Since shifting to remote working arrangements during COVID-19, many people are working longer hours, feeling burnout and feeling less productive, according to this survey. On top of it, you might find you have added responsibilities, putting additional efforts & communication to get your message across or deliver your work.

To reach the new normal of effectiveness, we need new communication and productivity strategies.

It helps greatly if you know how humans are wired (yourself and your stakeholders) multi-intelligently - mentally, emotionally and physiologically.

Online Seminar 

30 Nov 2020, Monday, 8pm SGT
Live Online Seminar

Who is this for?

Anyone who works in a team, needing to communicate with people to influence decisions, deliver deadlines and lead themselves and others forward together.

In this webinar, we share with you how we use and apply NLP in day-to-day settings at work to be effective and efficient. What we will be covering:

  • Reading/calibrating people’s thinking style and learn to adapt your communication effectively
  • Develop emotional stability on a day-to-day basis for optimum performance
  • Managing expectations, getting commitment and buy-in
  • Aligning with multiple stakeholders by understanding people’s criteria and values
  • Framing and going beyond the “box” of your professional role for increased relevant value and influence in this volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous world
  • What you'll learn in the upcoming Multi-Intelligences Neuro-Linguistic Programming program Jan 2021 to future-fit yourself in the fast-changing world

When you raise your personal effectiveness at work & perform at your optimum level, you become a role model and leader in your field, increasing certainty & growth in your career development in uncertain times.

Meet our Speakers

Celine Wong - NLP Competency Building and Coaching

competency building framework - Facilitator, Coach, Developer

Celine Wong

Celine is the developer of NLP Competency Building Framework that helps people follow through and raise their future-fit skills through a systemic and measurable way. She also leads the NLP Skills Enhancement Training sessions, enabling NLP Practitioners to internalise Multi-Intelligence NLP for behavioural change and results.

Joseph Ch'ng - ICI Coach Certification Training & Facilitation

Facilitator, Coach & Developer,
NLP & Coaching Micro Skills

Joseph Ch’ng

Joseph leads the ICI Coach Certification programme at Mind Transformations. He lives his life as an active Practitioner of Multi-Intelligence NLP, making inch-deep practice to fine-tune his awareness, self-management and working with others. He believes our Practice and way of Being makes us a force of certainty and reliability for others—two qualities we direly need in our VUCA world today.

Regional HR Business partner and country leader

Kennie Lee

Kennie is a Regional HR Business Partner and Country HR Leader with an US MNC. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner with Mind Transformation and a facilitator with Heart of Sophia, an academy that teaches holistic well being.
She believes mind mastery is key to personal excellence. Her aim is to inspire and coach others to be a better version of themselves, transforming inner shadows to higher awakening and consciousness.

Alfred chung mind transformations marketing

 NLP coach | Marketer | Facilitator

Alfred Chung

Alfred helps the community of Mind Transformations express their highest value and purpose with his coaching abilities, writing and content marketing skills that are relevant, in-depth and self-sustaining. He actively experiment and refine his approach of personal mastery, influence and coaching that enable people to define their own version of success and effectiveness in this ever-changing, uncertain and complex context.

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