By Irene Khor

Have you ever seen a sight where a driver tries to get a vehicle out from being stuck in a puddle of mud, despite the wheels moving real fast?

What I’m trying to say is:

Have you at any point in your life felt as if you’re losing out in life?

“A rocking chair syndrome – it moves a lot, but it gets you nowhere?” 

Well, if you have, or know someone who has, you may be able to relate to what I’m about to share with you better.

There were times when I felt I was being hit by a rock when faced with challenges along the path of my life. There seemed to be some relation to past experiences which prevented me from engaging in the present situation, no matter how much I wanted to.

Those times, I felt as if my life was like being stuck in the chair, and I was never going to go anywhere. Therefore, I attended the NLP Practitioner Certification in June 2003, in search of answers.

Initially, I thought that the NLP techniques would be good enough tools for me. So I attended the practise sessions with the group community. In a couple of months, I learnt so much more. I also gathered information on TimeLine & Hypnotherapy, which I thereafter signed myself up for. Since then, I have progressed even more – I used to consider myself as someone who constantly lived and was held hostage by my past. Now, I’m glad it doesn’t have to stay that way anymore.

How has it helped me?

In a broader sense, Timeline Therapy & Hypnotherapy firstly allowed me to identify the negative emotions (mostly fear and anger) which I was carrying with me all that time. They had prevented me from moving on in life. Understanding the reasons and positive intention behind why I still behaved the way I did help me to release them, hence am able now to move on.

Knowing my timeline has also helped in organizing, and to have more balanced time management (between In-time and Through-time).

Whilst with Hypnotherapy, to my amazement – I have learnt how to access the pool of resources within me (kept-in by the subconscious mind). Imagine the effects – if I’d known how to tap into my ‘hidden’ capabilities and to navigate them from within, earlier! Can’t believe how much I’d lose out on if I continued to submit to my ignorance.

How I’ve applied it?

A simple and practical example of how have I integrated TimeLine and Hypnotherapy to create a greater impact with the NLP techniques I’ve acquired would be with the ‘Re-defining Goal’, using PCECPREWA.

Incredibly, when I revisited the area about what is ‘Preventing’ me from getting results; I was able to release the agonizing negative emotions. It went beyond when I actually learned how to preserve the learning from past experience and use the technology of turning the energy from ‘stuck-emotion into motivation’, a powerful resource to help me move ahead with greater ease.

As for the ‘Worthwhile’ component, it has been a most defining moment when the answer reveals itself. The questions I’ve always asked myself have been: –

– “Are the goals I set worth my time & effort to accomplish and pursue?”
– “How will I know if my goals are worth fighting for, and what purpose would it serve if I achieve them?”

The answers are within me, all this while, waiting to be found. The sense of fulfilment for doing the things you do and knowing the purpose of why you’re doing them – it’s uplifting!

Only then did I understand what Dr Tad James meant when he said, “I simply can’t imagine using hypnosis without NLP or using NLP without Timeline. In my experience, the three dovetail perfectly, making them essential partners for a successful NLP practice.”

Therefore, I would love to share this short analogy with you, which I believe in strongly…


Is life a bed of roses?

Roses are beautiful, even though they come with thorns;
If you know your reason why you want to grow roses,
You will not let the thorns hinder you from growing the flowers;
Only then may all enjoy the smell & the sight of the beautiful bed of roses.

Life is beautiful, even though it comes with challenging experiences.
If you know your reason & purpose in this lifetime,
You will not allow past negative experiences to hinder you from growing.
Only then may all enjoy the beauty, & sight of, a beautiful you.

I hope that everyone will find their journey a purposeful and fulfilling one as I have. And I sincerely thank Mind Transformations for being the provider, like a gardener providing its tools & nurture in the Garden of Eden.