What I was thinking when I agreed to be featured in “The Millionaire Story”


When Justin asked if I’d be featured in his latest book, I didn’t promise him right away. I wanted to know specifically, what the value of my story is, to the public. We had a couple of long email exchanges to ensure that we really have something that would benefit the reader.

Then I began searching through my past experiences to see what are the valuable lessons I could share. I couldn’t help but look at the toughest moments in my life and my business, and the important people who were there that made the world of difference.

I realized how often many of us take our past for granted. The fact is that our stories are obvious to us; but they are the very parts that made us who we are today. They are naturally unique in their very own ways. My search also took me back to the day I decided to be an NLP trainer; and equally important – the circumstances that led me to that life-changing decision.

I realized that a great part of why I wanted to train was to give back to society and people what God has given me. If I were to describe the feeling, it is a feeling of my heart filled with overflowing gratitude for God’s undying love, forgiveness and blessings.


Through my story, I want to help people shorten their learning curve; to start pursuing the things that really matter in their lives and start manifesting the divine gifts they have – early in life.

With this book, I want to say that Justin and Solomon have both done an excellent job in helping me encapsulate the lessons I’ve learnt – to share with others. These are never before released personal stories.

This book is due to be released end of May 2012. It features 12 entrepreneurs who, like me, have decided to share their stories to support the growth of other people.

Chapters From My Segment & Short Excerpt from the Book

  • A Sickly Childhood
  • Important Values from Parents
  • Education and his First Job
  • Army Days
  • Plunging into the Working World
  • Brotherhood
  • A Career Change
  • The Importance of Hard Work and Courage
  • Daring to Dream
  • Lessons from Entrepreneurship
  • Tough Times and Defining Moments
  • What the Future Holds
  • Death: An Alternate Angle
  • Barney Wee’s Learning Lessons

To read short excerpt, click here.

More Sharings Coming Your Way


While waiting for its release, I want to let you know that my team at Mind Transformations is organizing an interview with me. They want to take this opportunity to help me share my story.

We will be talking about my views about life and the things I am passionate about.

If you have something on your mind you wish to ask me, send your questions to info[a]nlpsgasia.com. We can certainly try to include them in our conversations.

These conversations will be posted on Facebook starting 22 May 2012. If you don’t want to miss this, go to our Facebook page and become a fan now.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Barney Wee

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