The fundamental purpose of professional coaching is to raise people’s potential and empower them to overcome their unconscious limitations. For a coaching session to be effective, these important conditions must be met:

  • The client is self-aware and reflective.
  • The coach is skilful at coaching conversations and processes.
  • The coach and client are able to work together for the client’s development.

However, having all the above conditions at the first coaching session is rare. Because of this, many coaches worry about how much value they can add at this stage of the engagement with the client. As coaching is an intangible service, when clients cannot appreciate the value of coaching at the first session, they will likely walk away and discontinue the relationship. 

This obstacle can be overcome by using a profiling tool. The coach can enable the client to gain a lot of self-awareness and see their potential coachable areas - right from the first coaching session. The coach can leverage the tool in scoping the coaching outcomes and be assured that their session has given value to the client.

Why did we choose the Enneagram for coaching and development?

Most profiling tools (such as  StrengthsFinder, DISC, MBTI, and Emergenetics) unpack the client’s thinking styles, communication preferences and behavioural traits. 

In contrast, the Enneagram reaches deeper to uncover our worldview, unspoken motivation and positive intentions. It provides an opportunity to receive a deep understanding of what drives us and why we are the way we are.

Often, many people who come to discover their Enneagram personalities find it liberating because it gives them a way of explaining the patterns that recur throughout their lives. The Enneagram does not produce one “Aha!”. Most people receive multiple “Aha!”s just by understanding their personality structure!

If you are a coach, you don’t want to stop at enabling “Aha!” moments with your client. 

“Aha!” moments and insights are not always transformative. Developing a person’s potential comes from supporting them to stretch beyond their current self, especially their personality limitations. This reason led us to develop the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) Profile

The Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) Profile is a tool we wished we had when we started out as coaches and trainers.

It serves three things that we wanted:


Simplify the jargon and insightful technicalities of the Enneagram - into a professional report that a layperson can use to appreciate their personality patterns quickly.


Create a reliable framework to hold impactful coaching conversations - that facilitate deep self-awareness and ownership in the client’s development.


Provide clear actionables that target the neural patterns of the client’s personality, empowering the client to create a better version of themselves.

Today, if you hold the NLE Profile in your hand, it is a beautiful 19-page report that covers the following:

Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Profiling by Mind Transformations
  • Your Enneagram Profile: Deeper intentions that drive you
  • Recognising the spectrum of your patterns: At your best vs Under stress
  • The paradox of your personality: How you are (unconsciously) working against yourself
  • Subconscious instincts that shape your choices in life
  • NLP-based actionables to programme new neural patterns
  • Self-reflection and setting development milestones

The fundamental belief of NLE is that we will keep repeating our (helpful and unhelpful) patterns until we gain a deeper awareness of our motivation. 

These personality patterns and limitations are not permanent, and we can exercise new neuro patterns to create a better version of ourselves.

Why consider the NLE Profile for your coaching practice?

  • Whether you are an experienced coach or a new practitioner, the NLE Profile gives you a tangible professional report to offer your clients - right from your first session.
  • You will conduct professional debriefs that unpack people’s personality patterns, and then support them with practical Neuro-Actionables for growth.
  • The NLE debriefing-coaching framework empowers you with the consistency to hold trusting conversations that produce "Aha!" moments. 

Even when you are new to this profiling tool, we are confident that your clients will see the value of your session within the first 40 minutes of your NLE debriefing conversation. 

Want to learn an effective way to deliver tangible value for your clients right from your first coaching session?

Join the next run of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification.

It is a 5-day experiential training that offers you the practical practice of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram tool.

Here are some of our NLE Practitioners’ success stories:

NLE Practitioner success story - Candice

Candice uses the NLE Profile to coach and mentor young professionals in their career.

NLE Practitioner success story - Peilin

Pei Lin has been conducting NLE Profile debriefs and her clients receive so much value that they insist they must pay for her services. 

Mind Transformations' Corporate Clients who adopted the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram

Take your clients beyond “Aha!” moments. 

Enable them to gain a deeper understanding of their persistent personality challenges and empower them to create a better version of themselves using science-backed actionables in the NLE Profile. 

Enrol in the next run of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification.


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