The belief that we have only ONE type of intelligence – IQ is outdated.

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How many are you using?

 In our competitive world today, to be ahead, you need the ability to use your other three intelligences as well. Using our whole brain is better than just using our right OR left side of it. Similarly using our FOUR intelligences is way better than relying on just ONE!

More and more people around the world are experiencing the immense benefits of tuning into and mobilising their different intelligences.

NLP is typically viewed as a skill or technology that’s mostly in the head.

     However, we consider that if people could solve their problems through logic and reasoning only – they’d solve them fast and easily. But we know it’s not always that simple; sometimes, “illogical” problems require us to also mobilise different resources besides using our logical mind.

     We don’t have one but FOUR major forms of intelligence we can tap into to deal with issues like having no time left to do what we want, struggling to get the energy for effective performance, lacking clarity and focus for handling our priorities,etc.


Most people are familiar with the term IQ, which is our classical mental intelligence (primarily spatial, mathematical, language, memory abilities).



Traditionally people in “bodywork” (physical/massage therapists, yoga & tai chi teachers, martial arts practitioners, etc.) are seen as experts in body intelligence (PQ); they help people structure or move their bodies to access and promote certain capabilities or states of wellbeing.


With Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) we access the voice of our higher self and let it drive our lives. In NLP, spiritual intelligence answers the questions of …
“How can I access and align the different realms of intelligences to unleash true wisdom and compassion?” and “For whom or for what do we strive – to make a positive difference in our world?”.



Practitioners of Daniel Goleman’s approach are seen as leaders in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which encompasses the ability to manage the emotions of self and others and apply them to specific tasks and in problem solving.

Our methodology – developed over 22 years – helps you to connect, expand and align the different intelligences to accelerate your personal & interpersonal excellence

We utilise the frameworks and processes of notable innovators such as:
Dr. Daniel Goleman, Dr. Stephen Wolinksy (EQ)
Robert Dilts, Eric Jensen, Chris Cowan, Don Riso & Russ Hudson (IQ)
Dr. Paul Dennison, Wendy Palmer, Gary Craig (PQ)
Dr. David Hawkins, Danah Zohar, Cindy Wigglesworth (SQ), and many more…


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