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ICI Executive Coach Certification - by Mind Transformations

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Executive Coach Certification 2019

Organisations hire Executive Coaches for two main reasons: to take performance to the next level or help stop the escalation of a problem. These scenarios are often delicate, have no straight answers, and can involve multi-level stakeholders. If you are selected as a coach, are you confident to create tangible results and cause the buck to stop with you?

The High Stakes & Challenge in Executive Coaching is why Coaches are paid well.

High Stakes & Challenge in Executive Coaching is why Coaches are paid well

The value you bring is the combination of your experience, skills, relationship, wisdom—and your confidence in your competence. These things can take due process to develop, but you can get a boost by riding on the shoulders of people who coach and solve complex organisational problems day-in-day-out.

This Executive Coach Certification starts with a 5-day Immersion Training—all about improving your ability to create wins for organisations.

As opposed to talking about nebulous management theories, this course is designed by seasoned HR practitioners with real world experience in organisational development and developing senior executives. So whether you are starting out as an Executive Coach, you are in HR, or you are a Senior Leader, this course gives you the accelerated edge to deliver results that align to organisation objectives.

Develop multi-dimensional insights for corporate engagements.

Executive coaching practice multi-dimensional insights for corporate engagements

Every engagement involves multiple levels of stakeholders. The employer has requirements. The employees have development needs. The HR Manager is the key facilitator. The line manager has goals to drive. Imagine having the ability to synergise all stakeholders’ perspectives, and manage expectations and deliverables. Half the “battle” would be won, even before your actual coaching work begins.

With this course and the fulfillment of the certification criteria, you become an ICI Certified Executive Coach.

Just like Mind Transformations’ pre-requisite NLP and Life Coach Trainings, this five-day Executive Coach Immersion Training meets the high standards of the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI).

International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI), Germany | Mind Transformations

Master The Four Most In-Demand Executive Coaching Scenarios To Help Organizations Grow & Succeed.

performance coaching


Poor performance is largely due to two factors: limited self-awareness (blindspots) and the lack of a clear roadmap for change and improvement.

Your role as a Coach:

  • Help people increase their self-awareness and ownership.
  • Develop action plan and quick wins to improve personal effectiveness.
  • Identify key competencies that need to be developed to bridge performance gaps.
career transitions coaching


When people change or advance their roles, they can be less prepared than they think. As such, they take more time to settle in the job and struggle with long periods of stress and challenges. If they change companies, they face a new culture and environment and need to build relationships with new people.

Your role as a Coach:

  • Develop clarity of intention and create personal alignment.
  • Help people prepare mentally and emotionally for a smooth transition.
  • Help people develop a clear plan to succeed in the new role.
stakeholder management coaching


Differences in personality and perspectives can cause clashes between multiple stakeholders, leading to breakdown in relationships. This can be a serious hindrance to performance and overall well being of the team.

Your role as a Coach:

  • Create self-awareness.
  • Help people to better read and understand others.
  • Help people acquire flexibility in view of creating positive, trusting work relationships.
team awareness leadership coaching

Team Dynamics

“Team-spirit” is not a given, though, and the absence of it creates misalignment in teams, which entails low collective performance. Conflicts at team level arise from people having different beliefs, not expressing what they wish to say, or holding grudges.

Your role as a Coach:

  • Create and hold a space for mutual trust, sharing and honest feedback.
  • Facilitate team alignment towards a common purpose and direction.
  • Create rules of engagement as ONE team.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Multi-Intelligence for Executive Coaching.

If we consider Executive Coaching as a vehicle for transformation, then NLP is the engine which drives this vehicle. In fact, it is akin to a well-tuned German engine which delivers high performance. Likewise, NLP allows you to intervene with precision, structure and consistent results which will add value to your clients, be it individuals or organisations.

Your NLP Master Practitioners’ training is your foundation.

You’ll reactivate powerful models, such as the Multi-Dimensional SCORE, Disney Model, Meta Programmes, Somatic Syntax etc., and integrate them with NLP-compatible coaching tools.

Coaching is all about producing behavioural change, but the key is not in novel, intellectual solutions. Often, executives don’t get the results they want because their emotional mastery and actions are against their thoughts and best intentions. Your NLP & Multi-Intelligence coaching will give you the structure and art to create interventions, helping executives align their thoughts (IQ), emotions (EQ), actions (PQ) and direction (SQ) for congruence.

Highlights of the Executive Coach Immersion Training:

ICI Executive Coach Certification - by Mind Transformations
  • Insider Insights: Get trained on the FOUR key scenarios and issues organisations face in people management and how an Executive Coach can add value.
  • Multi-stakeholder perspectives: How to align your coaching with the interest and objectives of organisations.
  • Multi-Intelligence coaching: Helping executives develop congruence by working on all Four Intelligences—IQ-EQ-PQ-SQ.
  • How to coherently combine NLP with other key models into your coaching toolkit.
  • New Tools for facilitating self-awareness and conflict resolution for executives: Johari Window, Leadership Pipeline, Wheel of Work, Iceberg Model, Stakeholder Map, Drama Triangle, and more.
  • Experiment and discover your own style and framework for coaching.
  • Cultivate a tribe mindset with fellow Executive Coaches that will endure long after the programme is done.

You’re in the really good hands of a seasoned HR Director & Executive Coach with 15+ years of experience.

Manish Bundhun is a C-Suite Business Leader, Executive Coach and Facilitator based in Mauritius. His corporate experience includes managing a 5000+ employee base across 12 countries, facilitating major change initiatives including: mergers, acquisitions, integrations, re-branding exercises, culture change programmes, and human capital strategy deployment.

Manish has a wide international exposure developing senior executives across different industries. He practices at Universities and Business Schools as adjunct professor where he facilitates postgraduate courses in Organisation Design, Organisation Behaviour and Human Resources Management. He is also the architect behind the Rogers Academy, which strives to make Mauritius a better place to work through high quality workshops and consulting interventions.

Manish’s practical approach in coaching came from testing and integrating various tools he was trained in. He is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics, a Co-active Professional Coach (CTI), and he is accredited in various psychometric tools like the Enneagram, Facet 5, Agile Profile, ViewSuite, and StressScan. This synergistic combination of tools will be the unique flavour of this Executive Coach Immersion Training.

Requirements of the ICI Executive Coach Certification

You need to have completed Mind Transformations’ NLP Master Practitioner Certification prior to the Executive Coach Immersion training. The format of the certification is similar to the ICI Life Coach Certification.

Executive Coach Immersion Training




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1010 Dover Rd, Singapore 139658

Executive Coach Immersion Training only:


Executive Coach Immersion Training + Practicum:


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Be an Executive Coach that organisations would want to hire.

top executive coach that organizations want to hire

Every time an organisation hires a new Coach, they are taking a risk and expect results. As a Coach, you can mitigate this risk—by delivering to expectations & doing a great job, by knowing how to navigate the business scenarios, managing various stakeholders effectively, by having a strong working relationship with the people and by having confidence in your competence to bring sustainable results.

This Executive Coach Certification is to help you get good at what you do, and then get hired again. The greatest value you can bring is to be that right hire who delivers these jobs for them.

Let the buck stop with you.

Testimonials about Manish’s Work:

“Manish has been an inspiring and eye opening Executive coach and it’s hard to pen my thoughts down in just a few sentences because I know it probably won’t give justice to the credit he deserves. He has helped me in dealing with a lot of deep issues and he gets to the source of the problem. My energy level and clarity have improved because he’s helped me shift to a better space in my life and enabled me to follow my own inner voice and intuition.

I really enjoy and look forward to our sessions and there’s always a few nuggets I take away from the discussion that help me move a few steps forward. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking for their life’s purpose and needs guidance along the way”

(CEO of a leading family conglomerate in East Africa) // ENTREPENEUR

“Manish has a good intuition about what’s happening inside a client. He connects easily with people and senses their internal challenges very well. He helped me take life changing decisions both personally and professionally; the visualization techniques he used with me have proved to be very effective. I really appreciated that he held the space for me to express myself and encouraged me to explore bold opportunities.”

(Leading conglomerate in Indian Ocean) // CHIEF HUMAN CAPITAL OFFICER

“The coaching sessions made me become the person I am today. The coach had the right questions which triggered my true values of staying calm, being present, clear and positive in all circumstances. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me. Thank you”

(Leading multi-jurisdictional provider of financial services) // SENIOR MANAGER

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