Just what made him change so much
in just 2 weeks?

Barney Wee
Nov 2012


“He changed his office furniture, moved out of his work space, moved into a new home, delegated important responsibilities to his staff, take ‘vacations’ every week, and check his posture 7 times a day,” all in a matter of 2 weeks!

All this happen after he had a CLEAR REALIZATION in a coaching session in the NLP Master Practitioners training.

“What!? Did you say they are all small changes?”

Best of all he said, “These are all NOT big changes, compared to the things that I want to achieve in my life, they are all just small changes that I willingly make.”

You and I would easily agree, for most people, the changes mentioned above are HELL. People can change their girlfriends/boyfriends, change their work proposals, and change their wardrobe or investments at the drop of a hat.

BUT, when it comes to changing our life routine, most people fail. As a Life Coach, I find most of my clients fighting furiously with themselves (or sometimes with me) in making those necessary changes in their daily routine.

What caused this person to willingly make such drastic change in such a short time?

In one deep inner searching work (Somatic SCORE), this Thai Entrepreneur had a major realization. The answer did not come from his head, but from the back of his thigh and buttocks!

This exercise is strictly non-verbal (no verbalization) just pure feeling and tuning into one’s own body. The wisdom behind this field of knowledge is that the BODY has its own wisdom that bypasses the linguistic portion of the brain. The minute we start talking about our experience, we delete, distort and generalize the information in our body (which includes the brain).

With the framework of the Somatic SCORE, people are able to tap into the “full richness” of the bodily wisdom without their linguistic filters.


Wisdom from his buttocks and thigh

In this Thai Entrepreneur’s own words, “the body can really talk, when we are fully willing to listen to it.”

A sharp pain from his buttock and thigh made him realized that all his aspirations would vanish, if he could not walk! He had been having disturbing pains in his lower back for years, and despite countless advice from friends and loved ones, he did not make any changes.

What was the SIMPLE solution then?

“I have to change my work routine.”

That was it. Period.

His clear realization came from his buttock and thigh plus a quote he finally understood, “We cannot BE the same person, and expect a different life.” For him, being a different person means changing his life routine which obviously includes changing his priorities in life. And that was what he did – rapidly and willingly.

An unusual and powerful reframe

The change of his routine, besides his work style, hours, space etc, obviously include seeing a specialist doctor. The doctor gave him pain killers, and told him if “it” did not improve he could go for an operation (no big deal).

He chose a different approach. He decided to take care of his spine and posture. And most of all, go for alternative treatments (homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic etc). The unusual viewpoint is, he did not see it as a drudgery of seeing doctors, but for him this alternative treatments are “weekly vacations” that he could explore new places, new experiences and new possibilities!

With the positive results that he is getting (feeling much better without painkillers and surgery) he now see the pain as one of his biggest blessings in life. His pain had resulted in him working with more ease, spending time to empower his staff, having more quality time with his girlfriend.

A moment of “Clarity” and “Different Viewpoint” changed his life

In NLP, our viewpoint serves as a [ Frame ] of our life experiences. Hence when we change our frame, we change our experience, we change the meaning and therefore our life.

You too can equip yourself with the knowledge, framework and tools to get your SIMPLE SOLUTION, which comes from “a moment of clarity,” and “a different viewpoint.”