NLP Training for Managers, Professionals & Business Leaders

Developing business executives of tomorrow – to influence with integrity, get more
done with less effort and coach others towards sustainable peak performance.

Many thriving organisations already understand that sustained peak performance at the team level must be dovetailed by an ongoing effective personal development framework at the individual level. And many have discovered the profound impact of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The problem was that taking time off for NLP impacted business operations

Among the many industry leaders, top-level executives and managers that Mind Transformations has trained, one common challenge remains, “How can I send my colleagues for 12 days of training?” Though they themselves have greatly benefited from this powerful programme, dealing with the absence of their colleagues and its impact on daily business operations is a dilemma.

With Mind Transformations’ Business Executives Development programme, it is now possible—and it just makes business sense!

1. Minimum Work Disruption

  • You attend the training only once a month, starting on Saturdays and ending on Tuesdays (4 continuous days). This means that each month, you only take two days off from work.
  • The entire course completes swiftly in 2.5 months.

2. Ample Time to Make “In-Course” Corrections

  • With a 30-day interval between each module, you have ample time to apply your learning, obtain feedback and make in-course correction.
  • This ensures maximum utilisation and involvement to achieve your intended goals by the end of the course.

3. Richer Perspectives within a Business-Focused Group

  • This modular format focuses primarily on business professionals who want to raise the bar in their own performance and/or solve work-related issues.
  • It promotes cross industry/function exchange of experience, giving the personnel out-of-the-box ideas and solutions.

Emphasis on Business Applications

This training focuses on imparting business-related tools and skills. The fundamental NLP Practitioner curriculum remains the same but is angled toward business applications. Broadly speaking, the essential themes are (A.C.C.L.A.I.M):

  • Attitude: developing a proactive mindset
  • Communicate: positively engaging and influencing others
  • Coach: creating ownership & promoting change
  • Leading: uncovering the preference in others & matching it
  • Anticipate: mental rehearsals that create desired performances
  • Innovate: generating creative solutions
  • Manifest: aligning one’s intention and actions toward a goal

12 Days of Learning in 3 Modules

Pineapple Since 1997, Mind Transformations' NLP curriculum has been carefully fine-tuned. By continually updating it with the latest NLP developments, integrating Asian perspectives and evolving it into the present day relevance, our NLP programmes are known for innovation and practicality.

Module 1: "Developing a proactive mindset & greater flexibility."

- Re-examining and re-framing one's mindset about what's right/wrong and good/bad.
- Internalising useful beliefs that promote growth, optimism, resilience & patience.
- Defining goals compellingly and how to stay on track with achieving them.
- Increasing one's flexibility in influencing "visual," "auditory" and "kinesthetic" people.
- Connecting with people effectively through a unique system of listening, questioning and feedback.
- Harnessing one's imagination to go beyond what's achievable to what's possible.

Module 2:
"Drawing out the best in self & others through coaching & feedback."

- Clarifying mental assumptions that limit our performance—through a unique way of asking questions.
- Utilising powerful feedback strategies—to improve performance.
- Empowering people to improve —through an effective diagnostic and coaching framework.
- The art of making suggestions and reframing "critics."
- Widening and enriching one's viewpoints on solving problems and generating solutions.
- Diffusing negative emotions and reinforcing desired states & behaviours through mental imagery and state management.

Module 3:
"Overcoming personal limitations, developing confidence, focus & determination."

- Uncovering and utilising the patterns of excellence (cognitive strategies).
- Creating a desired performance through mental imagery, inner dialogue and association.
- Transforming procrastination into motivation.
- Resolving inner conflicts (fears, anxiety etc) with integrative NLP.
- Bringing a vision into action —uniting one's Dreamer, Realist and Critic resources.
- Putting it all together—day of evaluation, feedback and designing post-training goals.

Who should attend and what to expect

What kind of results can you expect from this A.C.C.L.A.I.M training?

Instead of telling you whom you should select and what results you can expect, we thought it would be best if we gave you real-life examples:

Top Management & Company Decision Makers

“Initially I was sceptical as Neuro Linguistic Programming appeared to be manipulative… My perception changed after Mind Transformations’ NLP Practitioner Course… I use NLP to help people get on with their work and lives, playing a mentoring and coaching role. I derive tremendous satisfaction from it.”

– Lim Boon Huat 
Managing Director

HRD Personnel

“The company’s service process was about improving customer satisfaction. I used the tools in NLP to emphasize the importance of appreciating other people’s point of view. It was a definite turnaround of attitudes. They even agreed to support and give constructive feedback to dealers!”

– Vicky Chang 
HRD Manager

Training Personnel

“… the Senior Vice President commented, ‘you trained with passion and warmth, you are a good trainer.’ And after that I received e-mail compliments for the well-delivered training… Wow! I can’t believe I am seeing the result now…”

– Grace Chan 
Learning & Development Manager

Sales Personnel

“NLP has helped me to understand the map of others. I realised I did not pace and lead people according to their speed of growth. Equipped with NLP, I can now empower my associates to reach the top of their career… A new chapter of my life has began.”

– Mary Ng 
Sales Coach

Finance & Investment Personnel

“We completed a new draft that day. We did close that deal. But more important than the monetary value was the lesson that my NLP skills brought. These are now ingrained in my negotiations process. It saved me a $260 million deal in the process.”

– Alvin Yap 
Investment Analyst

Our graduates’ results speak for themselves. Typically the main candidates suitable for this course are people who are:


  • potential candidates for promotion or higher responsibilities...
  • wanting to raise the bar in their own performance...
  • having difficulty in relating with and leading their team...
  • struggling with lagging performance...

Individual Outcomes will be Aligned to Organisational Objectives

Pineapple Let us know what you and your colleagues want to achieve out of the NLP course; we will work with you to dovetail your progress toward the organisation's objectives. Often, the changes occurring during and after the course assist in your annual performance reviews. So, a good place to start is to review the key performance indicators for yourself, your colleagues and staff.

12 Days of Immersion & Reinforcement — Leading to an Internationally Recognised Certification (C.Nlp.Pr)

The changes noticed in NLP Practitioners are made possible because of the 12-day immersion.

As opposed to short seminars that make outlandish claims, we at Mind Transformations believe in ‘due process’. It is the extended reinforcement, feedback and embodiment of the cutting-edge knowledge and tools that bring about change that lasts.

The quality of the people in your organisation determines the brightness of its future.

Choose to innovate.

Choose to pro-act.

Make that decision today.

NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Days & Dates

Module 1: 12 - 15 Oct 2019
Module 2: 02 - 05 Nov 2019
Module 3: 30 Nov - 03 Dec 2019

12 days over 3 modules
9:00am - 6:30pm


TUV SUD PSB Building
Da Vinci Room (Level 2)

1 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118221

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If you are sending 2 or more of your executives for this programme, contact us for a special coaching offer in which, the trainer, Mr. Barney Wee will personally coach your executives to attain their individual KPI’s.

In-house training is available for class size of 15 or more participants from the same organisation.

Upcoming Training


12 - 15 Oct 2019
02 - 05 Nov 2019
30 Nov - 03 Dec 2019

12 days over 3 modules, 9:00am - 6:30pm



TUV SUD PSB Building
Da Vinci Room (Level 2)

1 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118221

See Map & Directions




*For group sign-ups and coaching packages, please contact us.

What business leaders are saying

"...NLP is the most powerful transformation tool anyone can learn…
I would recommend everybody at some point in their lives, must be NLP trained."

- Sanjay Tejwani
Business Unit Director, Global Forwarding

"...I applied the (NLP) techniques, in particular the SCORE Model & NLP Presuppositions when dealing with my clients... the results were amazing."

- Poranan Prasitwisat Montgomery (Pam)
Management Trainer & Consultant
Dubai, UAE

"...a significant amount of our time is vested in leading change in our organisation. It could be re-configuring business model, revamping market strategies, remaking a business unit... In all cases, it is the people that make the difference. NLP has shown me a way to tap my inner resource to bring out the best in my people."

- Chan Wai Keong
President, BlueScope Lysaght Taiwan Ltd

"NLP was worth every penny I paid for! … I plan on sending all my staff to Mind Transformations."

- Paul Stefansson
Regional Director, IPAC Asia,
Noted Speaker on Wealth Management

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