Many people think that coaching is about “fixing” people’s shortcoming or finding the root cause of problems and solving them. Doing so makes them dependent on others’ solutions, which is unsustainable and costly. It weakens their ability to thrive in a world where demands are increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).

To create breakthrough results through coaching, we believe that people are innately resourceful.

As a coach, you offer the PROCESS, PRESENCE and PATIENCE – for your clients to tap and expand their innate resourcefulness. When you practise these three offerings well, you will see the consistency in your clients getting results. They continue to own and increase their results for greater success. You’ll feel confident about your coaching practice without carrying the burden of your client’s progress.

coaching helps you define your version of success in a VUCA world

When we developed the ICI professional coach training, our intention was for coaches to accelerate their growth by working on our high-leverage coaching methodology. Read more about our Vision for ICI.

Here is the three-pronged development we believe to be most important for all professional coaches:

number 1

Coaching the whole-person: Enabling people to harness their innate Multi-Intelligence.

ICI Coaches are equipped with Multi-Intelligent NLP processes and the science to take their clients through a generative coaching experience. Most of our challenges today cannot be solved by IQ (Mental Finesse) alone. Our EQ (Emotional Mastery) guides us to be true to our needs and core values. PQ (Physiological Intelligence) paces us with the rhythm of our human limits. SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) helps us be in-tune with our relationship with the world at large.

When a client is able to unlock and align his intelligences, he is better able to generate creative, sustainable solutions that empower growth; as opposed to quick fixes that may create more problems.

number 2

Transformational coaching comes from the ability to navigate the subjective human programming.

Coaching, similar to getting results through people, is a subjective activity. It is hard to articulate what excellent coaching really looks like, and even harder to replicate it.

Multi-Intelligence NLP’s advantage is giving the subjective human inner-world a language, framework, and practical lenses to uncover the deeper structure in people. ICI Coaches have a set of tools to work with complex, abstract limiting beliefs, values, emotions and identity that govern their behaviours. With these "coaching micro skills", coaches could instil systemic high-leverage change in the client’s subconscious programming more effectively.

number 3

The invisible factor of high-leverage coaching: The mindset and maturity of the coach.

Coaching isn't just about asking good questions, having a great conversation or using smart techniques. A good question asked at the wrong time, with a misaligned tone and body language can do more harm than good.

An effective coach needs to get him/herself out of the client’s way. A coach’s unconscious patterns, mindset, non-verbal communication can hamper the client’s focus, psychological safety, and especially the client’s belief in one’s own resourcefulness. It is about the coach stepping up his maturity level before he can successfully develop others.

ICI coach training takes you through a journey of raising your maturity as a coach. You get to re-examine your unconscious mindset, language and untapped potential. You support other coaches through a fellowship of practice, enriching one another’s resourcefulness.

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The next episode will cover how ICI Coaches thrive in a collaborative group of practitioners to advance their coaching finesse and deliver enhanced value to their clients.

You can learn a wide range of coaching tools and skills - but if you do not raise your self-mastery to work with the nuances in people, then it is as good as having no tools at all!

Join our league of international coaches serving over 91 countries. With over 20 years of experience in training top-performing professionals such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and managers from all industries, we coach coaches to bring forth the innate potential in people.

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