Alfred Chung

Digital and Inbound Marketer | Facilitator

Fascinated by Digital Marketing, Alfred dedicates his life to helping others tap into their hidden potential—through his gift of writing.

He helps the community of Mind Transformations express their highest value and purpose with his coaching abilities of awareness, intuition and subtle influencing. He uses a coaching framework in content marketing to go behind the brand and the people, draw out the deep human factors and articulate stories that inspire and empower.

What makes Alfred stand out from other marketers and strategists is that he doesn’t rely solely on his mental capabilities (IQ), but taps a great deal into his spiritual intelligence (SQ) to develop mastery of presence and relevant content.

With the help of NLP and multi-dimensional coaching, today, Alfred embodies qualities like humility, wisdom and compassion for all life. He believes that the most powerful leaders lead not only by example, but also by their presence—motivated by deep human qualities.

Through his quiet, yet profound presence, he influences the community and clients of Mind Transformations to lead themselves and others better.

“The most influential messages are often derived from the depths of our authentic human qualities.”

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