By Lee Khai Mun

Some point in life, I realised there are repeated incidents that are triggering some feeling within, some lessons to be learned but I didn’t manage to deal with them.

NLP Intention Setting & Self-Acknowledgement

NLP was recommended, and I eventually signed up for the practitioner course with Mind Transformation in 2019. I attended NLP practitioner module 2 and 3 first before module 1.

We covered intention Setting in Module 1, on my day 1 when I joined my classmates to set an intention for the day, it was mere words and intellectual based on a quick introduction.

I have “unintentionally” set my intention to pick up skills and techniques before coming to the class. I deliberately woke up 3 hours earlier to beat the traffic to the class, had some time for breakfast and prepared myself to stay open and focus in class. These acts at that point of time is my intention setting with no NLP knowledge.

Then came module 1 when Intention Setting and Self Acknowledgement as an NLP techniques was formally introduced. It was, to me after verbally practicing it for 2 modules, a logical and structured concept that make sense and I have a firm belief this will empower me.

I took it up right after I completed my NLP practitioner class to join the Intention Setting (I.S) community on Facebook to set my intention daily and document my self acknowledgement online.

Becoming a better version of myself through Multi-Intelligence NLP tools

It’s a fresh start again, facing the real world. It was also where my self-discovery journey started too.

It began by reading and mirroring others’ intention and acknowledgement. I’m grateful there’s a community sharing the same belief - I have references to follow and there are those who care and dropped me messages to help me move along.

I only have myself to answer to, to listen to and to improve on. This make it a genuine process, the NLP presupposition “the body and mind is one”, aligning our body and mind to the same intention empower me to live by the values I stand for.

Intention is not a goal, not to be penalise, only feedbacks to discover the desire behind my behaviours and actions.

Lee Khai Mun, MI NLP Practitioner

The way I think; I feel, my emotion, how they are translated into speech, how they are communicated (tonality, choice of words etc), are now connected to my posture, my body.

They are now driven not by emotion or by logic, I now can decide how I want to be. The lessons came from being aware of my inner voices, how my emotions or exterior influences translated through my senses shape how I behave.

Being flexible with the techniques learned in class, I leveraged the META method to understand how I delete, generalise and distort informations.

S.C.O.R.E. model was utilised to understand what values matters to me and visualise the desired outcome to help set intent of my day. The anchoring technique to deal with my emotions were fired to help me keep my state of the day.

The closure for the day is Self-Acknowledgement, which I’ll do before I go to bed.

Some days it’s a version 1.1 of me, some days I progress well to be version 2; it’s an acknowledgement to move on to what’s next.

The key is understanding where’s my balance before I overthink. This is an ongoing process. I’ll keep it up and strive on for general personal and spiritual development.

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