Communicate, Develop & Hire Intelligently—working with people’s invisible patterns

LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification

LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification 2019

Today’s technology brings us connectivity and efficiency. Yet, business leaders’ challenge continues to revolve around people, especially with remote work as the new normal now.

For future-forward leaders and professionals, we pose you three key areas of enhancements:

  • Communication: Are you effective in getting people of diverse communication patterns to collaborate? Are you able to gain buy-in and influence decision making?
  • Development: Are your people motivated to perform; stepping up to the increasing business demands? Are your people growing towards the future needs of the organisation?
  • Hiring: Are you consistent in identifying and recruiting the best-fit talent? Are your people likely to stay, or are they looking out for a greener pasture?

If these areas of enhancements are valuable to you, we invite you to invest in the Language & Behaviour (LAB) Profile®, a communication and profiling tool for future-forward business applications:

Multi-intelligence communication and influence

Advanced Communication

  • Read people’s invisible motivation and decision triggers within day-to-day conversations, be it face-to-face or virtual settings.
  • Apply the Language of Influence to gain alignment and buy-in with stakeholders of different profiles and backgrounds.
performance in people with LAB Profile practitioner certification course 2021

Development & Coaching

  • Motivate people based on their values and productivity patterns.
  • Adopt a stable structure to easily identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Give development feedback of which people are receptive and keen to act on.
hiring right people with LAB profile practitioner certification program 2021

Intelligent Hiring

  • Zero-cost profiling to increase your consistency in selecting candidates who are genuinely motivated to perform.
  • Speak the language in your candidates’ minds so that they would consider the opportunity you are offering.

Applying LAB has enabled me to secure interviews and land an offer with my desired organization.

LAB Profile® has been one of the most useful tools that I apply in many areas of my life. It allows me to understand what motivates others and how others think and make decisions. Applying LAB has enabled me to secure interviews and land an offer with my desired organization. It has also helped me with hiring talents that fit the organization as well as retain key talents. The applications of LAB Profile® are limitless!

TAN YEE SIN  //  Head of HR

The Language & Behaviour Profile® Toolkit

LAB Profile® Recruitment Process Certification

The LAB Profile® is a conversational profiling tool that complements elegantly in a job interview, selection, influence, performance feedback and coaching development without a lengthy, online questionnaire.

  • There are no ‘per-profile’ costs. Once you’re certified to use it, profiles are free!
  • Because it’s done through an expert interview, it’s very hard for the person being profiled to offer anything other than a true reflection of their patterns.
  • It is NOT dependent on the candidate's self-perceptions, as in most psychometrics.
  • It uses the hidden patterns in everyday language and behaviour that are the key to truly understand what makes someone ‘tick’ so you can effectively motivate and influence others.
  • It recognises that a person can behave differently in different contexts.
  • It can easily weave into your organisation's coaching & development framework to develop your new hires and top talents.
  • It is highly customisable to collaborating with and leading different roles - from individual contributors, to technical experts, to senior managers, C-level executives and even for selecting business partners. 

The LAB Profile® optimises your communication, hiring, retention and development processes to be cost effective, predictive and transferable.

Here's what's in-store for you in this practitioner's training programme:

Recognise the 14 Motivational & Productivity patterns that influence decisions and job satisfaction.

Apply the Language of Influence to speak and write persuasively, especially for job advertisement and/or job applications.

Enhance listening skills and read between the lines to decode people’s LAB Profile® patterns (be it in a face-to-face or virtual interaction)

Hands-on application of the LAB Profile® for communication, hiring and development.

Identify concrete areas of development and deliver quality inputs that people come back for more.

Conduct profile feedback that makes people feel genuinely understood by you (even though it was only a short conversation you’ve had together).

A true honor—to be trained by one of the top 20 LAB Profile® Master Trainers in the whole world!

Dianne is an award-winning NLP Master Trainer & LAB Profile® Master Trainer, with more than 30 years of experience working with HR and Technical Professionals, Leadership Teams, and Senior Executives. She is known as “UK’s leading strategist on engaging the profitable brainpower on your payroll”.

Barney Wee - NLP & ICI Coach Master Trainer in Singapore and Asia

 Dianne brings joy into whatever she does and she accepts people for who they are; and yet—she is able to probe them and guide them to excellence. She has a good balance of task and relationship and she trusts the spiritual side of herself to guide her effectively in world of business. Whoever works with her experiences all that I’ve mentioned and definitely more!

Barney Wee, PhD

Research, Training & Managing Director, Coach Master Trainer & O.D Consultant

Dianne Lowther is indeed the bearer of a brilliant mind. I have watched her facilitate, coach and inspire others to perform. Her work is elegant and effective. With few words, she gives us insights and skills to work better with others, use our own abilities more effectively and live with confidence and compassion.

I highly recommend Dianne as a trainer and coach; and she’s a wonderful human being.

Shelle Rose Charvet

Author of the International Best Seller Words That Change Minds

More Applications of the LAB Profile®

The LAB Profile® applications are not limited to hiring and development only. Our LAB Profile® Practitioners have applied the tool in the following applications:

LAB profile for transformational coaching

Effectively predict people's relationship with their manager & stakeholders and propose key actions for synergy development and to minimise conflicts and misunderstandings.

LAB Profile for collaborative leadership

Determine team-fit & culture-fit in hiring to develop engaged, collaborative teams. 

LAB profile for effective selling

Improve sales closing and help your sales team sell more elegantly and efficiently

A Practical & Hands-On LAB Profile® Certification Training - designed for today's Virtual & VUCA Business Applications. 

Live Virtual Training conducted based on UTC+08:00 time zone.


7 Virtual Training Sessions
Optimised for Asia/Europe/Mauritius

LAB Profile® Profile Patterns
29 Oct 2022
30 Oct 2022

1 - 7pm SGT

2 Nov 2022

1 - 4pm SGT
- or -
7 - 10pm SGT

Competency Evaluation
5 Nov 2022

1 - 6pm SGT

LAB Profile® Applications
26 Nov 2022
27 Nov 2022
28 Nov 2022

1 - 7pm SGT

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(Original SGD$2800)

Early Bird Offer expires on 22 Sep 2022!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this Virtual Training work? Would it be as effective as your other in-person training?

Mind Transformations' training programmes (both in-person and virtual) are designed and delivered using Brain-Compatible Teaching and experiential learning. Our primary focus has always been to give people practical skills that they can apply long after the training is done, not just head knowledge. 

The LAB Profile® Practitioner's Training will be conducted over Zoom for 7 virtual sessions. There are breaks in-between, mini lectures, cross-pollination learning, group debrief, many interactive deep practice exercises, and, of course, our infamous music engagers. All to accelerate your competence and confidence to apply the skills.

Everyone's camera will be on for participation and help make each other comfortable. The Master Trainer & our Facilitation Team will be supervising everyone's practice and offering learning feedback. You are encouraged to speak up within your learning groups, ask questions, contribute inputs and learn by doing. This is the best way to make the most of your investment. 

The LAB Profile® is about conversational mastery - profiling, feedback, influence, buy-in. With remote work as the new normal today, this training is an excellent opportunity to stretch and enhance your skills within a safe and supportive virtual training environment.

Do I have to be an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner to do this programme?

No. This programme is designed for anyone with or without NLP background to apply the LAB Profile® in business applications, communication, hiring, coaching and development purposes.

How would this programme complement what I have learnt from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

This programme is a deep dive of the NLP Meta Programmes, giving you a proactive conversational profiling methodology. You’ll gain greater mastery to detect hidden patterns in everyday language and behaviour—and you will be taught how to apply the Language of Influence to align with people.

How is this programme different from the other LAB Profile® programmes elsewhere?

All LAB Profile® programmes cover the science of conversational profiling. The knowledge is easy to learn, but mastery requires practice and supervision. Our LAB Profile® programme offers the following unique advantages:

* Experiential learning and deep practice where you gain skills. Apply your skills live with people of different backgrounds, nationality and seniority; develop consistency in getting results. 

* Receive feedback and supervision by our Master Trainer and Facilitation Team.

* LAB Profile® Applications for People Development & Hiring - developed through an accelerated Brain-Compatible Teaching methodology. The applications are relevant to real-life business scenarios.

* A community of like-minded Practitioners who continued to raise their mastery and skills with the LAB Profile®

I am certified with other profiling tools. How would this programme value-add to me?

As the LAB Profile® is a conversational profiling tool, it gives you a great deal of value-add where:

* There are no ‘per-profile’ fees. Once you’re certified to use it, profiles are free!

* It is elegant and time-efficient where profiling and conversations happen at the same time.

* With you trained as a LAB Profile® Practitioner, whether people answer truthfully (or not), their unconscious motivational and productivity patterns would still be visible to you. This is especially useful in hiring, where there is a chance your candidates could answer the profiling questions according to how they'd like you to see them.

* You'll be taught a structured framework to give feedback and debrief the Profile, applying the Language of Influence.

How is the LAB Profile® different from the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE)?

The NLE is a Type-based personality profiling system that enables people to discover their core desires and subconscious positive intentions. It is great for developing personality health, but not suitable for recruitment and selection. Because all Enneagram Types exist in different job roles and occupations, it would be limiting to select only specific profile types for the role you are hiring.

The LAB Profile®, on the other hand, is a Trait-based profiling system, where you could profile the scientific and behavioural traits that cause one to be successful in a job role. You can then apply this information in your interview and recruitment process to filter, select and persuade the candidates who fit these traits. Even when you don’t have the ideal candidate, you’d still be able to prioritise the traits to determine the best-fit hire. You could easily replicate this process to hire different roles requiring different traits.

The LAB Profile® is great for career coaching and discovering one's career values. It also gives you an elegant and safe method to deliver developmental feedback where people are receptive and keen to act on. 

The NLE & LAB Profile® complement one another, just as all other methodologies taught at Mind Transformations. A practitioner who is skilled in both methodologies would be able to deliver insightful profiling debriefs that speak right to people's minds and hearts. S/he would be more flexible in dealing with people's changing patterns, capable of working with subconscious personality limitations, and help people build deeper relationships with themselves.


Danaiya Tang-u-thaisuk. Ph.D.

Achievement Coach & Trainer

I use profiling for coaching and I kept looking for something close to NLP. I liked the Meta Programmes from the NLP Master Practitioner class and when I understood that the LAB Profile® was built on it, I simply signed-up.

LAB Profile® is important in coaching; it helps leaders be aware of their behavioural patterns and it helps me learn more about my clients. When I listen to them, I can “see” their natural self, not a manipulated image.

When people are aware of their patterns, it is more likely that they do their best to better themselves and, as a result, level up their performance. At the same time, they understand others better. They’re able to adjust their communication style to create understanding.

The LAB Profile® has provided me with a practical way of applying my knowledge of meta programmes in a given context to both better understand an individual’s motivation and style of working and develop their understanding of self in real time.

I am now convinced that LAB Profile® can make a valuable contribution in the context of career coaching.

Denise Potts

Executive Coach

The LAB Profiling course has given me a deep understanding of how to use the technique and the confidence to go out and use it both personally and professionally. When I signed up, I had only read the book Words that Change Minds and An Introduction to NLP, but had no training in this area.

Dianne guided us through the motivation and working traits, allowing us plenty of time to clarify each of them. We practiced getting the desired information at each stage and completed many full profiles on the final day. I found the environment very open, supportive and conducive to learning.

I certainly got what I wanted from the course.

Joe Hacker

CRM professional

My experience of Dianne’s training sessions is that she has an excellent knowledge of her subject, and is passionate about her audience being involved and able to apply the content for themselves.

She is probably the best person I have met in her ability to explain concepts and give a clear brief for learning activities. I was able to immediately benefit from the learning experience without any doubt about whether I was “following the process”.

Throughout, there is a genuine desire to do what is appropriate for her delegates.

Edward Beckmann

Business Coach

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