Increase Your Multi-Intelligence To Thrive In The VUCA World.

Professional life & executive coaching to become future-fit in a VUCA world

Are you looking for practical ways to enhance your effectiveness in your self-management abilities, communication, coaching people and professional growth in the age of increasing uncertainty? We provide state-of-the-art methodologies and transformational practices that offer you a whole new worldview - giving you an unfair advantage to succeed in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Watch this video to find out the 4 x Multi-Intelligence Competencies and 4 x Key Activities to enable us to become future-fit in a VUCA world.

Internationally Recognised, Award-Winning NLP & Coach Certification Programmes

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IEA Accreditation Mark 2023- Training Program

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Why people choose Mind Transformations for their lifelong development (beyond skills)?

Many of our participants sign up three to five courses with us, and often ask about the next level of training development. We believe that this trust is earned through our investment in their whole-person development as a lifelong journey. We don't see ourselves as trainers or coaches, but practitioners and developers who continue to hone our gifts.

Our contribution: dedication, personalised support, cutting-edge methodology and life-supportive practices.


Experiential Learning & Coaching-Centric Development
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We specialise in experiential learning that enables our participants with practical skills and not just head knowledge. 70% of our courses are hands-on applications and supervised practice. Our aspiration is for people to develop the capacity, capabilities and nervous system to thrive in today’s VUCA setting—long after the training is done.


Advanced Science & Tools for Coaching, Leadership & Personal Development
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Over the last 24 years, we continuously refined our training delivery and coaching methodology with the latest science and research such as Multiple Intelligences, Adult Maturity Development, Brain-Compatible Learning, Somatic Body Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and more. 


Dedicated and Personalised Support 
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Many of our participants have commented that our team of trainers, practitioners and coaches are very dedicated and genuinely care about their lifelong development. Our intention is to meet you where you are at and journey with you. This is how we express our gratitude when you choose to join us.


Competency Building Framework: Now soft skills CAN be measured

Our participants are equipped with a metric system to measure and follow through on their soft skills development. Our Competency Building Framework is the first in the NLP world! Our team of coaches & facilitators frequently provide insightful and actionable feedback for the participants to raise competencies in the certification process.


Safe and Trusted Learning Environment
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Many of our participants refer to the Mind Transformations community as their “second home”. Our trainers and coaches put a lot of care into facilitating a safe learning environment where everyone feels encouraged to apply, experiment and even learn from each other’s mistakes. The paradox of learning is that we don’t allow ourselves to make enough mistakes, yet mistakes are part of learning.


Multiple opportunities to develop mastery and specialisation
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Our MI NLP, NLE, ICI and LAB programmes are designed to be complementary for specialisation and deep mastery. We conduct Skills Enhancement Training (SET), Post Course Action Plan (PCAP), Community of Practice (CoP) learning webinars and other learning events that enable our participants to practice and internalise their development.


Lifestyle integration
Choices of Now Life Supportive Integration

Our participants gain practical strategies to integrate what they've learned into their daily activities such as work meetings, relationship building, communication strategy, lifestyle habits & choices etc, to enable them to produce sustainable results and growth in their outcomes. We strive to support LIFE in all its expression!

These factors enable you to grow and learn from your experiences. It helps you develop mastery of yourself for the future.

Reviews from students

91 x 5-star Reviews On Google

142 x 5-star Reviews on Facebook

The NLP training with Mind Transformations team is authentic and non-commercial in approach. The team have all trainees in mind and the mission to help trainees transforms. The training stays congruence with the essence and modelling of NLP. This modelling got the trainees through the process of recreating & replicating excellence under the care and guidance of the Mind Transformations team; in particularly lead by renowned Master NLP trainer Barney Wee. The supporting instructors presence are always around proactively assist the trainees understand complex concepts and impart tips and pointers.

Francis Sim

3 months after my NLP journey started, I’ve experience improved communications with my child. I’ve learnt to be more aware of the subtle shifts in her behaviour, moods and adjust my parenting methods to build a richer and deeper relationship with her. I’m still learning to improve on my communication skills, to keep encapsulating our experiences in suitable sizes for her consumption.

Jennifer Kee

If you are looking for transformation and growth in your life, I would recommend that you take that step and trust MT to help you with your journey. The skills and insights you get from this can be applied in all areas of your life- personal growth, career, relationships, family, etc.

Evangeline Low

Upcoming Events, Courses, Announcements & Featured Resources

Multi-Intelligence Complete NLP Training

Multi intelligence Complete NLP Practitioner Training 2022

Mastering critical 21st-century skills to be responsive, resourceful & resilient in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (VUCA)

To expand your capacity and capabilities to excel in this VUCA world, your ability to reinvent yourself with a new set of Multi-Intelligence Neuro-Linguistic Programming; thinking, communicating, feeling, acting and navigating the world, becomes increasingly vital.

Executive Coach Certification: Raise your professional impact & value to leaders and organisations

high leverage executive coaching certification for coaches leaders managers executives in vuca world

The executive coaching repertoire enables you to position your influence, expertise and impact to engage an organisation as a high-value contributor whether as an internal or external professional coach.

make the quantum leap in your professional development with multi-intelligence human communication skills

The 3 Critical People Skills to Stay Ahead in a Post-Covid-19 World.

Unlike learning technical competencies where you can simply follow a linear protocol or best practices, people skills are multi-dimensional. Working well with people involves deep nuances and seeing the invisible patterns within human psychology.

We crystallise future-fit people skills into three key developments. What are they?

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NLP Career Growth 4D

career path development and advancement in VUCA world

Online Development Programme to help you Thrive in a VUCA World and to stay relevant and resourceful in times of uncertainty!

+ Comes with a 90-minutes video, an interview video and a strategic PDF workbook to download.

Complimentary 1:1 Starter Consultation (worth $120)

Gain clarity and a plan on how you can maximise your development with our courses. Whether you are aspiring to be a Professional Coach, you are facing challenges at work or simply want to raise your development - we'll invest our time with you.

Pathway of Success

pathway of success

 There are 3 pathway tracks which can help you to kick start your professional and personal mastery to achieve a transformational growth and results in your goals and outcomes.