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About Kelvin Won

Kelvin serves as the Product Owner for Mind Transformations' Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification program, overseeing sales, logistics, and program development. Additionally, with a digital background, he plays a crucial role in the organization's digital transformations, establishing a strong brand presence in today's VUCA world. On class days, Kelvin goes beyond his role as Product Owner and takes on the role of a course facilitator, actively engaging with participants and contributing to their learning journey. Witnessing their growth and transformation brings him immense fulfillment.

Ennea-Resilience: Building inner circuits that promote resilience and sustainable performance

9 Jan 2023, 7:30pm SGT Register below to secure a complimentary seat [...]

2023-02-01T15:43:00+08:00Enneagram, self-mastery|
2023-02-01T15:43:00+08:00Enneagram, self-mastery|
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