Congratulations to our Coach Master Trainer, Barney Wee, for being appointed as President of the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) in Singapore!

Barney Wee IN and ICI President in coaching industry

It comes with a high level of commitment by fulfilling strong ethics, putting stringent standards, quality and processes into place such that our coaches in the industry deliver beyond certification and qualifications.

Even though there are abundant coaching certification courses and online programs in the market, being a coach is NOT easy.

Coaching demands the highest level of commitment, honing your repertoire with an engaged community of practitioners, and consistent personal development. It requires a richer development of your multi-intelligence to customise your approach uniquely to the individual and groups you work with - to deliver great consistent results. It is not simply relying only on mindset, mental strategies, questioning techniques and the "logical" side of skills.

With this new appointment, Mind Transformations continues to supervise and strengthen our coach training program in Singapore, backed by stringent coaching standards and guidelines, so that we can raise the competencies of professional coaches who continually improve their craft on empowering others.

Which means increasing their finesse to work with diverse people to deliver results confidently and consistently, to bring high value to clients and being a "Masterchef" in coaching, who is highly sought after.

Read Part 2 on elevating your coaching finesse

In the upcoming Part 3, we will cover how ICI Coaches thrive in a collaborative group of practitioners to advance their coaching finesse and deliver enhanced value to their clients. Stay tuned!

Join us! Join our league of international coaches serving over 91 countries, with over 20 years of experience, bringing forth the highest potential in the people you work with.

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