NLP Master Practitioner Certification, by Mind Transformations

Multi-Intelligence NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

VUCA leadership and business excellence

Instead of smoothly pacing towards their next level of success, many business professionals and leaders struggle to continue delivering the results that others—and they, themselves—have come to expect amid rapid changes and unpredictable disruptions in the environment.

They expend immense time and energy juggling tasks and meetings and dealing with people issues, rather than making strategic decisions and supporting their teams in executing initiatives that make an impact.

They start to feel:


The need to continually react leaves no time for strategising. The constant state of emergency drains their energy and creativity.


The failure to deliver impact keeps career fulfilment and breakthroughs out of reach.

Burnt out:

The uphill battle to balance work, life, relationships, and health slowly sucks the life force out of them.


The sense that what used to motivate them is no longer what they seem starts to make them quiz themselves - what really matters to them?

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

You’re struggling because you're out of alignment with the current VUCA paradigm - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

The ways that worked before have lost their effectiveness amid the current multi-systemic changes involving climate, geopolitical tension, acceleration in technological changes (AI) and biological threats (pandemics).

Evolutionarily speaking, when the external world changes drastically, nature and society will eventually de-select those who resist or are incapable of change. They become irrelevant and redundant, eventually fading away.

What can you change to break free of the struggle?

Transferability - the key to staying relevant and delivering impact.

Imagine seamlessly mobilising your experience, expertise, and skills across different domains, such as industries and job functions, and working effectively with people from different generations, cultures and job levels.

Transferability comes from reexamining your assumptions and beliefs and adopting a new mindset that enables you to develop meta-skills crucial for remaining relevantly impactful in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

With Transferability, you go beyond meeting the demands of life with your expertise, experience, knowledge or skills; you lead people and situations and grow optimally, regardless of context, scenarios and people.

You are seen, valued and respected as a credible and trusted person. That means, you create the conditions to break through and achieve a fulfilling career and the work-life harmony you desire.

This is not merely about career growth. It's about living up to your highest potential.

Transferability Enables Transformations that last: The Mind Transformations NLP Master Practitioner Programme

group community supported NLP training

Designed specifically for working professionals, this programme empowers you to navigate the increasing demands and challenges of modern work life. 

We put in place leading-edge frameworks, processes and support structures to enable you to “see your own box of assumptions and beliefs” and create the psychological safety for you to take the unfamiliar and challenging new steps to expand your worldview and capacities. 

At the same time, the programme actively works on developing “meta-skills” - a set of 15 multi-intellience meta-skills, mapped to six meta-competencies relevant to the current workplace: Higher Cognitive Capabilities, Active Learning & Adaptability, Digital Learning & Application, Effective Communication, Emotional & Interpersonal Management, and Self-Leadership.

So you can take bold, structured, but malleable steps into the eye of the VUCA hurricane, empowered with VUCA-Fit frameworks and processes so you:

  • Have more resourceful ways to manage your emotions and orchestrate them to serve you in different situations.
  • Stretch and enrich your body-mind to assimilate and respond to VUCA situations.
  • Develop a longer-term growth plan, which includes greater self-awareness & self-regulation—to progressively fulfil your mission in life.

The lessons and activities focus on nurturing five meta-capabilities - potentials that you have:

Active Learning and Adaptability

Outcomate (aka Outcome Agility)

Massage and steer processes or decisions to shape the final results. It includes the ability to size and morph outcomes as we go, with an emphasis on the speed with which we can formulate a viable outcome and act on it.

regenerative team dynamics

Emotate (aka Emotion Mastery)

Generate desired emotional responses in oneself and others. It includes managing conflicting emotions, the ability to collaborate, and understanding the wisdom of our emotions.

Informate (aka Information Mastery)

Convert multiple sets of raw data into meaningful information. This involves data gathering, collation, and analysis to produce insights that can be communicated, utilised in decision-making, and acted upon.

Synthesate (aka Synthesise & Simplify)

Synthesise different ideas, elements, or components to form a coherent system or approach that transcends traditional boundaries, with an emphasis on creating elegance out of complexity.

Reading people subtle cues and non verbal communication at work

Mindfulate (aka Mindful Introspection)

Intentionally track our thoughts, feelings, and actions, especially before or during an activity, to facilitate identifying our assumptions, opinions, and beliefs so that we can affirm or redefine them to support our growth.

The NLP Master Practitioner is for you if you are:


Assuming New Responsibilities or Taking New Career Paths

You've been promoted or have taken on larger responsibilities. Or, you're considering a career change.
You are probably looking for ways to develop yourself effectively to rise above new challenges and demands that are beyond your current capacity.


Pursuing Breakthrough Performance

You're aiming to break through your current performance levels, overcome self-doubts and limiting beliefs to boost your confidence, build credibility and unlock your full potential.


Leading, Communicating & Collaborating Effectively

You want to develop people and empower them to be proactive and high-performing without the constant need for motivating them. You want to create a positive, productive work environment and leverage diversity for peak performance in a complex environment. 


Balancing Life Priorities with purpose and meaning

You want to maintain a balance between work, personal life, health, relationships and other responsibilities while being connected to a sense of purpose, fulfilment and meaning that are aligned to your values. 

I am very happy I attended the Master NLP training. I gained the understanding of why we used certain NLP processes and tools. Having that understanding makes whatever tool you use more powerful and more convincing.

Cynthia Zhai


The Master Practitioner Course has reprogrammed me to the extent that I now see what is important in my life.

Pradeep Kumar Gobind

Lawyer, Distinguished Toastmaster

Attending Master NLP is one of the best things that happened to me. I found the missing piece of the puzzle that gives me confidence in working with people. 

With the ability to look at things multi-dimensionally, I now have the confidence to move forward in my work and the courage to face the lessons I need to receive. I am no longer stagnant in my position due to fear.

I wanted to equip myself with coaching tools to help my colleagues. Not only have I gained what I came for, but I have also gained clarity on how to approach challenges and greater self-awareness, so I can continually evaluate and adjust myself positively.

albert lee

specialist engineer

What do you get from the NLP Master Practitioner Programme?

MNLP mod 1

Module One

The first module sets the foundational framework and expectations for the entire course. Essential elements like multi-intelligence, the demands of VUCA, and the meta-capabilities and meta-skills are explained and operationalised. The key deliverables of the first module are to heighten our ability to integrate our multi-intelligences and increase our ability to think and adapt effectively in unpredictable situations. The main takeaways are:

a) increase our ability to utilise all our senses (PQ) to analyse situations,

b) frame and shift our thinking and actions strategically (IQ),

c) learn to feel our way into knowing what to do (PQ & EQ), and


d) get a deeper understanding of the consciousness we operate out of (SQ) and learn how to challenge our own assumptions to grow.

MNLP mod 2

Module Two

The second module focuses and deepens on the meta-competencies of Higher Cognitive Capabilities, Effective Communication and Self-Leadership. These are essential complex knowledge and skills required in the future of work where critical thinking, problem solving and collaborating with multi-stakeholders. The ability to process and convert multi-sets of raw data into useful information so that they can be acted upon—takes centre stage in this module. The skill to detect limiting beliefs is also taught in this module, so that limiting ideas and experiences can be updated and redefined. The purpose of working on limiting beliefs is to open people’s mind to new possibilities so that new ideas and behaviours can be generated to help people thrive in the age of VUCA.

The main takeaways are:

a) greater awareness of cognitive filters (IQ) and the ability to expand our verbal and physical range (PQ) to utilise it,

b) the ability to hold multiple data sets and triangulate them to gain practical insights—so that solutions can be generated (IQ),

c) the ability to step into different viewpoints of different stakeholders to generate an ecological approach (EQ + IQ), and
d) the verbal skills to ask powerful questions and make suggestions (IQ) that enable people to challenge and overcome limiting beliefs. 

MNLP mod 3

Module Three

The third and last module brings the learner to the mastery of synthesis and high leverage points, i.e., collaborative skills, personal value recalibration and energetic influence. Synthesis is brought into play as several learnings in Module 1 and 2 are incorporated in the complex skill of collaboration, e.g. effective communication, managing multi-stakeholders, critical thinking, chunking, and managing complex emotions. The high leverage point activity of reassessing one’s own value system and aligning to one’s work activities helps to ensure that one is “relevant” to the VUCA world. Lastly, beyond relying on just what one says, one will learn how to influence others through one’s state and intention.

The main takeaways are:

a) How to facilitate group collaboration—leveraging on group intelligence,

b) Uncover, clarify and align one’s value system to make one VUCA-Fit,

c) Develop confidence in using one’s own state and intention to positively support others,

d) Ability to apply NLP with a coaching client and receive 360 feedback for optimal learning and future growth.

I took up NLP practitioner program in 2017 and completed my Masters NLP this year (2020). In both years when I participated in the programs, the topics covered and materials provided coupled with the unwavering support and dedication of the team have helped me tide through some of the most challenging times as well as changed my perspectives in so many areas of my life - career, family and friends.

Through these programs, I have learned and improved my interaction with others. More importantly, I have also gained a deeper understanding of myself through in depth self discovery, belief systems and values. As a result I can now better manage my IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ knowing how I am wired. These programs also helped transformed and instilled positive growth and mindset and overcoming obstacles and challenges with renewed energy.


The Longest Continuously-Running NLP programme in Asia (Since 1997)

Dedicated to your growth and success



Training & Coaching hours


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Pages of course materials





training & coaching hours


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NLP Practitioners trained


NLP Trainers were our graduates


Mind Transformations is a developer and contributor to NLP's continuous evolution.

Our training is recognised by the original developers & luminaries of NLP. Our certification is accepted by the American Board of NLP, NLP University, the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI), the International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) & others to enable you to move to the next level of your continuous development.

The Robust Pathway to Personal and Professional Development Breakthrough

Both levels of the programme are structured to provide distinct, progressive benefits – starting with immediate, practical skills in the Practitioner level and advancing to sophisticated, transformative processes in the Master Practitioner level.

What’s the difference between NLP Practitioner and
NLP Master Practitioner?

TLDR; The Master Practitioner course is a step up from the Practitioner programme

In contrast to the more conscious filters and operators addressed in the Practitioner course (e.g. representational systems), the Master Practitioner course guides learners to explore our more unconscious filters such as beliefs, values, thought preferences, etc. 

Through this process, we develop a deeper and wider self-awareness and, correspondingly, build more complex self-regulation skills.

NLP Practitioner Certification Mind Transformations

NLP Practitioner Certification: Applications for Everyday Excellence and Wins in your personal and professional outcomes

  • Targeted Skill Development: Focus on acquiring specific, actionable skills that address everyday challenges in communication, collaboration, coaching and self-management that are relevant to your outcomes.
  • Tangible Results: Designed for quick application, this level empowers you with tools to see noticeable improvements in your daily professional and personal interactions.
  • Foundation for Growth: Establish a solid foundation in NLP, setting the stage for more advanced techniques and strategies.
  • Integrate applications into daily lives: Learn to apply NLP skills in everyday contexts – from business to personal life, enhancing your effectiveness in areas that matter to you.

NLP Master Practitioner Level: Mastery to deliver Breakthrough Results and Performance across multiple contexts & levels of engagements

  • Deep Transformative Growth: Dive into advanced NLP techniques to navigate and excel in multi-levels of demanding situations across a wide range of scenarios, domains and contexts.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Master the art of tackling complex challenges by coming up with customised solutions that are high impact and future-effective.
  • Leadership, Influence & Collaboration in a VUCA World: Equip yourself with critical 21st-century skills to be a resilient, collaborative and resourceful leader where you are called upon to not only manage yourself but others to deliver breakthrough results as a whole.
  • Transformational Impact: Learn to create deep and lasting impact, both in your life and in the lives of those you work with, fostering growth and development at a profound level, becoming a legacy creator whom others look up to.


NLP Practitioner

Module 1:

06 Jul - 10 Jul 2024

Module 2:

03 Aug - 05 Aug 2024

Module 3:

23 Aug - 25 Aug 2024

9:00am - 6:30pm in-person classes

Skills Applications Enhancement Training

27 Jul 2024  (9am - 12:30pm)

17 Aug 2024  (9am - 12:30pm)

NLP Master Practitioner Certification, by Mind Transformations

Pre-requisite: Mind Transformations NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Module 1:

22 Jun - 25 Jun 2024

Module 2:

20 Jul - 24 Jul 2024

Module 3:

28 Sep - 1 Oct 2024

9:00am - 6:30pm in-person classes

Skills Applications Enhancement Training


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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to enrol for the training but I can't make it for certain dates! Should I just wait for the next class when the timing and other conditions are right?

We encourage you to start with Module A of Multi-Intelligence NLP Practitioner Training, which is manageable for many of our past participants.

Even if you attend only module ONE (4 days), you can still apply the skills in your life to see significant change and results.

We offer flexibility & integration for participants to grow their NLP skills whichever stage they are at. You can also choose to return in the future to continue where you left off, complete your training and receive your certificate over several intakes that work with your schedule.

With the uncertainty we face in these volatile, complex and dynamic times, we can only advance forward by taking small proactive steps rather than waiting for the right opportunities to come. There is no other better time than to start as early as possible to expand your resilience, elevate your mindset and develop your people skills through the program, rather than waiting for the right timing or condition! 

*Speak with us about the flexibility to complete this course at your preferred pace at or +65 8186 7508.

What do you mean by "certification training" and what is the value of it?

We are the first of very few NLP training providers in the world who conduct practical evaluation for our participants. In NLP terms, this serves as a form of feedback on the Practitioners' competency in utilising the tools and techniques effectively. The feedback is designed to be relevant and applicable to real-world situations, ensuring that practitioners are able to apply what they have learned in order to achieve their desired outcomes. Hence they can adapt the NLP applications to their context & situation with clear & tangible actionable strategies to create lasting change and results.

To be certified an NLP Practitioner (Module 1 to 3), the below criteria needs to be fulfilled:

Attendance & Competency: 50%
Performance Feedback and Assessment: 50%

Minimum 70% / 100% = C.NLP.Pr

To be a certified NLP Master Practitioner (Module One to Three), the below criteria needs to be fulfilled:

Practical Observation & Analytical Skills: 10%
Coaching Diagnostic Report: 30%
Class Attendance & Competency: 30%
Performance Feedback and Assessment: 30%

Minimum 70%/100% = C. MNlp.Pr

Hear from our students their developments and progress:

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I completed my NLP Practitioner Certification at another school. Am I eligible to join the NLP Master Practitioner from Mind Transformations?


That said, because of different curriculums, we need to evaluate your NLP skills and ascertain what you have covered in your NLP Practitioner training.

Based on the assessment, you may have to attend certain days of our NLP Practitioner training to ensure you are equipped with our proprietary processes, tools and frameworks taught at the practitioner level and can fully maximise your takeaways from our Master Practitioner programme. You pay a pro-rated fee for those required days of Practitioner training.

I have completed my NLP Master Practitioner from Mind Transformations. Can I retake the updated version of this programme?

As the updated programme has been redesigned from start to end, we encourage you to attend the whole programme so that you can fully benefit from a systemic perspective. You can enjoy a graduate rate of $3000 to retake the whole programme.

If you have constraints and would like to discuss options, connect with our team at or Whatsapp +65 8186 7508.

About the trainer

Dr Barney Wee

Dr Barney Wee is the founder of Mind Transformations. He’s also a NLP Master Trainer and Coach Master Trainer and the Research, Training and Managing Director of Mind Transformations.

Dr Wee’s contribution to the field of NLP includes the development of Multi-Intelligence NLP. His PhD research focussed on Vertical Development in NLP Coaching.

He has worked with Multinational Corporations, Government-Linked Companies and Government institutions as a consultant and a trainer.

He has co-authored a book, “Choices of Now - Urgent Decisions for Co-Creating the Future of Our World”.

He is currently serving as the President of the International Association of Coaching Institute (ICI) chapter in Singapore, and the Chairman of the SUSS's Program Advisory Committee for its Graduate Diploma Programme in Professional Life-Coaching.

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Complete NLP Certification Bundle

For people who want the full suite of Multi-Intelligence NLP training. A thorough and complete development of IQ-EQ-PQ-SQ for enhanced personal capacity and professional capabilities.  Defining clarity in one's life direction, purpose and value, working with limiting beliefs, subconscious personality patterns and core values alignment. Many Coaches from other Coaching Schools take this course to advance their practice with scientific-based coaching tools and a systemic whole-person coaching methodology.



S$8,200 (save S$1,000) 

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NLP MASTER Practitioner Certification

For Professionals who want to develop Mastery to deliver Breakthrough Results and Performance across multiple contexts & levels of engagements over a diverse pool of people.



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NLP Practitioner Certification Course, by Mind Transformations
NLP Practitioner Certification

For Leaders, Coaches, Professional Executives, HR and anyone who wants to improve significantly in the areas of Communication & Influence, practical Coaching & Leadership skills, Emotion Management and Self-Mastery. 



Class is filling up fast! Limited seats left! Secure your seat by 3 Jun 2024.

Only For NLP Master Practitioner Graduates of Mind Transformations

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For certified MT NLP Master Practitioners who wants to re-attend the whole programme and to update your future-fit capabilities and applications



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