Enneagram Personality Test

“Today, major psychological institutions in the US and Europe accept the Enneagram as a scientifically valid and reliable personality profiling
instrument with solid psychometrics.”

– Rebecca Newgent, University of Akron, USA

We are all primarily one of nine dynamic Enneagram personality types. Enneagram increases your understanding of human and personality dynamics for business, personal awareness and development, and relationships.

The nine types cover external behaviors, underlying attitudes, conscious and unconscious motivations, emotional reactions, defense mechanisms, one’s sense of self and potential, and much more. It also maps out the ways in which the nine types are interconnected.


Benefits of Understanding the Enneagram

In Business

The Enneagram can be used for communication, leadership, team-building, coaching, performance appraisals, human resource, customer relations, change and conflict management, and increases emotional intelligence in the workplace.

  • Assign jobs by the most suitable personality type
  • Bring together a balanced team of people with different strengths
  • Know how to support people and help them operate from their strength
  • Recognise and prevent situations that provoke each personality type to spiral down into an unbalanced or dysfunctional state.

In Personal Development & Relationships

Understanding your type increases self-awareness, so we have the choice to avoid reacting in negative or un-useful ways.

  • Communicate more supportively.
  • Increase confidence in self and others.
  • Make the most of your potential while strengthening the areas of your personality that require more support.
  • Identify and understand the stress triggers of your type
  • Relate to others with greater openness and acceptance.
  • Guide your children with greater assurance

Know More About Yourself

Alternatively, you can acquire the professional skillsets with Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram

Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification by Mind TransformationsKnowing yourself is only the beginning.
The Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) coaching framework enables you to translate Awareness into Practical Whole-Person Development. The impact of the Enneagram is not just in its insightfulness. The Enneagram would really make a difference when the Coach and client are able to turn self-awareness into observable behavioural, emotional, mental changes.