Your ability to align your thoughts (IQ), emotions (EQ), body (PQ), and unique contributive purpose (SQ), determines your selling impact on your clients

During this new normal, have you noticed that your sales results may have started to decline, even when you have used your previous successful strategies? This is because clients' needs have been rapidly changing. Unless you adapt your approaches quickly, your business or sales will soon be obsolete for your future prospects and customers.

You have been flooded with great solutions and choices from online advertisements. However, have you noticed that they don't get you to purchase the products or engage the services? This is because they are selling by their limited expression. For you to truly want the products or services, they need to engage your whole senses, to create a transformative experience for you relevantly.

In many companies and agencies, leaders and managers want their team members to achieve breakthrough performance, but the follow through from the team members are often not very sustainable. Also, individual salespeople may have hit their sales target, but when they aim to achieve a breakthrough, they face consistent challenges, as they rely on a limited intelligence or capacity in their sales approach.

Selling is about creating a total human experience with a multi-intelligence approach.

Hans Ng

From our experience, here are some root causes behind my above-mentioned symptoms:

  • Intellectually smart (IQ) to apply the sales strategies, but have yet developed emotional intelligence (EQ) to engage their customers. The opposite can also be true: good relationship skills (EQ) but lack a replicable sales strategy (IQ).
  • Lack pattern recognition skills (IQ) to spot trends in customer needs.
  • Lack emotional resilience (EQ) to recover from sales challenges encounter.
  • Sales people lose work motivation (EQ) after some time. Leaders need to identify team members' unique motivation and working styles, instead of motivating them based one's own style and preferences.
  • Lack of body / physiological awareness (PQ). This tends to sabotage one's credibility and state of mind: non-verbal communication creates unwanted impression on sales prospects as a result.
  • Lack of clear contributive purpose (SQ) of why they are selling what they are selling. They either feel lost during their sales career, or the purpose in their mind (IQ) have not fully aligned with their actions (PQ).

Your ability to engage your thoughts (IQ), emotions (EQ), and physiology (EQ) well, determines your clients' congruent buy-in and commitment

Your clients' commited buy-in comes from a whole-person emotional (EQ) and visceral (PQ) decision, rather than an intellectual one. Often, your clients have already known what they want to buy in their minds, but when it comes to translating their buying intent into actions, their emotions can hinder their buying decisions.

Multi-Intelligence NLP methodology is about helping people to move their clients beyond logical reasoning (IQ), to work with emotional buy-in (EQ) and start taking actions (PQ). Alignment in our IQ-EQ-PQ promotes congruence—as a person, sales leader/manager, sales professional & coach. It is about developing the being-ness of oneself, as mentioned in my previous sales article.

transformative selling multi-intelligence approach 1

Selling becomes effective, when you engage your clients' thoughts (IQ), emotions (EQ), and visceral actions (PQ) fully. This requires you to raise your presence (BEING), by making sure that your thoughts, emotions, and body language / physiology are working for you, rather than against you. In this way, buyers will then fully appreciate what you have offered, which reflects their fullest trust for you.

Here are some transformative selling skills and BEING development, that are relevantly useful in current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world:

  • Dealing with fear of or embarrassment from rejection (EQ).
  • Balancing relationship, activity, and information dynamics (IQ-EQ-PQ alignment)
    Creates a transformative clients' experience.
  • Psychological (IQ) and emotional (EQ) preparation
    Before sales appointment.
  • Building trust with relationship building (EQ)
    Boosting service quality by creating a whole human experience.
  • Uncovering needs of clients strategically (IQ) with intentional (EQ) conversation.
  • Gaining resourceful ways (IQ-EQ-PQ-SQ alignment) to manage clients' concerns.

In the next article, I will expand further on the transformative skill, on dealing with fear of / embarrassment from rejection from clients. This may seem like a cliche topic, but this article will narrate about the deep dynamics of rejection that may not be commonly heard of.

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