Kaizen is the spirit of continuous improvement.

In the 1980s the Japanese automotive technology started surpassing the American. Back then, the speed of assembly lines pretty much controlled the output of new automobiles, which affected market share. So the greatest fear of the manufacturers was assembly line breakdowns.

In order to make their lines produce more, the Japanese decided to run their lines at the fastest speed, creating frequent breakdowns. At each breakdown, they ironed out the glitches one by one, and then repeated the process. This continuous improvement quickly saw an increase in production speed and output, and soon enough, the Americans were lagging behind.

The spirit of continuous improvement was the reason why the Japanese won. It was carried out with courage, to stare at problems in the face and fix them one by one.

At Mind Transformations, we strive to live by the Kaizen spirit.

Kaizen is a tall order. To innovate and create great training programmes, we must take risks to try new things, create new methodologies, and then continuously fine tune our work. Over the years, we’ve rolled out many new modalities and methodologies. Not all of them were a hit at first go, but we pressed on, and we are proud today, of the many, many learning technologies and coaching methodologies we’ve integrated into our programmes.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary this year, this video is to celebrate Kaizen and continuous excellence.

It is also a showcase of ALL the learning technologies you’ll get when you join our courses.

If you haven’t joined us, one of the most meaningful and empowering gifts you can give yourself this year is to join our NLP Practitioner course. You’ll experience many of our Kaizen learning technologies, and you’ll learn to apply them in developing your Self-Mastery, Communication & Coaching skills.

Get started with a complimentary 1:1 course consultation.

Pick our brains. Tap into our expertise in NLP. Find out what development outcome you can set, and bring onboard to work on it in the NLP course. Whatever you learn in the course—whether it is getting buy-in from your stakeholders, improving your personal effectiveness, etc, you’ll get to apply it in your life. This is how we help our students achieve a breakthrough in 4 months’ time. Book your consultation slot here. We take only 8 people per week.

Do you want to become a successful Professional Coach?

We train very competent coaches in our ICI Coach Certification programme. You won’t get the shortest programme. You get deep practice, a unique Multi-Intelligence Methodology (IQ-EQ-PQ-SQ) that helps you coach beyond logic; you get a very supportive community to develop your Identity as a Coach.

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