In today’s environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), can we have the best of both worlds – Stability and Growth?

We anticipate 2020 to be a year of continuous, exponential change. For many people, they want to preserve the stability and certainty in both their personal and professional lives. At the same time, they yearn for progress and growth.

A trend we are observing: Many people are at career crossroads.

Just last week, we had a number of coaching sessions with individuals who are at career crossroads. On one hand, they know that if they don’t do something about their job now, they’d continue to face the pain and instability coming from change and complex demands at work. On the other hand, staying where they are now is safer, more stable, as compared to venturing into an “unknown” new role, new territory, new career. There are others who already left their jobs and are having challenges deciding their next move, or do not have enough opportunities for a new start.

As a result, most people ended up:

  • Procrastinating in making any decision, in hopes to preserve the stability and comfort they have been enjoying. Yet, they know this is not going to last due to the nature of the VUCA world.
  • Taking a leap of faith into one of the options presented to them. Then they find themselves facing challenges again: difficult relationships, cannot get through to stakeholders, office politics etc. It is like a cycle that repeats again.
  • Feeling unfulfilled and conflicted; a part of them wants security; another part of them yearns for growth. Sometimes, they get distracted with what others have been telling them. Usually, they ended up with either of the above two scenarios.

VUCA is causing us to reconsider many things: our inner fulfilment, our finances, our longer-term growth and sustainable happiness and more.

VUCA has also presented a new way of life: that we need to be comfortable with making incremental decisions. In fact, staying put and not deciding for anything is a decision. And wouldn’t you want to face VUCA with more proactive mastery, rather than reactive pain? 

We invite you to a LIVE Webinar with Mind Transformations’ NLP Master Trainer, Barney Wee. Barney is a visionary, who saw the changing trends of the world since 2015, when he authored the book, Choices of Now. He believes that asking people to “get outside of their comfort zone” – this line is overrated; what people need, in fact, are self-knowledge (knowing oneself) and the willingness to adapt our decisions as we go. 

If you’re at a crossroads in life or you’re simply wanting to learn NLP coaching skills to help you with a changing future, you’ll learn about:

  • Human inner programming: triggers and habits that are influencing your choices so that you can respond rather than react to changing circumstances.
  • Develop the abilities to influence and work with diverse stakeholders.
  • Raise your resourcefulness through self-coaching amidst limited external resources (time, money, people, knowledge).

You will also get a chance to have your questions answered by Barney Wee during the LIVE Webinar.

Online Training Ended on 12 Dec 2019

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Online training has ended on 12 Dec 2019. If you are interested in our future sessions, let us know below.