Launch of the
"Practical Consciousness"

Workshop Series

At a 'live' online event attended by over 50 participants in Singapore, Mauritius, Thailand and Sweden on 27 April 2024, Mind Transformations announced the launch of "Practical Consciousness".

"Practical Consciousness" is a series of workshops aimed at enabling participants to increase their understanding of consciousness and its importance, discover the benefits of enhanced consciousness and learn and practise methods to cultivate it.

Practical Consciousness Workshop Series

Dr Barney Wee and Dr Christian de Quincey discussed Consciousness and why it matters at the launch of “Practical Consciousness” on 27 April 2024

Why launch a programme on Consciousness?

"Astounding solutions to impossible problems often occur in moments of 'pure awareness.' It's what sages call higher consciousness. Biologists call it altered states. Psychologists refer to it as super-sentience. And Christians call it answered prayer," said Dr Barney Wee, Founder & Director of Mind Transformations.

"Perhaps powerful insights come from relearning how our brain, heart, and body tune into moments of pure awareness, including when we make decisions, carry out tasks, and interact with others. Cumulatively, being conscious of these 'moments' leads to wise and compassionate actions. 

Our practitioners will encounter a time in their personal development journey when they want to develop their consciousness. This programme is intended to support individuals at this stage of their journey. We are honoured to collaborate with Dr Christian de Quincey, an expert in consciousness studies usually based in Europe and the US, to bring this unique programme to the community in Asia."

The "Practical Consciousness" workshop series, commencing on 19 October 2024, will be conducted ‘live’ online in the fourth quarter of this year. These interactive sessions will feature lectures, discussions, and experiential exercises, guiding participants in establishing a daily practice to embody, nurture and enhance their consciousness.

Participants will also plug into an online learning community, where the learning continues with a discussion forum featuring questions to ponder between workshop sessions. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions, share reflections and can also review recordings of the workshop sessions. 

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