The late Nelson Mandela spent three decades of his life in prison for leading the anti-apartheid movement. After his release, he became the first black President of South Africa, so strong was his intention to establish social justice for the country. He put an end to apartheid and established the first multi-ethnic government to run the nation. What started as one man’s intention changed the course of a nation’s history.

That is the Power of Intention.

A daily focused practice that turns dreams into realities.

We highlight the Power of Intention from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s research.

In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer describes intention as “pure, unbounded energy” that is the source of all creation. Not only does intent flow through life, it is the source of all that lives.

The science of intention was also researched by Lynne McTaggart in her international best selling book.

Her international best-selling book, The Intention Experiment, was about a series of scientifically controlled experiments that measure the impact of focused group intention on selected targets such as animals, plants and humans. Leading-edge scientists and renowned pioneers at first class educational institutions such as MIT, Princeton and Stanford conducted these experiments. The results were scientifically quantified and demonstrated that the focused collective intention had positive impact on targets.

These scientifically proven results challenge us to rethink what it is to be human and to pay serious attention to how our thoughts, feelings, words and actions impact our world, hence reaffirming the validity of the NLP presupposition that “everything is connected”.

We also modelled the practice of Intention Setting from Rhonda Britten’s book, Fearless Living.

Rhonda Britten is the founder of the Fearless Living Institute and a best-selling author. As a survivor of childhood abuse, she states that the language we use governs our perception of the world. Living in expectations imprisons and disempowers us, while living in intentions empowers us, and through us, the world at large. Our vocabulary is the accumulation of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. It determines whether we accept the world and ourselves, believe in our gifts, and behave congruently to what we say.

Her guidelines on Intention Setting are simple and yet powerful:

  1. Remove words like “should,” “must,” “have to” and “but”;
  2. Speak in the present;
  3. Be internally focused by responding rather than reacting to the external;
  4. Speak with conviction and commitment; and
  5. State your intention in the positive – focusing on what one wants to manifest, rather than what one is afraid of or wishes to avoid.

From all this research, we incorporated the Power of Intention in the design of our NLP classes, with the addition of the Intention Setting practice.

At the start of each class, students gather in small groups to set their intentions for the day. The key is to hold these intentions throughout the day and to consciously live them; to let the intentions guide our actions, interactions and quiet moments.

We close each class with a practice of Self-Acknowledgement. Again, students gather in their small groups and briefly reflect on the lessons they take away from their intentions, and what they want to improve on the next day.

Barney Wee, the founder of Mind Transformations, describes the Intention Setting practice as a “centering and self-correcting process, that helps us design a daily routine that Supports Life.”

This classroom practice of Intention Setting has lasted for 17 years now.

With the famous Forrest Gump soundtrack playing in the background, this classroom practice unites and connects every batch of our NLP students. It is a ritual that has extended beyond the classroom, and now unites the entire Mind Transformations community. It has become a community practice that supports our daily individual practice of intention setting, to bring out a better version of ourselves.

We invite you to join us in our supportive global intention setting community.

There are Intention Setting Coaches (IS Coaches) who support intention setters crystallize their daily lessons and apply NLP in their Intention Setting. Intention setting is a daily routine, akin to brushing your teeth. Your daily consistency magnifies its power in your life. You can expect daily doses of encouragement, support and guidance as you navigate through your personal journey of living your intention. We believe in the double power of Intention and Community.

You don’t need to be an NLP graduate to join our community.

Intention is a creative energy that lives in all of us. The key to manifesting our intention is how we align our beingto it. Therein lies the powerful interlink between Intention Setting and Multi-Intelligence NLP. It is all about the increasing harmonization of our mind, body, heart and spirit.

Here is a simple process to apply Multi-Intelligence NLP to Intention Setting:

1. At the start of your day, state your intention concisely and positively.

Post and share it on our community wall.

Example: My intention for today is to be supportive and grateful.

2. Embody your intention.

Embodiment works at the level of the mind, body and heart. Align your thoughts, images and self-talk to your intention. Align your physiology, posture and movements to your intention. Align your emotional state to your intention.

Example: My intention is to be confident and focused. I align my posture, spine, breathing to be congruent with confidence, and ensure that my eyes are clear and focused. The energy in my chest and/or gut is strong and steady, bright and assured.

3. Check-in with yourself throughout the day on how you are holding your intention.

Re-align your mind, body and heart as needed. Practise this re-alignment until your intention becomes a part of your being, an inner resource you can access at any time.

Example: If my breathing has become shallow and rapid, I can consciously slow down and deepen my breath. If my shoulders have tensed up, I can consciously relax them.

4. Join us again at the end of your day for Self-Acknowledgement.

Share your learning with us; be clear on what you want to keep and repeat, and what you want to change for the following day.

Through a daily practice, we increasingly align each intelligence to our intention. We align our physiology (posture, movement), our states (emotions) and our mind (images, verbal patterns, self-talk) to match our intention. It is a process of increasing our self-awareness and aligning what we call in NLP, our neuro-mechanics. So, let’s visualise this intention setting process within the context of Multi-Intelligence NLP.


Multi-Intelligence NLP Intention Setting

We welcome you to join us in our Global Intention Setting Movement today. Pop by to Barney’s Facebook page. It is free to join! We look forward to welcoming you!

Want more resources to live your intention and manifest a Better You?

We have many resources to help you along –

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Intention works when you work.

You will learn more as you continue, right now simply take that first step to start. In a week’s time, you will look back and thank yourself for taking this step. Start today. Start now. Join our global community. Call us for more information.

Stop thinking about your dreams. Start living them.