When you have studied your Enneagram personality profile, you will find that it explains “who you are” so clearly; and highlight the challenges that seem to repeat across the course of your life.

Most people find this liberating and deeply insightful. At last! There is a way to explain why you are the way you are and stop others from misunderstanding you. 

But if you merely stop at explaining your Enneagram Type, then you would have missed a golden opportunity.

Knowing “I am like this” is just the beginning, and what you do about your personality after knowing - that’s the real opportunity for learning the Enneagram. 

We invite you to discover the world of Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE). From knowing your Type, you CAN develop your Neuro-Linguistics and expand the range of your personality. In short, your personality is not permanent. Whatever you think you are, you are always more than that!

You know your Enneagram Type. Now what?
LIVE Online Class: 6 July 2023, 7:30pm 

Complimentary for the first 80 to register.

Thereafter, $125 $65 for a limited time only!

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Peeling apart the NLE personality onion: Discovering what’s beyond the understanding of your current self.
  • How each Enneagram Type traps themselves with their unconscious fixations.
  • Practical actionables to “loosen” the unhelpful side of personality fixation.
  • Depths of expertise of being a Certified NLE Practitioner.
  • Starting the NLE Practitioner journey: What's in store for you for deep personal development, coaching and leadership.

Our Master Trainers spent many hours to build this class to promote the powerful applications of NLE. Seize this opportunity and secure your seat!

Your conscious intellectual capacity has gotten you
to where you are now. 

You have had your successes and also your repetitive pains. Wouldn’t you be curious about your unconscious multi-intelligence capacity - and how much further you can go?

Come immerse yourself in the world of Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram. A rare window of opportunity that happens only twice a year, this is the last NLE online class for 2023. 

Important things to note before you register:

  1. This is not another passive learning seminar. What you'll be learning are applications and strategies that not just worked for us but also with many of our practitioners & clients. You can read the 5-star reviews that our practitioners have shared on Facebook and Google.
  2. To maximise from this event, please come if you intend to show up fully and participate in the session. Otherwise, let others take your place. We encourage you to take down notes for your own applications.
  3. It is a LIVE training session that is happening only ONCE and there will be NO recording or replay available so that you receive the optimal benefits from the LIVE learning experience!

Share this page and invite your network to develop their potential.
Seats are limited and filling up FAST!


As a trainer, Agnes Lau really embodies inclusiveness and compassion. She is one of the first Enneagram teachers in South East Asia, since 2000, personally trained by Russ Hudson and the late Don Riso of the Enneagram Institute. She is known for her patience and masterful ways to hold the mirror for people to see and find themselves. 

Seok Hian is an HR & Organisation Development Consultant, as well as an Executive Coach. In the last 10 years, she has profiled more than 600 individual clients and corporate leaders. She specialises in team development and helping leaders of different Enneagram Types achieve their highest potential.

Joseph Ch'ng is an NLP Trainer & Executive Coach at Mind Transformations. He offers 13 years of practician experience, applying NLP with multiple disciplines such as systems thinking, experiential learning, Enneagram, Polarity Thinking, Agile, Tai Chi and I-Ching philosophies. Joseph dedicates his career to translating the impactful knowledge of NLP & Enneagram - into practical people skills and a way of Being.

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Complimentary for the first 80 to register
Thereafter, $125 $65 per pax 

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