Life, Career & Executive Development Coaching

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to them their own.”

Benjamin Disraeli

In today’s environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), many people are at crossroads. In such circumstances, we are often compelled to reconsider many things: our inner fulfilment, our finances, our longer-term growth, our wellbeing, bringing forth purpose, meaning and sustainable happiness in whatever we do and more.

multi_dimensional NLP coaching for 4IR

To empower people to thrive in this VUCA world, focus has now been shifted from fixing people to cultivating people to express and exercise their full potential. It is where coaching comes in. Coaching is about moving forward – it’s about using what you’ve experienced (good and bad) to make your future better. It’s about choosing to live life proactively rather than reactively – in other words, it’s about actualising your future today.

Take charge of your development by mastering coaching skills today.

Coaching skills are becoming an essential part of:

Life Coaching

life & personal mastery coaching

The process of life coaching helps individuals harness personal strengths and inner alignment, and equip them with practical tools to overcome personal and situational challenges.

Typically, life coaching revolves around:

• Shifting mindset to create more choices

• Finding your life’s purpose or passion in a desired career; rekindling a livelong dream

• Proactively making life transitions

• Having someone to dovetail your yearly goals and strengthening core skills like planning, follow through, getting feedback etc

• Acquiring specific capabilities like discipline, assertiveness, sensitivity to others, openness, courage, trust in self and others etc.

• Resolving and strengthening relationships e.g.marital, significant partners, family, friends etc

• Weight loss and fitness improvement

• Breaking addictions eg. smoking, drinking, snacking etc

• Overcoming debilitating limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors

• Overcoming traumas and major setbacks

• Improving sporting performance

• Proactively creating a roadmap towards personal excellence

• Developing a state of peace and confidence in the self

Develop your personal mastery today

Career & Executive Coaching

Career & Executive Coaching helps professionals enhance or expand their career advancements and opportunities.

Career and executive development coaching

Typically, career coaching revolves around:

• Improving communication and leadership skills

• Proactively making career transitions Business start-ups, vision, mission and strategy development

• Proactively increasing personal worth – bringing out your healthy-self

• Managing difficult employees or superiors

• Setting achievable and worthwhile goals

• Overcoming procrastination

• Gaining confidence in public speaking

• Developing assertiveness

• Overcoming fear of criticism, low self-esteem

• Strengthening self-confidence

• Managing stress and change in the economy

• Managing promotion – change in responsibilities

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What can you expect when engaging a coach assigned with you?

• Starts with a 45-60 minute commitment-free consultation over email, phone, Zoom or in person.

• Coach assesses the situation and suggests course of action, including approximate number of sessions required.

• If client is comfortable, set the next appointment – typically weekly sessions of 2 hours each.

• Coach’s Fees: usually $200 – $800 per hour, may be more or less depending on coach.

• Client can end the coaching relationship at any time.

• Confidentiality is assured.

Becoming a Certified & Competent Coach

Certified life & executive Coach Asia & Singapore 2020

At Mind Transformations, our NLP and Coach Certification programs are designed with the structural elements of coaching such as how to structure a coaching conversation, emotion coaching, building trust, and coaching the subconscious patterns (limiting beliefs, persoality structure etc). Coaches develop the strategies and confidence to think and act on their feet; bringing clients from point A to point B, helping them formulate their own winning strategies to reach their goals as opposed to problem-centered thinking.

Upon completion of the NLP training, coach practitioners could further their development with the intensive coaching micro skills practicum and executive coach masterclass to gain finesse and the ability to coach a wide range of target audiences. Our programmes are for leaders, managers and people aspiring to be professional coaches.

Our coach training highlights a comprehensive three-prong development for professional coaches:

  1. Acquiring the Multi-Intelligence NLP coaching tools & skills
  2. Gaining finesse to coach a wide range of target audiences (different background, seniority, generation)
  3. Developing the way of Being of a Coach—which is the most important factor that gives the coach credibility and confidence

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