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“We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles rather than the quality of our service and relationship to mankind.

– Martin Luther King

The “I” culture

People go through life focusing their attention on how to maximize the ROI of an investment, how to increase business revenues or how to become more well-known. Achievements, accolades and material wealth are common measurements of one’s worth.

With a seemingly invisible force of “survival of the fittest” (Darwinian Law) driving our behaviours, life has become an endless rat race. But for what purpose?

In striving to feel worthy about ourselves, we often look at one another and nod in agreement that we are selfish creatures. After all, who would be so stupid to sacrifice their own self-interest?

But is accepting our selfishness the best we can do?

Or is there something greater we actually want to do, that brings about lasting satisfaction, and serves the greater good, instead of just “me”?

The call for change

Time is speeding up. Drastic change is coming.

You can already see it happening – politically, socially, religiously, biologically and environmentally – old world presuppositions, systems, and habits are crumbling.

There is a calling for us to align to a new world, one that has less strife, more flow; less fear, more trust; less clinging, more embracing; less focus on work, more emphasis on true happiness; less I, more WE; and truly live the principle of LESS is MORE.

None of us is too small to make a difference

You can start by willingly relooking at your old ways of living, and make a conscious choice for the future you want to see.

The rat race has proven again and again that it does not bring us happiness. Published in the Straits Times in August 2012, Singapore is ranked number one in the world for highest earning per capita. While in the Happy Planet Index which ranks the happiest nations in the world, Singapore ranked 90 among 151 countries. Sustainable happiness comes from knowing how you make the best use of your gifts for a meaningful purpose.

Formulating your first draft mission statement in the Multi-Intelligences NLP Master Practitioners Training & Coaching

An important activity at our NLP Master Practitioners training is to help people align their resources and priorities to the True North on their compass.

At the end of the course, there will be an emotional moment when each participant shares his/her mission statement with the whole class. Sharing the mission anchors conviction to one’s Hero’s Journey, while receiving blessings from their other classmates at the same time.

If you are interested in formulating your mission statement and aligning your life towards a greater purpose, please find out more about our NLP Master Practitioners training.