Telesummit Appearances

We are sought-after subject matter experts providing Asian perspectives in a Western-dominated industry.

Happiness at Work Summit


In 2010 October, Barney was invited by Uta Langley to the Happiness at Work Summit, a web-seminar series with 12 world leading researchers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, trainers and coaches in the field of happiness at work. They include Jessica Pryce-Jones, Nick Williams, Srikumar S. Rao, Ph.D, Richard Nugent, Aral Subramaniam and others.

In a sixty-minute call, audiences heard from Barney his life in training and his strategies for happiness at work:

  • In order to discover your passion it’s important to be more self aware especially aware of your thoughts. This will usually involve taking time out – turn off your phone and computer and spend some time alone. It’s important to develop rapport between your conscious and subconscious mind.
  • What do you believe in and value highly? These will give you the clues to what your immediate needs are.
  • The Power of Pause is something that he believes in – the idea is to notice more gaps between your thoughts. This allows you to be more conscious of your thoughts and to be better able to control your emotions. The first thought will usually pop into our heads. If we practice pausing then we always have choice in our second thought.
  • He transitioned from being an employee to a business owner when his mother died and he started to ask himself hard questions over the next few months about what he wanted from his life. His transition took about 3 years. NLP helped him through this period of change as it allowed him to look at himself clearly and manage change, control emotions and turn thoughts into strategies.
  • Simplify your business – if you stretch yourself too thin you can lose your vision. He fell into this trap and to get his vision back he delegated the things that weren’t exciting him or simply refused to do them. He refocused on the key projects he wanted to achieve and drafted his mission statement in life. He said its important to remember that the first few steps of any change are going to be uncomfortable and unless you are willing to be uncomfortable at first you will never reach a higher level of comfort.
  • NLP allows you to create more awareness about how you communicate non verbally e.g. tone of voice, facial expressions. Becoming more aware of this type of communication can greatly improve your relationships at work.
  • Look inside and separate your needs and wants. If you have less things you create more space in your mind; you have less to worry about.

“NLP Now” Telesummit

In Jan 2010, Dianne Lowther invited 10 of the world’s most experienced NLP trainers to review the relevance of NLP today and to share their latest thinking. The theme of these interviews was “NLP Now“. Barney Wee was among NLP experts such as Michael Carroll, Christina Hall, John Overdurf and others.

“I’ve known Barney since 1997 and when he first started out I used to co-present part of his Master Practitioner training with him. He soon gained enough confidence not to need me, and has developed a thriving business serving Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Barney is totally passionate about what he does and is always thinking ahead.”

– Dianne Lowther