Barney Wee, founder and principal trainer at Mind Transformations, is known in South-East Asia for being personally aligned to the messages he conveys during his training courses. He lives the human technology he teaches – NLP – and, together with his associates, embodies and promotes a life-supportive way of living, and also of doing business.

In 2009, after almost five years of extraordinarily extensive research efforts, tens of books read and thousands of hours of analysis, observation and information distillation, he and his business partner, Agnes Lau, wrote what is considered by many one of the most relevant books to read today – Choices of Now – Urgent Decisions for Co-Creating the Future of Our World (Wisdom Moon Publishing, San Diego, California, US).

Called “an encyclopaedic review of the current human condition” by Leonard Laskow, MD. (Developer of Holoenergetics), and “an impressive work displaying considerable scholarly research” by Jon Freeman, MA. (Oxford; organisational mentor, speaker and author), Choices of Now stands out as a definitive guide which fearlessly exposes the truth about the present landscape of the world, the urgent global issues that humanity faces, and presents a robust action plan for those who are ready to be part of the solution.

The most important message of Choices of Now is that if we continue living the way we have so far, over-consuming planetary resources, we are fast heading for a planet-wide, multi-systems collapse— biologically, socially, and environmentally. The issues are clearly visible: global warming, a perishing biodiversity, social unrest, viruses that mutate and spread faster than science can handle, the constant threat of nuclear wars, and so on.

Way ahead of its time, this book is a highly practical guide that reconciles breaking science with centuries-old spirituality. The wisdom of ancient traditions gives meaning to what science is now able to prove and both fields have reached a point of agreement of extraordinary importance: humans have the capacity to co-create a new world! And Choices of Now shows readers exactly how to achieve this colossal task by implementing the vital changes it proposes.

The book calls its readers to a collective conscious awakening, to move away from the old worldviews and habits that have nearly destroyed our planet—based on competition, selfishness, and overconsumption—and toward new values that can help heal it—compassion, cooperation, and simplicity.

This is precisely the direction that the authors have chosen as well—personally and for their business.

In the course of the research for the book, they realised that they too had been part of the problem, so, when formulating the solutions, they were the first to adopt them. They altered their daily routines and renounced all old habits that had contributed to harming life on the planet. They stopped using air conditioning and adopted a diet and lifestyle that are life-supportive, as opposed to life-depletive.

They converted Mind Transformations into a business that supports life as well; through the courses it offers and the nature of the topics covered (NLP combined with quantum physics, energy psychology, the Enneagram, Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness and many more), and very tangibly, through the fact that they sold their physical office in the interest of lowering consumption of planetary resources; presently, all associates work from home and are, individually, part of the solution to our global crises.

Endorsed by five Ph.D. holders (Dr. Irv S. Katz – Chancellor, Dr. Margaret Smith – Harvard, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz – Former CEO of IONS, Dr. Aida Karazanova – United Nations and Dr. Jim Lockard)

Choices of Now is irrefutably a must-read for people who want to dramatically enhance the way we live as a global community, and also radically improve the quality of their own lives through a clear, step-by-step action plan designed to build a sustainable future for the next generations.

The book is sold on Amazon and in Singapore, at Mind Transformations training venues.

To purchase the book, or for more information, please contact Hans on +65-8186 7508.

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