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Changing who I am? Impossible!

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“At some point of our personal evolution, we will come to realise that we can’t be the same person & expect a different life. Stepping into the unknown is the only path to a new life.”

– Barney Wee

At some point in time in your life, you might have wished that you were a different person.

Perhaps you wished you were more able to make a stand without being too caught up with people’s opinions, or to be less judgmental, or be seen as more nurturing.

But deep down inside, you also know that changing who you are is easier said than done. Even when you are aware of your shortcomings and you have done quite a bit of personal development work, you find that there will always be something that you are not satisfied with.


Well, changing personality is not really impossible

First, you need to understand what are the traits, dispositions & qualities that make you who you are. For example, what are the factors that drive you to do something, what are the fears that hold you back, and what are the things that are often obstacles for you, but not other people?

Fortunately, our ancestors have left us with personality profiling tools that help us understand ourselves more easily.

One of these tools is an ancient but modernly enriched personality profiling system that provides you with the structure to your psyche and personality. It is not just telling you how you are like, it also shows you how to move towards your healthy self, with more behavioral flexibility and ease.

Introducing the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a very accurate personality system because it does not just look at your surface behaviours. It goes deep into understanding the positive intentions behind your behavioural patterns. It is also able to predict how you would behave under stress or when you are at your best.

Many students of the Enneagram have reported that they were blown away by the accuracy of this personality profiling system, once they discovered their type.

Ever since we’ve stumbled upon the

enneagram-best-healthy-self (1)

Enneagram, we have helped hundreds of people break the shackles that they enslave themselves with, and empowered them with tools to bring forth their healthy selves. The Enneagram is by far one of the most important disciplines for us, besides NLP.

To help you appreciate the Enneagram system and understand where you can begin, please watch the following video clip with Barney & Agnes:

The Enneagram & NLP – Part 1/2 (5 mins)

In this video, you will learn:

  • How the Enneagram helps us in our perennial search for identity
  • Who benefits from the learning & using the Enneagram?
  • How does using the Enneagram benefit our working, coaching & personal relationships

The Enneagram in the NLP Master Practitioners’ Training

The Enneagram & NLP – Part 2/2 (8 mins)

In this video, Barney & Agnes will share with you:

  • How did Enneagramic NLP come about?
  • Integrating Enneagram & NLP accelerates our personal development
  • Teaching Enneagram at the NLP Master Practitioners’ training is a deliberate choice

In short, through more than a decade of research and hands-on applications, we have successfully integrated the Enneagram & NLP for training and coaching. We call it Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram.

Essentially, it is leveraging on the Enneagram’s accuracy in identifying personality shortcomings, and then using NLP to create the interventions that promotes sustainable personal change.

Due to the complexity of the topics as well as requiring foundational NLP skills, this subject can only be covered in the NLP Master Practitioners’ training.

If you are keen to build upon your NLP skillsets through greater understanding about yourself, seize this once-a-year learning opportunity in our upcoming NLP Master Practitioners training.


To bring about a better version of you into the world,
you must first start with knowing yourself,
and then learn how to rise above your current limitations.