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Intention Driven

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Are you using force, or power?

In the NLP Master Practioner training, participants are progressively aligned to their higher intentions, to bring forth greater congruence and personal power through intention-setting, gratitude and self-acknowledgement.

This intent-driven process is built upon the Map of Consciousness scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins. Based on the established field of applied kinesiology, Dr. Hawkins (author of the renowned book Power vs Force), a psychiatrist and medical doctor, has developed a clear and powerful scale that maps and explains the levels of human consciousness.

Being Life-Supportive

By incorporating NLP into this scale it is possible for Master Practitioners to set and direct their moment-to-moment awareness to “support life.” The intent-driven process draws out the best in people in a structured way so that they can progressively make definitive and powerful changes in their lives.

Through this gentle and innovative process, people begin to recognise the power of “trust,” “optimism,” “forgiveness,” “understanding,” “reverence,” and “serenity” as energetic states and worldviews to guide their daily thoughts, emotions and actions. The NLP structured processes of intention-setting (at the beginning of the day), gratitude sharing (during the day) and self-acknowledgement (at the end of the day) have contributed to profound and lasting changes for countless graduates of Mind Transformations’.