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Trusted by clients in the region since 1997

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Barney founded Mind Transformations in 1997 and he’s been conducting NLP training and coaching programmes ever since.

His work has spread to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mauritius.

He has a Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development. He is an NLP Master Trainer and a Coach Master Trainer.

Over the past 20 years, Barney has trained thousands of NLP practitioners and corporate executives in the practical applications of NLP in the arenas of Sales, Communication, Coaching, Teambuilding, Interviewing Skills, Personal Effectiveness and especially “Changing of Mindsets.” He’s done several multi-level interventions and modelling executive excellence in organisations like BTPN, BBC Worldwide, NUS, BMTC, AXA Wealth, NHGP, LUX Resorts & Hotels and many more.

He’s been conducting training and doing coaching in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mauritius.

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Trainer’s profile

Important career milestones:

• He has published an Academic paper in the Journal of Experiential Psychology in 2020
This is the distillation of the findings from Barney’s Ph.D. research. Titled: “The Criticality of Vertical Development in NLP Coaching in an Intensely VUCA world.”

• Part of NLP “Elders” Group
In 2015, Barney is invited and accepted into the NLP Elders Group – which forms the NLP Leadership Summit. It’s open exclusively to reputed NLP trainers with over 15 years of experience in the field; there are only approximately 110 NLP trainers worldwide in this group

• Speaker at the National HR Summit in Vietnam
In 2015, he was invited as a speaker at the National HR Summit in Vietnam – addressing the topic of innovative leadership through NLP.

Co-authored the book Choices of Now
In 2014, Barney co-wrote the book Choices of Now with Agnes Lau. The book integrates the best in science and spirituality to give the world the coherent message that in the midst of environmental, social and economical chaos, we, as individuals, are ultimately the solution in our world.

• Speaker in the Happiness at Work Telesummit
In 2011, together with some of the world’s leading researchers, trainers and authors on the topic.

• Speaker in the NLP Now Telesummit
In 2010, he was featured alongside some of the world’s leading NLP Trainers and Developers.

• Coached Singapore Women Everest Team
In 2009, Barney has coached one of the SWET to successfully summit Mt. Everest.

• 2008/2010 – Entrepreneurial Awards
He was nominated for the 2008 Spirit of Enterprise Award and was a recipient of the 2010 Successful Entrepreneur in the Platinum Category.

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Some of the corporations and institutions that have been our clients over the years for coaching, training, organizational development and modelling excellence.

Reliable and Recognised Programmes

Our training is accepted or approved by:
• American Board of NLP
• NLP University – Robert Dilts, U.S.
• The International Association of Coaching Institutes
• The International Association of NLP Institutes
• International Enneagram Association
• Singapore Workforce Development Agency

Mind Transformations is affiliated with:
• The Oxford Academy of Total Intelligence
• Jensen Learning – Brain-based Teaching
• Michael D’alton’s School of Bio-Energy Therapy
• Association of Meridian & Energy Therapies (U.K.)

Why choose us?

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Because our unique methodology – which we’ve pioneered and developed over 20 years – helps you to connect, expand and align your MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES to accelerate your personal & interpersonal excellence.

NLP is typically viewed as a skill or technology that’s mostly in the head. However, we consider that if people could solve their problems through logic and reasoning only – they’d solve them fast and easily.

But we know it’s not always that simple; sometimes, “illogical” problems require us to mobilise different resources besides our logical mind.

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We don’t have one but FOUR major forms of intelligence we can tap into to deal with issues like having no time left to do what we want, struggling to get the energy for effective performance, lacking clarity and focus for handling our priorities, etc.

Our methodology – developed over 20 years – helps you to connect, expand and align the different intelligences to accelerate your personal & interpersonal excellence and generate holistically powerful solutions.

What People Say About Us

Why we do what we do?

Since 1997, Mind Transformations has gone through several major regional and global financial and social crises and world-shocking disasters.

And we’re still standing.

So we realised that life is not about eating, making more money, buying more stuff… then rinse and repeat

Which led us to ask ourselves some life-changing questions: “Who are we?” "What's our purpose?" "Our perceived limits?"

These questions led to our big AHA! moment:

be life-supportive in our consumption, people engagement and the way in which we work.

Everything we went through resulted in us writing a book, Choices of Now, that answered our and many other people’s questions regarding why we’re going through such challenging times and which provides solutions and practical steps for creating a sustainable future for our children and our planet – individually and collectively.

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Do good and do well

This is a concept we live and run our business by because today,
getting as much as possible for ourselves
and forgetting about everything and everyone else in the
process – is simply not acceptable anymore.

In our old paradigm, winning was everything.

Today, questioning how we’re going to win is a moral and global
responsibility, monumental to our future existence.

We simply cannot go on “business as usual” with our old ways of
achieving success given the current state of our world. 

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Helping to feed malnourished students in Peru so they can be healthy and concentrare in class

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With the help of our NLP community, we've contributed to helping 2015 Nepal Earthquake survivors with basic necessities and homes

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who use NLP and our Multiple Intelligences approach as a way to build a better future for yourself and our world.

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More and more organisations are promoting practices such as retreats and mind-body training programs, creating a space in the workplace for meditation, etc. Companies like Prentice Hall Publishing, Google, Nike, Proctor & Gamble not only witnessed an improvement in their employees’ health & temperament, but also work performance, job satisfaction, job engagement, affective organisational commitment, etc.– which contributed to raising bottom-line profits.

The ultimate intention of incorporating “do good do well” into organisational practices is not an entirely unselfish consideration: more and more companies find it powerful in attracting new and retaining customers, but also recruiting and retaining quality employees.

According to a Bentley University study featured on Forbes, 85% of millenials said they want to work for a socially responsible and ethical company. The Cone 2010 Study showed that 85% of consumers are likely to switch brands similar in price and quality, to one that supports a cause; 54% of this group are willing to pay more to buy green products.

So does promoting “do good do well” impact business profitability? Ask Body Shop, TOM Shoes, Whole Foods, Life is good Inc., Jelly (Web App), New Belgium Brewing, TerraCycle, and the list goes on.

Do your own research on these companies and you’ll find that doing good can lead to doing well; in fact, doing good is helping them to do well. As it is clearly shown here (more info in our book, Choices of Now), our ideal to be good and do good, need not be in conflict with our desire to do well in our workplace.

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What kind of life, growth and contribution do you want to experience in your lifetime?

Our experience tells us that you can achieve a great
deal in your life by just developing yourself in
these 3 highest-leveraging areas.

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2) Learn how to COACH and bring out the best in others.

04-017 self mastery

3) Build SELF-TRUST, connect to your higher Self so that your CONFIDENCE is unshakeable in any situation

And these are the themes we focus on in our training.
There’s never enough time for us to do everything,
but we can focus and act on what matters most.

Unlock your MULTI-INTELLIGENCE today!

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Check out our Complete NLP Training.

This is the programme that enabled more than 2000 people to build their authentic self-confidence and improve their personal influence.

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Try out our Live NLP class.

Get a first-hand experience of how we conduct the longest running and most demanding NLP training in Asia.