Strengthening Foundations towards Crossing Thresholds

8 July 2023, 9am - 1pm SGT

Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild

1010 Dover Road
Singapore 139658

$150 $80/pax
Sign up by 22 June 2023

A number of NLP graduates nervously rejoined our coaching class in March, thinking that they have “returned all their NLP back to Barney”. They have been away from the NLP community for a long time (some as far back as 2018); life had taken over, and they believed that they have forgotten what they have learned.

By the first tea break of Day 1, many of them started telling a different story - about how much NLP they realised is still in them. They were just not aware of this!

We hear this concern often, and we know that this is often not an issue about “NLP competence” but an issue about one’s “beliefs”.

No matter how much you are (not) actively using NLP, it is always running in your unconscious mind.

We present you with an opportunity to rediscover NLP, strengthen your foundations and turnaround your “beliefs” about your competence.

If you have plans of joining NLP Master Practitioner, this workshop gets you started on the unconscious mind work. 

NLP Integration 2023

In-person Class on 8 July 2023
9am - 1pm

$150 $80 per pax
Sign up by 22 June 2023

This is a new workshop organised
ONLY for NLP Practitioners of Mind Transformations.

Three key highlights:

  • Discover the “unconscious wiring” that gives you the current success (and also repetitive pain). This is often caught and not taught, and learned through experiences.
  • Framework-States-Physiology - how have you optimised these three for your communication and peak performance?
  • Unlock your “beliefs” about how much NLP you can apply
  • Starting the NLP Master Practitioner journey - advanced NLP for optimising your "unconscious wiring".

Seize this opportunity and secure your seat to advance your personal and professional goals with NLP skills you've learned as well as new ones not taught in our NLP Practitioner's Course.

4 hours is a very small window of time. But this sets the conditions for more breakthroughs to come your way.

Expect hands-on, learn-by-doing, experiential activities and coaching exercises.
Bring your current development outcomes and challenges - and tap into the resourcefulness of the MT community - again!

Only 40 seats available. First-come-first-served.


Joseph Ch’ng is an NLP Trainer & Executive Coach at Mind Transformations. He offers 13 years of practician experience, applying NLP with multiple disciplines such as systems thinking, experiential learning, Enneagram, Polarity Thinking, Agile, Tai Chi and I-Ching philosophies. Joseph dedicates his career to translating the impactful knowledge of NLP & Enneagram - into practical people skills and a way of Being.

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8 July 2023
9am - 1pm
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild

1010 Dover Road
Singapore 139658

There will be no refund if you couldn't attend. However, you can pass it on to another NLP Practitioner classmate.

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