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For many people, motivating self and others was a big challenge in 2021. As we kickstart 2022, are we truly ready for this new year - or our personal challenges of the past year would see a repeat?

Inner Motivation is not carrots, sticks, or even the most convincing logic. It is a natural driver within oneself. For many, this driver is untapped, unseen, unknown.

For Leaders, Managers and Self-Driven individuals

We invite you to explore the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram for Igniting Inner Motivation for yourself and the people you work with.

Join us on 10 Jan 2022, 8pm SGT for this online seminar.

The Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram is a personality system that reveals our intrinsic motivation drivers.

It shows us our repetitive patterns, how we can consciously enhance them and prevent motivation leaks.

What you'll gain from this session:

  • Discover the patterns within one's Inner Motivation Drivers - get a first experience of the insightful Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram.
  • Recognise how our drive towards success might work against us and even cause more pain - and ways you can rise above your limitations.
  • How to help ourselves re-focus our finite attention, and develop useful thought patterns for meaningful and sustained motivation (rather than against our grain).
  • Become a Certified NLE Practitioner to develop self-mastery and apply the NLE tools to support growth in people. Further your development to facilitate team alignment with the NLE Team Leadership Practitioner training.

Who is the person you'll become in 2022?

Over the course of one's career, one would have attended up-skilling courses & developed various resources. With these exposures & opportunities, many people still have challenges in sustaining their motivation and growth.

Motivation is not logic. Sustained Inner Motivation calls for a whole-person development - to know ourselves and our personalities deeply, to work with our grain (and not against it). 

Many organisations have booked us for Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram training to give their team a headstart for 2022. This online seminar is our offer to the public audience, to start strong for 2022.

Important things to note before you register:

  1. This is not another passive learning seminar. What you'll be learning are applications and strategies that not just worked for us but also with many of our practitioners. You can read the 5-star reviews that our practitioners have shared on Facebook and Google.
  2. To maximise from this event, please come if you intend to show up fully and participate in the session. Otherwise, let others take your place. 
  3. It will be treated as a LIVE training session that is happening only ONCE and there will be NO recording or replay available so that you receive the optimal benefits from the LIVE learning experience!

If you know of others who want to have a strong start for 2022, invite them to join you so that all of you could benefit together!


As a trainer, Agnes Lau really embodies inclusiveness and compassion. She is one of the first Enneagram teachers in South East Asia, since 2000, personally trained by Russ Hudson and the late Don Riso of the Enneagram Institute. She is known for her patience and masterful ways to hold the mirror for people to see and find themselves.

Seok Hian is an HR & Organisation Development Consultant, as well as an Executive Coach. In the last 10 years, she has profiled more than 600 individual clients and corporate leaders. She specialises in team development and helping leaders of different Enneagram Types achieve their highest potential.

Joseph Ch'ng trains the ICI Coach Certification & NLE Certification at Mind Transformations. His mission is to contribute practicality & finesse in the applications of NLP and coaching

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