Do you have a system to access the deep resourcefulness within your client's unconscious mind?

“You meet people at the depth where you have met yourself.”

Systemic NLP Coach Certification accredited by the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI), Germany.

This programme is about the depth of potential and resourcefulness that lies undiscovered in each person. 

For many, it is not easy to believe that we are powerful and resourceful beyond measure. Even when people go through coaching, translating “Aha” into sustainable transformation depends on one’s ability to continually harness their resourcefulness. 

Modern day life demands that we think logically and multiple steps ahead, heavily taxing the conscious mind. In contrast, the unconscious mind is intuitive, hard to quantify, and carries complex emotions, and hence most people have not explored it enough to tap on its power.

Systemic NLP Coaching gives coaches both Yin and Yang coaching capabilities to work with the unconscious mind. Yin is the ability to meet fundamental human needs to create the conditions for transformation; Yang is the structure to navigate the multiple/deep layers of the human psyche and bring unconscious resources to the conscious mind.

ICI Systemic NLP Coach Certification

Systemic NLP Coaching will challenge the way you coach:

  • Your belief in yourself and others that influences the way you coach.
  • The lenses you use - are you able to see beyond the surface structure of your clients and get to the deep structure where transformation is most needed?
  • Managing “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” paradoxes.
  • Supporting your clients in situations where the problem seems much bigger than them.

Course Outline

Systemic NLP Framework for coaching the Whole-Person

Seeing, listening, feeling and working with deep structure

Create Generative NLP processes on-the-fly to promote resourcing abilities

Navigating paradoxes and internal conflicts to build new integration

Recognising and applying energetic influence

Bringing together the Yin & Yang of Systemic NLP Coaching

coaching through change in uncertainty

This is a programme you choose to do.

Imagine the next version of you in one year:

The things you can’t do now, you might do with ease.

The situations and people you can’t stand now, you might tolerate better.

The Systemic NLP Coaching programme is about realising the infinite resourcefulness that lies within your unconscious mind. It is a journey. It requires investment of time and energy. 

Take your first step - book your appointment to find out how this programme may be relevant for you.


29 June - 2 July 2024

NLP Master Practitioner Certification (Module 1)
ICI Associate Coach / Life Coach / Executive Coach Training

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Trainer's Profile

Joseph Chng - Mind Transformations - Coach Certification Training

Joseph Ch'ng is an NLP & ICI Coach Trainer at Mind Transformations. He offers 13 years of practician experience, with over 1,000 hours of coaching, applying NLP with multiple disciplines such as systems thinking, experiential learning, Enneagram, Polarity Thinking, Agile, Tai Chi and I-Ching philosophies. Joseph dedicates his career to translating the impactful knowledge of NLP & Enneagram - into practical people skills and a way of Being.

Joseph’s clientele includes Boston Consulting Group, BNP Paribas, Tapestry, F5 Networks, Changi Hospital Group, SGX, EDB, GovTech etc.