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Carrots, sticks, and inspirational pep talk used to work well for motivating people. Today, these methods are losing their “magic” because of change fatigue, overwhelm, and unprocessed emotions experienced by many people. In fact, there are worrying discussions about the Great Resignation that is already happening.

Just before the end of 2021, we’d like to bring you refreshing perspectives and an introduction into Multi-Intelligence (MI) NLP. If you have been finding your “mojo” to deliver well amidst VUCA times, or looking for new strategies to empower people to grow and perform at their best - this session is for you.

Over the last 2 years of navigating VUCA with many clients, we find that people don’t have a lack of “Why”. Most people are experiencing a motivation leak which drains their energy. This leakage is largely due to three factors that are building up invisibly:

  • Bottled up and unprocessed emotions that hamper progress and sustainability.
  • Relationships turned cold, or a lack of connection to the people one works with.
  • Overwhelming complexity. Not knowing where to start, or how to put their experiences together in a strategic and effective manner.

This webinar is about transforming these three motivation leaks with MI NLP Practices:

  • Managing Emotions: Building EQ awareness and intelligence to self-regulate to prevent our downward spiral.
  • Managing Key Relationships - which is not apple-polishing, small talk or telling people what to do. It is learning people’s communication styles and working preferences; learning to go with people’s grain, pacing and leading effectively. 
  • Managing Complexity: Develop ways to sort and chunk information, see connections, facilitate clarity, hold unclosed loops, work with diverse and multi-layer perspectives.

Multi-Intelligence NLP is a practice that we apply daily, be it in meetings, working with stakeholders, coaching people to stay on top of their game, or project management. The fundamental of this methodology is that everyone has IQ, EQ, physical intelligence (PQ), and spiritual intelligence (SQ). The different degree of these intelligences drives our relationships, emotions, and ability to stay clear in VUCA times.

We will walk you through some of the simple practices you can start applying, and also open your mind to the vast potential of MI-NLP. You also get to learn about the MI NLP certification training to enhance your capacity and capabilities.

Who is this for?

Professionals, Leaders, Managers, and Coaches who want to raise their potential and gain mastery of their mind, habits, and emotions to better influence and succeed in VUCA times - drive effective changes and to move people and situation forward without exhausting your resources.

Important things to note before you register:

  1. This is not another passive learning seminar. What you'll be learning are applications and strategies that not just worked for us but also with many of our practitioners. You can read the 5-star reviews that our practitioners have shared on Facebook and Google.
  2. Please come if you intend to show up fully and participate in the session. Otherwise, let others take your place. The key criteria to accelerate and get ahead in this VUCA world of work are those who are fully committed to prospering to their next level. They are the ones who will gain maximum benefits from this event.
  3. It will be treated as a LIVE training session that is happening only ONCE and there will be NO recording or replay available so that you receive the optimal benefits from the LIVE learning experience!

If you know of others who are as committed as you, invite them to join you so that all of you could benefit together!


Joseph Ch'ng trains the ICI Coach Certification & NLE Certification at Mind Transformations. His mission is to contribute practicality & finesse in the applications of NLP and coaching

Celine Wong trains the NLP Certification at Mind Transformations. She is the developer of the NLP Competency Building Framework that helps people raise their future-fit skills through a systemic and measurable way.

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