By JT Kua

Nov 2012

I met Albert for the first time during Mind Transformations’ first NLP training in Bangkok, in 2011. He immediately came across as high energy, confident, with a can-do attitude. Good looking, charismatic and articulate, Albert is an achiever for sure, having already trained thousands of people both in his native Thailand and abroad, appeared on TV, and published a self-help book. What struck me more was that he has accomplished all these before 30 years old.

This year, Albert took the NLP Masters’ Programme with us, and a major part of the course involves learning the Enneagram Personality Profiling system. Through it, he gradually uncovered his primary fears and motivations, eventually discovering his Enneagram Type.

So it was wonderful to hear from him when he shared the following with us on the last day of the course:

“I am trying all my life trying to prove how valuable I am to people and things like this scares me, because I have to show who I really am, what I really stand for in life.

I have to thank Be, as I became more human with her coaching; I learnt how to give without wanting something in return. All my life, I have been wanting to succeed, and through the course, I learnt to be really who I am, to learn about my values, about honesty, so that’s what I am being today.

I don’t even know if I know my hero’s journey, but from the sharing today, I just know that I just have to follow my heart. And the people who will stand for the greatness of who I can become are you guys. I see that everyone here is truly compassionate, so I really thank you. For me, the NLP Master’s training is like the beginning, a way to find out who I really am, what I really want to stand for.

It is scary to make a difference to the world because it feels like it is so much work, and for what? But when I see people that I can make a difference to, it gives me a lot of fulfillment.

So this is my journey, making a difference to people, to help them become the great people they can be.

This is what I stand for.”

– Albert Udompanyavit

Not only was it well-articulated and sequenced as many of us have come to expect from Albert, it really was a heartfelt and authentic speech. It was gentle, grounded, vulnerable yet strong all at the same time, totally opposite from his usual high energy self. Even Be, our Thai associate, who coached Albert and brought him into our programme, was touched and shed a few tears, commenting that she has never seen him like this before. This was a rare occasion in which an Enneagram Type 3 dropped all his facades and connected with us genuinely; it was a truly wondrous moment.

It is moments like this that gives me great pleasure and honour to be working with Mind Transformations – watching people grow and transform through our training. The euphoria may fade, but the memory of the life-supportive states, of the valuable lessons learnt, and of the supportive NLP community will always be remembered, and we only need to give ourselves permission to tap into these resources in our post-course life journeys, for us to utilise them for greater service towards others. I personally know that to be the case having attended the same NLP courses myself years ago.

I am quietly confident that Albert will keep these lessons with him, and through his work and influence, be continually inspired to make positive changes in his world by touching the lives of others, authentically.