NLP High Impact Skills

Critical People Skills that
promote employment,
higher income & job satisfaction

NLP High Impact Skills

Critical People Skills that promote employment, higher income &
job satisfaction

McKinsey’s June 2021 research identified 56 distinct elements of talent (DELTAs) that will help future-citizens thrive in the post Covid-19 & 4th Industrial Revolution. Of the three outcome key areas (employment, income and job satisfaction), “self-confidence” and “coping with uncertainty” are two delta-skills ranked top.

While the world is still too busy to unpack these complex and “abstractly named VUCA skills”, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) continues to stand out as a technology capable of turning excellent people skills into repeatable mental, verbal, emotional and behavioral processes. This makes complex people skills highly learnable in an accelerated fashion.

Hence the expression “NLP is the art and science of turning excellence into strategic thinking, feeling and actions.”

Rise above the 3 Capacity Handicaps that inhibits career fulfillment & progression


People-Centric Working Relationship

In the Future of Work Trends 2022 report by Korn Ferry, it is emphasised that an organization is only as good as the people it employs. 

 You may have great talent, experiences, knowledge and solutions; but without a consistent ability to get through to people and to treat employees as human beings such that they feel connected, it will be difficult to manifest and sustain impact towards the possibilities of the future. 


Mental, Emotional & Behavioural Flexibility
(IQ, EQ, PQ)

Many people over-rely on their logical abilities to get ahead in their career. However, in times of crisis when they start encountering burnout and internal conflicts; logicalising resilience is very challenging.

Logic without alignment with our emotional (EQ) and physical (PQ) rhythm - this has become a growth bottleneck for many today.


How to motivate and coach people to raise their potential

In Linkedin's 2022 Workplace Learning Report, 33% of L&D professionals are focusing on strengthening manager's coaching skills to help organizations become more resilient and future-fit in this era of the Great Reshuffle we are in. 

Yet coaching can be challenging because people often agree to the logic but don’t act on the change. Coaching calls for a new level of relationship and conversations that translate knowing into inner ownership.


OUTFRAME your potential, EQUIP yourself with the cutting-edge science of Multi-Intelligence NLP!

Our 25 years of NLP professional practice have taught us to appreciate the wisdom of “multiple intelligence”—first coined by Dr Gardner of Harvard University in 1987. Among the many practical insights from integrating multiple intelligence into NLP is that intelligence is not just in the head (IQ), and more powerful performance is possible when we integrate our emotional (EQ), physical (PQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ), i.e., our ability to expand our self-awareness and connect to our higher purpose.

This course gives you specific NLP mindsets and skillsets to exercise your innate Mental (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Physical (PQ) and Spiritual (SQ) intelligences.

Our approach is tried-and-tested with corporate HR, C-suite leaders, managers and professionals of various industries.

Sign-up now to train in a safe environment that simulates the multi-generational, disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business world.

Develop a keen ability to read people speedily and narrow the gap of communication

Develop communication range - the ability to get more consistent alignment with a wide range of different audiences

Increase mental complexity to navigate multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder data points to improve your credibility, leadership and influence

Emotional Intelligence - Acquire techniques to access emotions and motivational states that promote peak performance and effective behaviours

Scale results through people by leading with a growth mentality and attitude that drives transformational workplace habits and behaviours

Nervous system re-training - Develop resilience and greater capacity to perform and deliver great results under pressure without breaking down.

Save years of trial and error:

Experience a tangible improvement in your
People Skills & Future-Fit Abilities

The lack of awareness, under-utilization, lack of education, distrust, or outright fear of the unfamiliar—stops people from fully utilizing the innate multiple intelligences they are born with.

This is an experiential & immersive program to optimise your inner programming and enhance your people skills. Level up your communication, leadership, quality of relationships and performance - without continuous strain and exhaustion of your resources.

You will be supported by our team of highly experienced coaches to give you practical feedback on stretching your inner strategies & people skills - to bring out a better version of you!

Course Options

Having difficulty deciding which pathway to start with?

Reach out to our team at or +65 8186 7508 to discuss how you can maximise your personal and professional development

NLP High Impact Foundation Mind Transformations
NLP High Impact Foundation


by 28 Sept


 (save $200)

5-day Practical NLP People Skills
for busy professionals

  • Neuroscience exercises on activating our future-fit nervous system to succeed under complex, ambiguous, uncertain and volatile situations
  • How to read people's preferred communication patterns to enhance first impression and deepen rapport
  • Expand communication flexibility to influence and collaborate with various types of stakeholders
  • Practical conversational skills to build trust, understanding, increase your credibility and establish leadership
  • Self-Leadership: Psychology for self-management to improve your performance and create productive habits


  • NLP Competency Assessment, in-class feedback and coaching to raise your Multi-Intelligence capacity

Programme Details 

18 Oct - 22 Oct 2023

9am - 6:30pm in-person class

NLP Practitioner Certification Mind Transformations
NLP Practitioner Certification


by 28 Sept


 (save $200)

11-day Comprehensive Development for your Innate Multiple Intelligences

All the benefits of NLP High Impact Foundation

  • Precise questioning skills to draw out unspoken assumptions in everyday language
  • Mental complexity drills for managing change and chaos and creating a compelling influence
  • Conversational Diagnostic Framework for problem solving, coaching and increasing ownership 
  • Immersive, experiential NLP techniques for peak performance, emotional resilience and turning plans into effective actions
  • Structure of persuasion for building more consistent buy-in in high-stakes situations
  • Managing multiple stakeholders relationships in a collaborative environment
  • Advanced NLP tools for installing healthy habits & productive emotional patterns


  • Skills Enhancement Training (SET) - Support from Coaches in between modules to enhance your NLP skills and applications to successfully achieve your outcomes 

Programme Details 

Module 1: 18 Oct - 22 Oct 2023
Module 2: 04 Nov – 06 Nov 2023
Module 3: 02 Dec – 04 Dec 2023

9am - 6:30pm in-person class

Skills Enhancement Training (SET):

28 Oct 2023

25 Nov 2023

9am - 12:30pm Online Class


Singapore Polytechnic Graduate’s Guild
Carnation Room (Level 3)
1010 Dover Rd, Singapore 139658

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MT Team

You will be trained by a Team of dedicated trainers, coaches and practitioners

Led by NLP & ICI Master Trainer, Barney Wee, the Mind Transformations Core Team has at least 78 years of combined experience in NLP training and coaching. We design strategic experiential learning exercises to help participants teach themselves and support one another in their development.

The MT team continues to innovate and develop new NLP-based methodologies for advancing human potential. Some of our sought-after development includes the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram, Coaching Micro Skills, Neuro-Actionables, NLP Competency Building Framework, and integration of NLP with modalities such as Somatic Body Intelligence, Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping, Intention Setting, Map of Consciousness and more.

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