Up Close & Personal with Barney Wee

Is your “success image” stopping you
from feeling truly confident?

In this video, Barney will share with you:

  • What made him realize that he was being dependent on his dressing to feel comfortable about himself?
  • What did he decide to do about it?
  • And the important message behind his “unconventional” training attire

“There’s a saying “Not all things that glitters are made of gold.” Indeed, one of the big challenges in life is to distinguish true brilliance from glittering cover-ups of lesser mastery. The age of “authenticity” has arrived; more & more people are searching for true confidence (acceptance of one’s own skin, look, race, strength & weakness), without the need to “cosmeticize” oneself with make-ups, fancy dresses, phony accents & special effects.

The blind-spot behind the constant need to look good in the eyes of others, is the high price we pay for not developing our inner qualities because we spent so much time beautifying our physical attributes. The more we “feed” (give our energy & time) our external features, the more we feel insecure about ourselves.

Conversely, the more we focus on developing our inner qualities (self-trust, self-appreciation, humility, reverence) we progressively feel free to express ourselves in our external world. Then regardless of how we look, how we dress, what brands of success we wear – we can look at others straight in the eye with ease, comfort and effortless confidence.”

– Barney Wee

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