Value Proposition 4

Unique Methodologies


The first in the world, Mind Transformations has through the years synthesized their multi-disciplinary knowledge into a NEW NLP technology, known as Quantum Enneagramic NLP (QENLP). As the name implies, QENLP is the synthesis of Enneagram personality typology, Quantum psychology and NLP. With this new and practical technology, graduates of Mind Transformations are armed with exceptional tools and know-how for facilitating change in human behaviors. Mind Transformations constantly receives positive feedback on their ability to synthesize cutting-edge scientific & spiritual principles into practical NLP applications.

Value to customers: You have an unique edge over other NLP practitioners in the region. And most of all, a wider and deeper application of NLP in training, consulting and coaching.

“Thank you Agnes and Barney for being such an unwavering stand in our transformations by bringing both NLP and Enneagram into our community. Learning these 2 bodies of knowledge has been so powerful for me and through its integration, make seemingly impossible changes possible and sustainable! NLP deals with the doing while Enneagram works on the being, together they bring forth lasting transformation!”

“I have a deeper clarity, multi-dimensional understanding and awareness of my own emotion states, mental strategies and energy types/levels that I carry in my life & how it influences the people around me… I’m living my life much wisely and ecologically, while serving my long term vision.”

– Alfred Chung

Relationship Catalyst, Mind Transformations


“I now have the capacity to appreciate many more perspectives, which gives me a greater understanding of the messages I am giving & receiving. It has made me more compassionate, balanced, relaxed & positive about my approach to what were once difficult interactions.”

– Jacqueline Rosenberg

Ph.D., Psychologist

(United Kingdom)