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The Secret to Inspiring Sustainable Self-Change

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Some people want to lose weight, yet they cannot spare that 1 hour a day to hit the gym.

Some people know that smoking is bad, yet they feel that if they stop it, they will not be able to manage their stress.

Some people are aware that certain relationships are toxic, yet they continue to stay in them just because starting anew is riskier than what they have now.

Some people are in jobs they don’t enjoy, yet they don’t quit because of the good paychecks.

Although people already know what’s best for them,
why don’t they change?

Well, the reason is that people hang on to their old habits because there is something they enjoy about this habit; something they are afraid they might lose, if they quit this habit.

In NLP terms, the habit is said to give the person secondary gains.

When the secondary gains contradict with the positive intention of quitting the habit, change becomes hard to sustain. Confusion arises, limiting one’s ability to see choices. And hence, one often resorts to following impulses, what people say, or how the majority acts. It is more tempting to seek the easier way out.

Over time, they may start to forget who they truly are, and what is important in their lives.

So what’s the secret to inspiring sustainable


The secret is – personal alignment.

Through constant work to understand yourself, you can begin to see what are your values, beliefs and identity.

It becomes clearer what is important to you, what makes you tick, and what resources you already have inside of you. You will start to prioritize your life – what needs more of your attention, and what needs less of it.

As you change the way you look at yourself and how you choose to live your life, you will gradually notice changes in your capabilities and your behaviours.

This is what sustainable change means. Change is desirable and natural.

With personal alignment, you can turn self-sabotage into self-empowerment.

Personal Alignment in NLP Master
Practitioner Training


Personal Alignment is a major part of our course curriculum in the NLP Master Practitioner training.

You will learn personal alignment tools such as NLP Logical Levels of Change, Beliefs Change Work, Values Alignment and Enneagram Personality Profiling.