Development to set up learners for success

Our roadmap of programmes and developments this year are based on our take on the pulse of the hyper-connected, VUCA  environment in 2024.

Engineering the Right Environment to Build VUCA-Fitness in the Classroom

At Mind Transformations in 2024, we will deepen the alignment of our NLP programmes to the principles of VUCA-Fitness and the strategic applications of multiple intelligence skills. We will continue to infuse our proprietary Multi-Intelligence NLP and VUCA-Fit Skills into all our life and executive coaching programmes, including the corporate consulting side of our business through Mind Transformations Consulting.

In alignment with Ella Daniel's study (2021), we consciously engineer the right environment in our classroom for people to grow. We apply the principle of psychological safety (Conservation) and encourage individuals to stretch—incrementally (Open to Change). Mistakes in class are openly talked about to promote learning and creativity. We strongly advocate the idea of ownership of one's outcome and taking conscious action (Self-Enhancement). People are constantly reminded of their interconnectedness and ability to make a difference in the systems they operate in. Together with the daily practices of self-awareness and self-regulation, these support the value of Self-Transcendence.

Evolving to Create Greater Impact with Leaner Programmes

Mind Transformations has not stopped evolving since our inception in 1997, and you can expect that our public and corporate programmes will continue to become leaner and more impactful. We have condensed our NLP Practitioner Certification to 11 days, with a heavy emphasis on the first five days (Module 1), called NLP High Impact Foundation. This foundational module is perfect for time-pressed individuals who want to walk away with easy-to-use, powerful skills.

For Advanced NLP Certification, i.e. more complex systems mastery, we have condensed the Master Practitioner Certification to 13 days. Many have called this a "Paradigm-Shift" programme - as attested by five-star reviews on Google (140+) and Facebook (180+). For practitioners looking for a deeper and wider personal evolution, which includes collaborating with others--this is it.

Our MI-NLP coach training programmes are accredited by the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI). We launched the Associate Coach Certification in 2023 in the new, condensed VUCA-fit format, and received positive reviews. The “leaner with greater impact” evolution will continue with our Life Coach and Executive Coach certification programmes, and we’ll launch the new versions later this year.

Empowering Individuals Beyond the Classroom

Individuals and organisations can already approach us for coaching services by our panel of professional coaches. Services include personality coaching leveraging the individual’s NLE profile, as well as life and executive coaching services.

Mind Transformations Consulting (MTC) touched over 50 organisations (more than 500 individuals) in 2023. In 2024, we want to continue to empower more organisations in team working, executive coaching, mental well-being and resilience, and increasing organisational communication and collaboration. Contact us if your organisation has a requirement.

Delivering an Impact Beyond Singapore

We continue collaborating with Rogers Academy in Mauritius and Mindset Mastery Academy in Bangkok to deliver our NLP and coach certification programmes. If you are thinking of taking a Personal Transformation cum Holiday break, these are the training programmes that you would want to put into your schedule—early.

In addition, we will also offer our Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) Practitioner Certification programme in Mauritius in 2024. Coaches leverage the NLE to bring their clients quickly into a reflective coaching space, and more organisations are adopting NLE for team alignment work. What’s more, Mauritius is the place to be if you want healthy meals and an incredibly scenic, fresh-air location for learning.

We are also planning an NLP training retreat in Bali, where participants will stay and learn in a secluded location away from the bustle of the city, boosted by healthy meals and idyllic forest walks by a waterfall. Stay tuned.

Continuing Support for Practitioners

We continue to improve our efforts in the Awake Community, which is about practising Intention-Setting and Self-Acknowledgement (ISSA) daily. Here, we look forward to interviewing and sharing practical insights from seasoned ISSA practitioners.

In addition, talks by luminaries on Consciousness, SQ, PQ and EQ are in the works. Stay tuned for these exclusive 60-90-minute virtual sessions coming in 2024.

Thank You

We want to reiterate our deep appreciation, i.e. "Thank YOU" for supporting Mind Transformations' mission to be life-supportive on Earth. We can only continue to do good when we are doing well. Your support of our programmes and services ensures that we do well so that we can continue to do good; this inevitably includes our support of you—in doing well and doing more good in our world.