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Hero's Journey

A man in a state of depression went into a deep search for answers. In his search he unfolded a heroic story with distinctive stages.

He discovered that this story holds a common pattern that cuts across all cultures. And no matter which culture a Hero belonged to, this pattern applies.

He soon realized that this discovery is actually a universal journey – one that every human being will embark on, to bring forth a better version of himself / herself.

The man’s name is Joseph Campbell, and he called this the “Hero’s Journey”.

The 8 Stages of the Hero’s Journey

The journey begins with the Hero “receiving a calling,” which can come in the form of a new job, a new relationship, becoming a parent, changing one’s lifestyle or opportunity to rise above a difficult situation.

When the Hero feels the conditions are right, he “accepts the calling.”

He must then cross to the next stage into a new unfamiliar world – known as “crossing the threshold.”

The next stage is where the Hero finds the need for new knowledge to deal with this unfamiliar world. This is where he seeks to “meet his mentor(s).”

As challenges emerge along this journey, the Hero will soon come “face to face with his dragon“. The dragon is the metaphoric representation of a fear, a limiting belief or conflict.

This is the point of breakthrough – where the Hero discovers that the dragon actually has important lessons to teach him. In fighting the dragon he begins to understand it, and “transform the dragon” into his wise counsel.

With his newly acquired knowledge, the Hero “fulfills his calling.”

He “returns home” a changed man, carrying with him new knowledge as he continues his journey in life, touching the lives of those around him.

The Hero’s Journey is not just a beautiful metaphor. If you look harder into the stages of this journey, you may find similarity in your life – trying very hard to understand the “balls” that life throw at you.

With the Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell presented us with a structure of where we stand in our journeys, the stages that we have experienced and the stages that will follow. It gives us a description of what to expect, what we need to learn and how to prepare ourselves so that we could bring forth a better version of ourselves.

The Hero’s Journey in NLP Master Practitioners’ Training

You will learn more about the Hero’s Journey in our NLP Master Practitioner program, together with the NLP resources you can use in each phases of this journey, such as crossing the threshold, facing your demons, or transforming your demon.