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29 May 2024

With so many things swirling around us, it is easy to get distracted and lose focus.

We’ve curated the opportunities to progress your personal development in the second half of the year (with some starting at the end of June), community activities and other benefits that you don’t want to miss.

LEVEL UP with these new programmes

Update your Internal World

NLP Master Practitioner

22 Jun (Singapore)

The environmental changes we are experiencing are so great that they have outpaced our inner capacities to respond.

The 2024 edition of MNLP is designed to upgrade our internal world so we can effectively respond to the VUCA world.

Beyond the conscious-level work in the Practitioner programme, MNLP works on our subconscious mindset and hidden structures.

Evolution of NLP Coaching

Systemic NLP Coaching

29 Jun (Singapore)

This Level 2 coaching certification incorporates key concepts from polarity thinking, systems thinking and Yi Ching to enable coaches to realise the infinite resourcefulness that lies within your unconscious mind – that you can leverage to support your clients.


>ICI Associate Coach / Life Coach

>NLP Master Practitioner (Module 1)

Practical Consciousness

Practical Consciousness

19 Oct (Online)

How well do you truly know your own mind?

Experience consciousness, learn practical exercises to develop it to unlock creativity and clarity so you can make better decisions, and improve your communication and relationships.

You can join this workshop series from anywhere, access the recordings to review or catch up, and interact online with other learners between sessions.

Other courses starting soon

6 Jul (Singapore), 10 Aug (Bangkok)

6 Jul (Singapore), 13 Sep (Mauritius)

27 Jul (Singapore)

11 Oct (Mauritius), 7 Dec (Singapore)

STAY UPDATED with these articles from our blog

Our take on the Pulse of 2024’s Hyper-Connected Landscape

Our take on the Pulse of 2024’s Hyper-Connected Landscape

How are Self-Transcendence values related to organisational success? What multi-intelligence skills do individuals need to be VUCA-Fit?

Read Barney’s article on the hyper-connected world we live in.

Effective Communication in a Multicultural Environment (series of 3)

Effective Communication in a Multicultural Environment (series of 3)

Effective multicultural communication can be challenging.

Misunderstandings can arise from differing values, with added complexity from each person’s unique background.

Read on to find out how to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels heard and valued.

Why most project problems are people problems

Why most project problems are people problems

You’re leading a major project. Days before a key presentation, your team member refuses to make critical changes to the deck and complains about your poor leadership skills instead.

This article discusses how relationships can go awry and how to create alignment in your projects.

WHAT'S HAPPENING in the community

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Singapore practitioners: use your voucher before it expires on 31 Dec!

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Awake! Community’s virtual casual meetup

About 20 practitioners from Singapore, Thailand and Mauritius gathered on 13 May to connect with one another and share tips on overcoming challenges in practising intention setting.

Don’t miss the next session. Join the online group to get the latest updates.

UTAP Funding for courses (Singapore)

Several of our courses are eligible for NTUC’s UTAP funding.

If you join as an NTUC member, you can claim up to $250 ($500 if you’re above 40) per year when you complete these programmes.

List of eligible programmes

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