired outcome. The impact on visualization is powerful. Changing our conversation will change our perspective and change the outcome which is positive and we do this through using various communication skills such as leading & pacing, mirroring, Meta Model (Precision Questioning) & Chunking, etc. The skills of coaching is the power of leading an impactful conversation.


Self-Mastery through intention setting and self-acknowledgement is what we do in class every start and end of the day. We trained ourselves to develop good routine which is key to an improved quality of our life at work and at home. The more we know ourselves, the more energy and power we have inside us to face the challenges ahead. NLP Presuppositions once internalise will help create awareness of our own beliefs that promotes growth & change. Self-Awareness is the ability in attaining ONE body & mind and it is through our behaviour that people reads our intention. NLP is about modelling and to be great leaders and coach, we must model for others.


Coaching requires not just skills alone but also a heart with compassion to listen, adjust our entire mind and body to understand coacher’s challenge. The desire to empowering them to deliver answers from their own perspective. Is about bringing the “possibilities” inside them and making them feel good about themselves. The humility part is a pre-requisite to an effective coaching.

When my classmate use collapsing anchors on me in changing my negative state to a positive state. I wanted to be calm when things do not work out right or when people do not give their best to their work. I usually get upset and raise my voice and amazingly, I found myself so calm and embrace mistakes as lesson subconsciously. The good thing is I felt very good about this positive state and was able to bring my relationship with the team closer.

Nevertheless, if you want to change your life or life of others, NLP can help you achieve your goal! Thank you Barney for his very interesting, fun and novel way of training NLP!

Noom Verapong

Coach (Thailand)

“Barney is a world-class NLP expert and coach whose courses have helped me enrich and deepen my coaching skills.

Having an 8-year experience as a coach, I’ve learned through this NLP training that true understanding of human beings is one of the keys to success in coaching.

NLP from Barney is unlike other classes of NLP that only come with techniques; it helps you build the so precious and needed awareness and gives you all the fundamentals of human understanding. My coaching has been transformed!”

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