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Miracles or Coincidences?

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Something that happened more than twice at our recent NLP Master Practitioners Training in Bangkok

Law of Attraction?

STORY 1: Working with the Coach, the Coachee (Man) wanted to embark on translating a bestselling book (from English to Thai). At the end of coaching session (in training), the Coachee received an unplanned call from his friend – who owns the publishing rights to that book!

STORY 2: A lady was working with her Coach in a training class on seeing herself becoming a Trainer and Coach for parents – on how to empower their children in the early years (6-12 yrs old). Two days after that coaching session, the lady checked her phone and noticed a 2-day old message. She called the person – who was her daughter’s teacher. She found out that the teacher wants to schedule her for training sessions with other parents, who have heard of her remarkable story how she had helped her daughter overcome stage fright and do well in school!

There were several other similar true stories within one training course. The question is, is it just mere coincidence? Or is there a higher order of intelligence at work, where traditional science coud not explain?

Resonance and Entrainment

Our daily thoughts, emotions and actions are energetic vibrations – just like all things in the universe – things are what they are because of their energetic and vibrational constitution. All things in the universe are constantly interacting, exchanging, influencing and communicating with each other. When entities of different things are in the same vibration, they are said to be in resonance. And when they are, they can entrain each other. This phenomenon occurs also in human nervous system; when two neurons are “mirroring” each other – they are said to be in-tuned with each other. The more they stay in entrainment, the stronger the connection and associated learning would be.

What actually happened and how to make it happen again?

To simplify the phenomenon of the two stories: when our thoughts, emotions and actions are in congruent alignment with our intention – miracle happens. People are often baffled by the miraculous experience; they usually say “I did nothing, but everything is falling into place – at the right and at the right place!”

The key to this manifestation is not in trying to make it happen by force (strong will), nor attachment (needing-ness & wanting-ness). It is an


internal alignment process of the different levels and dimensions of our consciousness. To co-create with the universal intelligence in the form of energy/resonance and information, instead of force and attachment. It is about trusting and surrendering.

Details of this non-mainstream knowledge and tools are systematically shared and actively explored in our NLP Master Practitioner Course.

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