Around October last year, we got an email inviting us to the World HRD Congress to receive the Global Training & Development Leadership award. It was the first time we’ve heard of this congress, and we were surprised how this award came knocking on our door.

With the help of some resourceful graduates, we managed to learn more about this event. It’s been around for 25 years, and it’s owned by the Times of India. Every year, it brings together HR Practitioners & Business Leaders across a multitude of industries, to acknowledge excellence in HR practices.

The World HRD Congress has a Core Jury Panel of 12 senior, accomplished HR Practitioners and Business Leaders; and a stringent set of evaluation criteria. Mind Transformations was selected over the Internet, and vetted based on:

  • Track Record
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Effective use of Training Technology
  • Training Effectiveness & Innovation
  • Future Orientation
  • Thought Leadership

And the Global Training & Development Leadership Award meant that…

Mind Transformations is recognised as a leader in training & development in the field of NLP and has positively impacted the business & government sectors; this is evidenced by the continual innovation of our training programmes and the excellent feedback given by clients consistently over time.

We were told that someone on the Panel had mentioned our name, putting us on the list of institutions to be evaluated for this award. (Dear Graduates: if you have passed up our name for this award, please do let us know. We’re very grateful.)

So there we were – in the spotlight at the World HRD Congress on 15th February 2017.

It was a grand event with 1200+ senior HR professionals and C-level executives from 133+ countries. This has been a great 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Sharing with you photos from the event:

While in Mumbai, Barney got to visit his mentor’s house, his North Star, Gandhiji.

This modest building in Gamdevi, Mumbai, housed one of the most evolved beings that ever walked upon Earth.

“I’m finally closer to his ‘Energetic Presence’”, i.e.the space where he worked for 17 years, the place that is said to be the “nerve centre” for all his activities: spinning his cloth, his practice of Satyagrahas, fasts, and provocative and poignant writings, his meetings and his arrest; a humble yet awesome place.”

“It would be a great advancement for my soul if I were one of his children, but I guess I need to be evolved enough to withstand the immense challenges and responsibilities. I felt humbled and safe being at his feet… I will go to his hometown one day – soon. But for now, to be at the bulk of his “Work” place, it’s truly humbling and “at home” – strangely.”

“THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE HIS ‘PRESENCE’ WAS THE STRONGEST. I stayed here the longest (Gandhiji’s room). It was intensely ZEN; his room was barren, basic, clean, uncluttered; but this room is not his latest evolution; it got simpler than this.”

“It took a while for me to tune-in to his presence. I started off by walking around his room, then strangely I picked up a scent first. Someone old. The energy was light all round… my forehead was clear and focused and there he was standing, hunched and smiling. I don’t know how to explain this feeling internally (I can still feel the water in my eyes). I saw his mouth move, but I could not hear what he was saying (sigh…) I’m waiting for the message to emerge from within me. I will remember this connection, I will.”


From all of us at Mind Transformations, we want to thank all our graduates for being part of our journey.

Twenty years is a long time, but we’re able to continue moving forward because of your support. Many graduates from as far as 1998 are still sending friends and family members to us. We are very, very, very grateful for your support. Thank YOU!

And what’s next for 2017 and beyond?

  • There are NLP courses coming up in Singapore, Bangkok & Mauritius.
  • We’ll be focusing a lot more on developing our Multi-Intelligence Methodology in Coaching. Barney is writing his second book, focused on coaching.
  • There’s the Language & Behaviour (LAB) Profile Certification course coming up in May 2017, taught by a U.K. NLP Master Trainer—Dianne Lowther. 
  • Executive Coaching Certification Workshop in Dec 2017, and a Mentoring Coaches In Action (MCIA) Workshop running in Oct 2017 in Bangkok.

And stay tuned for more!

We leave you with a piece of learning that is very close to our hearts:


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