The Complete Multi-Intelligence NLP Training

Mastering critical 21st-century skills to be responsive, resourceful & resilient in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (VUCA)

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) is not a buzzword. It refers to the current reality where most of us are working with competing priorities, juggling work and family, striving to remain relevant and future-fit, while hoping that we're living our life's purpose. 

The difficulty in navigating VUCA is not that we don't have access to knowledge, best practices or experience. The biggest challenge lies in our ability to be Resilient, Resourceful and Responsive to the fast-changing world that is beyond our control.

To be future-fit, we need enhanced capabilities to lead, coach and work with diverse audiences; innovate and generate new solutions. 

To be future-fit, we need greater capacities through raising our mental, emotional and physical baseline.

NLP has been helpful to further elevate my coaching skills.

Kanykei Omorova - Gallup Strengths Coach | Psychometric Coach | Leadership Development | Learning & Development

NLP has been helpful to further elevate my coaching skills. It helped me enhance my practice using tools like intention setting & conversational framework. I also gain leverage through simple yet powerful questions from the SCORE diagnostic model and using visualization to help my mentee in seeing, hearing and feeling the desired outcome. Because of NLP, I have now become more mindful when speaking to my coachees, by observing their eye movements, body language, listening and hearing them, asking more clarifying questions and challenging some of their instinctively based assumptions about themselves and others. After going through the core list of presuppositions, I also changed my mindset and reminded myself that body and mind is one and that everyone operates with the best and most positive intentions. That helps me to start off my coaching conversations with an open mind; enabling both myself and my coachee to see various perspectives to the same situation. In addition, I found the entire component around building the rapport completely eye-opening after putting that into practice and seeing how it works in action on others. The response was mind-blowing!

I would definitely recommend this program as they build upon principles that apply across all spheres of both personal and professional lives. It allows us to relook at the current reality through a new prism - refreshed and matured. The facilitators are such experts and masters of this topic that radiate so much passion, expertise and demonstrate its applicability in a very engaging and constructive manner.

Develop Multi-Intelligence capabilities: The way forward in the new normal of change

Today, simply relying on our current skills, our existing experience, our limited resources and knowledge won't bring us significant results. Even acquiring new skills, resources or knowledge can be counterproductive because we get overwhelmed, disconnected or stuck at our old ways of living, communicating & working.

In order to achieve high levels of success, fulfillment and growth in your career/business/work, relationship and personal development, there are 4 critical areas to develop:

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Developing your highest potential to influence, engage and inspire yourself and others in ambiguous situations where there aren't clear-cut directions or answers

Mental Intelligence (IQ)

Mastering systems thinking and mental flexibility to solve complex problems effectively and creatively where conventional thinking cannot help you achieve your goals

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Unlocking the power of resilience and increase your emotional capacity to connect deeply with people and embrace diversity in uncertain times

Physical Intelligence (PQ)

Increasing physical agility of your mind-body-heart coordination to be more responsive to changes and to navigate in volatile and unpredictable conditions

I started getting some improvements with my coaching 2 clients on their future development using a Multi-Intelligence approach.

Shirley han - Business and Product Manager | COO | Wealth Management

There was a recent change in my role in the banking industry. This has led me thinking about something which has been on my mind since hearing about it in 2014, that is to become a certified life coach.

What I understand a Life Coach to be is to help others transform their inner game into something more empowering. Having learned from Mind Transformations' NLP Practitioner program, it has re-shaped my approach in mentoring others by shifting towards coaching them through discovering what they can do themselves and where they want to go.

I started getting some improvements with my coaching 2 clients on their future development using a Multi-Intelligence approach. I'm excited to continue my advanced coaching certification training with Mind Transformations to develop a deeper coaching finesse by adding value to my target audience; allowing them to tap their growth potential which is customised to their outcome developments and integrating my rich corporate experiences. The 5 sessions with each of the 2 clients were both insightful and rewarding, not to say that they were valuable “live” experiences in this NLP learning journey.

Reinvent yourself with Multi-Intelligence NLP

Getting to the source of extraordinary performance

You can’t change what’s outside of you when you aren’t conscious of what’s inside of you.

To expand your capacity and capabilities to excel in this VUCA world, your ability to reinvent yourself with a new set of Multi-Intelligence Neuro-Linguistic Programming; thinking, communicating, feeling, acting and navigating the world, becomes increasingly vital.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is the study of the invisible programming that runs inside us. Each of us have a unique program. Whenever we take in information from the outside world, they interact with this program in split seconds, resulting in our behaviours, responses and emotions. 

The map is not the territory Multi-Intelligence NLP 2021

NLP gives us abilities and tools to master our programming - to have more skilful ways to manage our emotions, process new information, and narrow our gap if differences with others - and hence, enhancing performance, synergy and harmony.

I gained clarity, structure in my thoughts and decisions, managing my thoughts and emotions to my advantage = Growth

Robert Gunawan

Attended NLP Practitioner 12 days course which was done across 3 months in 2020. Attended the course mainly due to crossroads in life. Minds and emotions are tangled = stuck (maybe mid life crisis)

I truly enjoyed every day of the course and learnt something new each time. Be it human behavior theories, myself, techniques or as simple as knowing another classmate as a fellow human being.

NLP helped me to uncover what I did not know. What I did not know contributed to negative emotions behaviors and outcomes in the past. Upon this awareness, I was introduced to tools that could help me in my daily life and designed my life outcome accordingly. These understanding is applied in classroom setting and then translated to life habits and practices.

Outcome of the workshop: I gained clarity, structure in my thoughts and decisions, managing my thoughts and emotions to my advantage = Growth

Applications of Multi-Intelligence NLP

New self mastery MI NLP 2021


Increase agility, resilience and personal effectiveness. Re-train your nervous system, mental and emotional capacity to thrive under complexity and pressure. 

Multi-intelligence communication and influence

Communication & Influence

Strengthen buy-in. Raise your ability to collaborate with a wide range of target audiences with different personalities, seniority and background - in both in-person and virtual settings.

New professional coaching skills MI NLP 2021


Develop a resourceful practice to help others express their highest potential. The Complete NLP Training leads to an internationally-recognised Professional Coach Certification.

Who learns NLP?

People who learns NLP to master their Neuro-Linguistic Programming range from corporate executives, leaders, sales professionals, educators, doctors, certified therapists and healthcare professionals, coaches, trainers to business owners.

I left with a host of tools to apply, insights to a fickle mind and a profound sense of meaning and gratitude.

Ang aik heng - executive producer/ director

It started with a feeling of being skeptical but after 12 days of practitioner course, I left with a host of tools to apply, insights to a fickle mind and a profound sense of meaning and gratitude.

This is not a course for you if you are searching for a quick fix and immediate technical know-hows.

But if you like to transform your mind over time, for the lack of better phrase, the team over here got your back fully covered- they're engaged in your learning outcome and I dare say, keep you on your toes to realise your outcomes.

What you will learn in this Whole-Person Multi-Intelligence Complete NLP program

With a 22-year track record in which we’ve tried & tested different structures for our modules, we now present you our most optimised version of personal development, allowing you to integrate the learning and experience the results you desire.

The program is delivered in modular format to suit the busy lifestyle of working professionals while maintaining the integrity, quality and depth. It is NOT a fast-food style or quick-fix kind of training program you get out there. 

Here's a breakdown of the 6 integrated Modalities.

Mind Transformations Complete NLP Training


Module 1: Foundations of Human Inner Programming - Understanding How Our Brain Works FOR Us and AGAINST Us




Day 1 - 5

Be in charge of your mind and you are in charge of your results.

The most important first step in NLP training is to understand how our brain works; how we store and process information, how we make meaning, and how we translate this into our behaviour. While different people have different ways of doing this, there’s a stable structure you can follow to understand yourself and others better.

In this module, we guide you through a series of exercises to examine your communication preferences and how these can be working against your intention & interest.

You also go through many sensory acuity drills from which you get instant feedback on how sharp your senses are, or how much more useful information you can be missing out in life.

All these are crystallised into NLP feedback systems so that you can start tweaking your communication with people, and know your potential pitfalls and blindspots.

Highlights of this Module

  • Introduction to Human Inner Programming - this is the foundational NLP knowledge that will enable your brain to work for you rather than against you (so they said we are our own worst enemy… you will see why)
  • Sensory Acuity Drill - are you sharp enough or you are missing out important information?
  • Conversational Frames & C.U.R.E. Communication Model - a communicator’s MUST-HAVE for deeper rapport and richer conversations, even in a virtual setting.
  • The presuppositions of empowerment and influence – changing our results with NLP beliefs
  • Dominant Representational Systems - the answer to why you don’t click with certain people and how you can bridge that gap more naturally


Module 2: Coaching Self and Coaching Others - Learning to Detect The 20% that Makes The Biggest Difference





Day 6 - 8

The reason why NLP is able to get results more quickly than many other modalities is that it focuses on leveraging points - the 20% that create the highest level of change.

Building on the sensory acuity training in the first module, you can now use these skills to find leveraging points to act on.

Through conversational frameworks, you learn what to listen out for in a conversation to determine a person’s mental blindspots. We teach you how to diagnose and identify the source of people’s problems and how to challenge their limiting mental assumptions to help them see new possibilities. These are powerful skills for coaches as well as anyone who wants to have deeper, more enriching relationships.

Before the end of the module, we get into the realm of emotions. This is where you dwell with emotional triggers and learn how to have better control over them. Very useful segment for those who want to work on anger issues, overcoming bad habits or gaining confidence.

Highlights of this Module

  • Meta Model Linguistic Markers - calibrating thought patterns through people’s language
  • S.C.O.R.E. Model for conversational coaching - many NLP coaches swear by this model because of its simplicity to move a coaching conversation, and its ability to diagnose the cause of a problem in a short time. If you ever speak with our NLP Consultants from Mind Transformations, and you felt you had a great meaningful conversation, this is one of the core frameworks they are using.
  • Chunking - probably the most fun and practical skill to learn in this module. You will have a good laugh discovering that you’re too “big picture” or too “detailed” and this may be the reason some people get impatient with you.
  • Anchoring - highly useful for those who want to get into the right mental & emotional state before any kind of activity or neutralise negative emotions.


Module 3: Developing Congruence - Putting Your Words, Emotions and Body into Total Alignment





Day 9 - 11 

Pre-requisite: NLP Training Module 2

The only way you no longer need to fake it or worry about being judged is if you’re totally congruent and authentic; this is one of the most important markers of personal excellence.

If you want to experience a lasting feeling of peace and confidence, you need to know, trust and stop second-guessing yourself.

And in truth, this is often not achieved by learning more skills. It is the result of relentlessly asking yourself brutally honest questions and making decisive changes. You’ll be working on core issues like procrastination, inner and interpersonal conflicts, learning more fluid ways to influence others with a transparent win-win mindset.

By this point in the course, we notice that most of our students can already see definitive improvements in their self-image and confidence; others discover that they can actually coach people well and most people will also have internalised at least 60% of their learning.

This is the moment in the course when we’re bringing in our experienced NLP coaches to help you do the first integration point of your NLP training. They’re observing you over your 45-minute NLP demonstration and they help you integrate the leveraging points you’re missing out, and share simple tweaks you can make to get better results; so in our programme, you can be sure to get quality supervision and feedback.

At the end of this module, you will be a Certified NLP Practitioner - knowing that you have NLP in you and you can execute it with confidence and competence.

Highlights of this Module

  • Systemising your thoughts - executing complex thought patterns and skills, confidently. Many students report seeing happen in their real life whatever they rehearse in class, in their mind & body!
  • The Power of Pattern Interrupt - the key to breaking behavioural and cognitive patterns and promoting new ones. This skill is very useful for overcoming destructive habits or poor self-image.
  • The Structure of Persuasion - a 4-step formula for giving suggestions that people are more likely to consider.
  • Modelling Excellence - this is the heart of how NLP came about. We will teach you how to break strategies down to teachable chunks that can help you and other people replicate successes more consistently.
  • Integration - bringing together all that you have learned for testing and fine tuning to ensure learning retention and practical application. It is also where we will follow up with your progress one month after the completion to help you enhance your NLP skills applications.


Module A: Posturing and Moving Your Body for Outstanding Performance (Body Intelligence)





Day 1 - 5 

Pre-requisite: NLP Training Modules 1 - 2

Our brain thinks, but our body knows.

Our body has ways of processing information that are outside the awareness of our brain. By knowing how our body learns, we gain access to powerful resources through simple posturing and movement – without saying a word!

From Somatic Syntax to the Disney Model and Logical Levels of Alignment, you get to experience how we often miss out a lot by over-using our mind instead of our mind + body.

By using the intelligence of your body you’re able to feel inner alignment, and you’re able to trust your gut feel more. This helps you make wiser decisions that are not just based on logic, but also make you comfortable in the longer run.

You’ll also learn the mental filters that shape your perception and response to different situations or people. While other schools teach you how to ask questions and pick up words, we teach you how to observe body language as well, and, most importantly, how to move your body to strengthen or reduce the effects of those mental filters.

By working on your posturing and body movements, you’re sharpening your intuition and learning to pick up subtle information that can be really useful; you will be baffled by how this can be applied in communication, coaching and modelling excellence.

Highlights of this Module

  • Logical Levels of Alignment - soon after learning this, many leaders, trainers and coaches started incorporating this tool into their work because of its simplicity and how it impacts almost every area of people’s lives. You will learn the 6 logical elements that influence our results, and why even a small shift in any of these produces a big shift in ALL your results.
  • Somatic Syntax - the habitual body posture we hold can be the reason why we are or aren’t confident, influential or trustworthy. And guess what? Our body posture is connected to our thought patterns. In this segment about body intelligence, you’ll gain an in depth understanding of how your subtlest body language can uncover a wealth of information about your subconscious mind, and how you can literally posture yourself for success.
  • Disney Model - this is the model that has enabled Disney’s animated films and cartoon characters to remain widely popular even 50 years after their creator was gone. At Mind Transformations, we really love this model and we use it for all our projects and meetings.


Module B: Understanding Our Core Fears & Motivations - Overcoming the Limitations of Our Identity






Day 6 - 10 

Pre-requisite: NLP Training Modules 1 - 4

Identity Alignment is a unique addition we’ve made to our NLP Masters Training.

After having gained many insights about yourself and having acquired tools & techniques, you’re ready to move into a whole new level of freedom and performance.

For this, we take you into the world of the Enneagram - which will give you the answer to what is for many a mysterious question: can you change your identity?

The Enneagram is the most awaited segment in our training because of its revealing insights about our personalities. Our students always get very excited to understand why they behave in certain ways, why some problems are recurring in their lives and how they can now free themselves from these.

You get to experience how this holistic personality profiling system can help you forgive yourself and other people, and it actually gives you a map for becoming your best "healthy" self. As Barney Wee says, "the Enneagram is the only system that provides us a vertical map to raise our level of psychological and emotional health and with NLP, we have the tools to proactively bring forth a better version of ourselves". This is how we created the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram.

In this module, you also understand the power and elegance of Multi-Dimensional Thinking. You learn how to integrate the major models of NLP into one overarching framework. This gives you the intelligence to see the connections between multiple levels of information and generate appropriate solutions. In this way, you can handle very complex problems and outcomes. You become able to differentiate between the seemingly urgent and the truly important, and from there - know where to put the straws (leveraging points) that will break the camel’s back (system transformation)!

Highlights of this Module

  • Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram - probably the most talked-about and most sought-after topic of our entire training. Many of our graduates experience the joy of finding their Home in this segment - the core patterns of why they are the way they are, and the clarity why their problems seem to follow a recurring pattern. With these revealing insights that almost “strip people naked”, we then bring in NLP to help people change their personality - to solidify strengths and transform weaknesses so that they can move towards their best healthy selves.
  • Multi-Dimensional SCORE - remember we had the SCORE Model in Module 2? This is the advanced level of the SCORE Model where we teach you how to elicit multiple dimensions of interconnected information such as personality patterns, habitual mental programmes, subtle somatic body language, and combine the use of all these in a coaching conversation. This is one of the primary reasons why NLP Master Practitioners are so sharp and accurate in zero-ing in on a person’s problems and quickly identify the leveraging points that make a difference in a VUCA world.
  • Summoning Archetypal Energies - do people feel that you are really competent when you say so? Do people feel that you truly empathise with them when you say so? Well, your energy level tells, and in this segment, you will work on tuning your words, your intent and your energy level into alignment.
  • Deepen the applications of Multi-Intelligence NLP skills working with real-life outcomes - Between this module to the next one (Module 6), practitioners will be assigned to groups of 3 person to work on a diagnostic coaching assignment. The purpose is to enable practitioners to hone their NLP skills working with real people with real-life challenges and outcomes by supporting one another in their mastery and development. Through this assignment, practitioners will also learn to raise their self-mastery and interpersonal dynamics to create a culture of learning, growth and transformation - critical for success in today's collaborative & globalised environment.


Module C: Catching the Ninjas of Our Minds - Advanced Techniques for Working with Values and Limiting Beliefs






Day 11 - 15 

Pre-requisite: NLP Training Modules 1 - 5

Does it ever happen to you to know what you should be doing, but for your body to do the exact opposite?

For example, you know that you should be getting up to study for an examination, but your body keeps staying glued to the couch, procrastinating …

Or do you have times when you know you’re doing the wrong thing, you feel bad about it every time, but still, you keep doing it again and again?

Take smokers for example - they know cigarettes are bad for them, but just won’t stop going for that cigarette break ...

What’s causing us to act like this are the “ninjas” of our minds - our deep-seated beliefs, planted by significant events in the past, and our values that are often our “hot buttons”.

You will see why talking sense into someone doesn’t work all the time and how our body can show when we’re not congruent through micro-expressions.

As NLP Master Practitioners-to-be, you’re trained to use advanced techniques like Belief Installation and Values Alignment to work on the “ninjas” of the mind. These are elusive: they’re always there but not “visible” to the unaware mind.

But as powerful as the human mind is, changing thoughts and beliefs is often not enough. We’re still vulnerable and easily defeated by our emotions, so this is where we teach you how to integrate Energy Psychology and Meridian Tapping to transform values & beliefs instead of just relying on words.

Based on Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (that delineates different levels of human awareness), we have infused NLP into this system to give you a gentle yet powerful approach to raise your level of self-awareness and transform your energetic influence.

By the end of this module, you reach the final integration point of the entire NLP Training. Combining all the things you’ve learned, you get to showcase your full set of NLP skills in a 1-hour demonstration and our NLP coaches will give you quality feedback for improvement.

You’ll see yourself make progress since the first day of this training, and finally, before the module ends, you will receive the first draft of your Mission Statement. A glorious moment to look forward to!

Highlights of this Module

  • Quantum Psychology - a new discipline of quantum physics and psychology. You will learn how emotions are represented in our body in the form of energy and how to transform these “stuck” energy states into more resourceful and life sustaining energies.
  • Meridian Tapping - not all problems can be solved by talking them out. Often times, the key to a quick effective change is shifting our energy levels, and we will teach you how to to do that quickly. As one of our graduates famously puts it “don’t keep telling grandmother stories about your problem, it is much faster to tap your way out of it.”
  • Raising your energy to influence - the state and energy that you embody can have an imperceptible but profound effect on the people you are influencing. Incorporating the ground-breaking work of Dr David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness (a subjective scale of different levels of human states), the mechanics of Energy Psychology and Intention Setting, you will be taught how to raise your ability to energetically influence others positively.
  • Values Alignment & Operationalisation - values are often the unknown triggers of negative emotions and conflicts in relationships, and values resides at a high order in the human logical level. You will identify the energies associated to these values and learn to disarm unproductive ways of expressing an important value.




The NLP Practitioner Certificate will only be awarded upon completion of Modules 1 – 3.

We are upgrading The NLP Master Practitioner Certificate to new format in 2024. Certification will only be awarded upon completion of Modules A – D.

Johny tan - learning & development specialist

Only for those that are serious about being part of the solution at your workplace and in the world, this place that enables and empowers you to be the change. The power to change oneself is the same power that changes the world. Kudos to the passionate team that takes professional learning very seriously through an embodied approach.

Maximize your learning and growth with The Blended Learning Approach

Our new blended learning approach offers the best of both worlds for in-person and virtual classes -

  • In-person segments: Mastery of nuances in any human interaction and performance utilising spatial and physiological intelligence to shift your outcomes in many ways.
  • Virtual segments:  Adapting your applications of NLP to better communicate, lead, collaborate and coach others in the context of a virtual setting. 

These 2 layers work together hand-in-hand for mastery of any skills development.

Our virtual segments aren't like any other pre-recorded online programs you have attended. These are LIVE Online training sessions with interactive and experiential learning exercises. They are designed to help you develop finesse in applying NLP in the real-world - both in-person & virtual settings!

What you can get from Mind Transformations Multi-Intelligence Complete NLP

While many battle over which modality is more powerful, we utilise NLP as the base, and progressively integrate other modalities like the Enneagram, Systems Thinking, Map of Consciousness, Somatic Body Intelligence & Brain Gym, Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping and more.

In short, we integrate all the critical intelligences, IQ, EQ, PQ (Physical) and SQ (Spiritual) to help you create effective change and see tangible results in your own development, coaching and communication-related outcomes.

... It helped me tide through some of the most challenging times as well as changed my perspectives in so many areas of my life - career, family and friends.

fion lee

I took up NLP practitioner program in 2017 and completed my Masters NLP this year (2020). In both years when I participated in the programs, the topics covered and materials provided coupled with the unwavering support and dedication of the team have helped me tide through some of the most challenging times as well as changed my perspectives in so many areas of my life - career, family and friends.

Through these programs, I have learned and improved my interaction with others. More importantly, I have also gained a deeper understanding of myself through in depth self discovery, belief systems and values. As a result I can now better manage my IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ knowing how I am wired. These programs also helped transformed and instilled positive growth and mindset and overcoming obstacles and challenges with renewed energy.

You will be trained by a Team of dedicated trainers, coaches and practitioners

Led by NLP & ICI Master Trainer, Barney Wee, the Mind Transformations Core Team has at least 78 years of combined experience in NLP training and coaching. We design strategic experiential learning exercises to help participants teach themselves and support one another in their development.

The MT team continues to innovate and develop new NLP-based methodologies for advancing human potential. Some of our sought-after development includes the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram, Coaching Micro Skills, Neuro-Actionables, NLP Competency Building Framework, and integration of NLP with modalities such as Somatic Body Intelligence, Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping, Intention Setting, Map of Consciousness and more. 

Somatic Body Intelligence Coaching | Mind Transformations
Coaching Core Values & Limiting Beliefs | Mind Transformations
Coaching the Personality Directly with Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram | Mind Transformations
Energy Psychology & Energetic Influence for Professional Coaching | Mind Transformations
Systems Thinking for Professional Coaches | Mind Transformations
Consciousness Development in Professional Coaching | Mind Transformations
Intention Setting for Sustainable Coaching Results | Mind Transformations

NLP Competency Building Framework (CBF) for relevant soft skills development

Multi-Intelligence NLP is all about developing future-fit soft skills. Your progress will be tracked with our NLP Competency Building Framework (CBF), which was developed in-line with existing competency framework in modern organisations. You'll be glad to know that the skills and competency you train within this program are relevant to job roles for individual contributors, middle managers and senior leaders.

Our team follows your progress from Day 1 of the course and offer support and feedback for your growth. You'll also receive a Competency Building Journal to self-assess your soft skills gap, and how to apply NLP to bridge these gaps. 

competency building framework journal cover

Support by a community of competent coaches & active practitioners

Over the years, our graduates have grown with the community and came back to offer their support for our classes and NLP evaluation processes. Many of them are HR Leaders, Learning & Development Professionals, Professional Coaches and Consultants. They each have gone through stringent training, hours of practice, evaluation and coaching to add practical & relevant value to the NLP learning community.

There are multiple practice sessions, exercises, feedback, customised coaching, Skills Enhancement Training (S.E.T) and Post Course Action Plan (P.C.A.P) to help enhance one’s skills mastery even after the course is completed.

group community supported NLP training

... they are selling not only content, experiential learning, but also a whole ecosystem to support your growth and learning process.

Tang seok hian - Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Co-developer & Trainer | Talent Management and Organization Development Coach, Consultant and Trainer

I have attended quite a few training programs by Mind Transformations because they consistently deliver high-quality programs in the 2 decades.

Mind Transformations is unique in their proposition because they are selling not only content, experiential learning, but also a whole ecosystem to support your growth and learning process. Other programs usually have great trainers at best but in Mind Transformations, their supporting facilitators are equally invested in the participants’ learning & growth, not just the trainers. They also invest in long-term partnership with their graduates by providing high-value webinars to ensure continuous learning. It is an amazing academy that truly puts learners first!

The Longest Continuously-Running NLP programme in Asia (Since 1997)

Dedicated to your growth and success



Training & Coaching hours


Hands-on & supervised practice time


Pages of course materials





training & coaching hours


hands-on & supervised practice time


pages of course materials



Years of training experience


NLP Practitioners trained


NLP Trainers were our graduates





years of training experience


NLP Practitioners trained


NLP Trainers were our graduates


Mind Transformations is a developer and contributor to NLP's continuous evolution.

Our training is recognised by the original developers & luminaries of NLP. Our certification is accepted by the American Board of NLP, NLP University, the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI), the International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) & others to enable you to move to the next level of your continuous development.

SkillsFuture Ready

Mind Transformations’ NLP Certification programmes are approved by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) since 2016 . We support the Singapore Government's initiatives in developing a future-fit workforce through practical applications of NLP and lifelong learning.

Upcoming training in Singapore

This is not run-of-the-mill NLP program, where you flank a cert and talk about the jargons you know. Real transformation takes commitment and dedication.

Metaphorically speaking, this training is about "sharpening your axe". If it takes 6 hours to chop down a tree, you can start chopping away with a blunt axe; or you can spend 2 hours to sharpen your axe and one hour to chop down the tree. 

With Multi-Intelligence NLP, you can become a more effective communicator and coach; you are training your inner resourcefulness and emotional mastery. This is why this program takes at least twelve days and not three or five days. 


Module 1:

18 Oct – 22 Oct 2023

Module 2:

04 Nov – 06 Nov 2023

Module 3:

02 Dec – 04 Dec 2023

9:00am - 6:30pm

Skills Enhancement Training

28 Oct 2023  (9am - 12:30pm)

25 Nov 2023  (9am - 12:30pm)


Module A:

6 - 9 Apr 2024

Module B:

6 - 9 Jul 2024

Module C:

1 - 4 Nov 2024

Module D:

6 - 9 Dec 2024

9:00am - 6:30pm

Skills Enhancement Training


Can't find suitable dates?

Stay updated with upcoming course dates below.


Singapore Polytechnic Graduate’s Guild
Carnation Room (Level 3)

1010 Dover Rd
Singapore 139658

See map and directions

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to enrol for the training but I can't make it for certain dates! Should I just wait for the next class when the timing and other conditions are right?

We encourage you to start with Module 1 of Multi-Intelligence NLP Practitioner Training, which is manageable for many of our past participants.

Even if you attend only module 1 (4 days), you can still apply the skills in your life to see significant change and results.

We offer flexibility & integration for participants to grow their NLP skills whichever stage they are at. You can also choose to return in the future to continue where you left off, complete your training and receive your certificate over several intakes that work with your schedule.

With the uncertainty we face in these volatile, complex and dynamic times, we can only advance forward by taking small proactive steps rather than waiting for the right opportunities to come. There is no other better time than to start as early as possible to expand your resilience, elevate your mindset and develop your people skills through the program, rather than waiting for the right timing or condition! 

*Speak with us about the flexibility to complete this course at your preferred pace at or +65 8186 7508.

What do you mean by "certification training" and what is the value of it?

We are the first of very few NLP training providers in the world who conduct practical evaluation for our participants. In NLP terms, this serves as a form of feedback on the Practitioners' competency in utilising the tools and techniques effectively. The feedback is designed to be relevant and applicable to real-world situations, ensuring that practitioners are able to apply what they have learned in order to achieve their desired outcomes. Hence they can adapt the NLP applications to their context & situation with clear & tangible actionable strategies to create lasting change and results.

To be certified an NLP Practitioner (Module 1 to 3), the below criteria needs to be fulfilled:

Attendance & Competency: 30%
Course Assignments: 30%
Demonstration Evaluation: 35%

Minimum 70% / 100% = C.NLP.Pr

To be a certified NLP Master Practitioner (Module 4 to 6), the below criteria needs to be fulfilled:

Course Assignments: 20%
Practical Observation & Analytical Skills: 20%
Coaching Diagnostic Report: 20%
Class Attendance & Competency: 20%
Demonstration Evaluation: 20%

Minimum 70%/100% = C. MNlp.Pr

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I intend to learn NLP for my personal goal, to improve my communication or professional growth, not planning to become a coach, would the training still be relevant?

Yes! You get to unlearn your limiting habits or inner programmings that are getting in the way of your success. From there, you'll learn new ways of thinking, communicating, behaving, working & living to thrive forward. There'll be structured exercises and processes to enable you to develop your mastery and expand your repertoire of soft skills on finer levels that you won't normally get in other conventional training courses.

I like to further my training in coaching certification. Where do I begin? Why should I choose Mind Transformations over other providers?

The true mark of a successful coach lies in their deep mastery as a coach and being as person. It is a whole integration of both skills and being as a coach. These key factors impact the coach's ability, credibility, branding and value.

As such, participants who have completed NLP and/or coaching related training elsewhere will still begin from module 1 of the Complete NLP Training. By doing so, they get to re-calibrate and enhance their coaching capabilities and being as a coach, complementing their existing skillsets. They also get the benefits of sharpening their skills and aligning their deepest sense of identity or being as a coach to add value in the VUCA environment.

Over at Mind Transformations, we don't only focus on the mental, emotional and linguistics aspects of coaching and NLP like most other providers, we adopt a multi-intelligence approach - mental, emotional, physiological and spiritual intelligence of coaching and NLP. Participants will also gain from our ongoing research and development in the areas of human development and other cutting edge methodologies. 

Our NLP & coaching courses are In-Principle Approved by the International University of Professional Studies (IUPS). In the third quarter of 2021, students taking our courses can earn academic credits towards degrees in Professional Coaching and other psychology-related programs.

The degree programs of IUPS are not accredited by any educational bodies, even though the faculty members are graduates of accredited universities. Find out more here

In summary, you get to access the complete ecosystem of research, experiential learning, community practice & network to develop your coaching finesse whether as a leader, manager or as a professional coach.

What are the safety measures of in-person trainings and changes to our program due to COVID-19?

Our in-person classes are conducted with extensive safety and distancing measures. We remain poised and ready to respond to government directives to keep the community safe. We will be in touch with you if there were to be any necessary changes in class arrangements. You can also read more about the measures we have taken here. From 2021 intakes onwards, there are virtual sessions included on raising online influence and effectiveness using NLP skills. Please check in with us on latest updates.

Choose your Course Option

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Reach out to our team at or +65 8186 7508 to discuss how you can maximise your personal and professional development

Complete NLP Certification

For people who want the full suite of Multi-Intelligence NLP training. A thorough and complete development of IQ-EQ-PQ-SQ for enhanced personal capacity and professional capabilities.  Defining clarity in one's life direction, purpose and value, working with limiting beliefs, subconscious personality patterns and core values alignment. Many Coaches from other Coaching Schools take this course to advance their practice with scientific-based coaching tools and a systemic whole-person coaching methodology.



S$8,200 (save S$1000) 

Secure the dates as our classes are filled weeks in advance.

  • Module 1: Foundations of Human Inner Programming - Understanding How Our Brain Work FOR Us and AGAINST US
  • Module 2: Coaching Self and Coaching Others - Learning to Detect The 20% that Makes The Biggest Difference
  • Module 3: Developing Congruence - Putting Your Words, Emotions and Body into Total Alignment
  • Competency Building Framework Workbook for tracking and supporting your skills development
  • Module 4: Posturing and Moving Your Body for Outstanding Performance (Body Intelligence)
  • Module 5: Understanding Our Core Fears & Motivations - Overcoming the Limitations of Our Identity
  • Module 6: Catching the Ninjas of Our Minds - Advanced Techniques for Working with Values and Limiting Beliefs
  • 2x NLP Skills Enhancement Training (Worth S$800)
  • Upon completion of Modules 1 - 3, be awarded an internationally-recognized NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Upon completion of Modules 4 - 6, be awarded an internationally-recognized NLP Master Practitioner Certification
  • Mind Transformation's NLP Practitioner Certification Course Manual (300+ pages)
  • Mind Transformations' NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course Manual (500+ Pages)
  • Preferred Representation System Worksheet
  • Brain Gym Comprehensive Guide for Whole-Brain Learning
  • Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Interventions
  • Meridian Tapping Comprehensive Guide
  • Personal Mission Formulation Worksheet
  • Pre-requisite for the ICI Life & Executive Coach Certifications
  • 3-hour Post-course follow-up session to review the effectiveness of your learning (Worth S$500)
  • Utilise SkillsFuture Credit (up to $1000) to offset your course fees FOR Module 1 - 3 only

Secure the dates as our classes are filled weeks in advance.

NLP Practitioner Certification Course, by Mind Transformations
NLP Practitioner Certification

For Leaders, Coaches, Trainers, HR and anyone who wants to improve significantly in the areas of Communication & Influence, Coaching skills, Emotion Management and Self-Mastery. This is our most sought-after programme, with over 60% of our participants being referred to us by past graduates.



S$3,600 (save S$200) 

Secure early bird offer by 28 Sept!

  • Module 1: Foundations of Human Inner Programming - Understanding How Our Brain Work FOR Us and AGAINST US
  • Module 2: Coaching Self and Coaching Others - Learning to Detect The 20% that Makes The Biggest Difference
  • Module 3: Developing Congruence - Putting Your Words, Emotions and Body into Total Alignment
  • Competency Building Framework Workbook for tracking and supporting your skills development
  • 2x NLP Skills Enhancement Training (Worth S$800)
  • Upon completion, be awarded an internationally recognized NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Mind Transformation's NLP Practitioner Certification Course Manual (300+ pages)
  • Preferred Representation System Worksheet
  • Brain Gym Comprehensive Guide for Whole-Brain Learning
  • 3-hour Post-course follow-up session to review the effectiveness of your learning (Worth S$500)
  • Utilise SkillsFuture Credit (up to $1000) to offset your course fees

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NLP High Impact Skills
NLP High Impact Foundation

For Professionals who want a quick summary of NLP skills that they can start applying into their communication and interaction with people. Only 6 seats available per intake with option to upgrade to the NLP Practitioner Certification.



S$2,500 (save S$200) 

Secure early bird offer by 28 Sept!

  • Module 1: Foundations of Human Inner Programming - Understanding How Our Brain Work FOR Us and AGAINST US
  • Preferred Representation System Worksheet
  • Mind Transformations' NLP Foundational Skills Course Manual (80+ pages)

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